The week that lasted a year; 2021 has the worst 14 day trial period since Quibi, which Roku acquired; a plague still ravages the land; the good, the bad & the ugly of de-platforming; should all dictators be banned on Twitter; the big red button of treason; putting things in a little perspective; Area 41 alert; the week in escapism; Discovery ends; Discovery Plus had some ‘splaining to do; bye, Alex Trebek; Bean Dad; Tweet Delete; Echelon; docks with ports; more Big Sur update stories; cyberattack at Ben-Gurion; social media evidence, Clearview AI & stolen Parlor data; set visibility to zero; feedback.

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Show Notes


Roku Acquires Rights to Quibi’s Content

They’re ‘Dreamers’ who left Trump’s America for life in Canada. And they say even Joe Biden won’t lure them back


Reports: United States Essentially Leaderless as President Feuds With Twitter, PGA Tour

After Trump, Should Twitter Also Ban All the Dictators?

Jack Offs Trump

FBI warns ‘armed protests’ being planned at all 50 state capitols and in Washington DC

Area 51 Alert: U.S. Intelligence Agencies Have Been Given 180 Days to Disclose All UFO Information

An Astronomer Who Believes in Aliens Explains Why He’s Not Convinced by UFO Sightings


Star Trek: Discovery


Succession | Every F-OFF Supercut Edit


The Stand

Discovery Plus

Jeopardy! Ended Its Last Alex Trebek Episode With a Touching Tribute to the Longtime Host

What I learned playing 30+ years’ worth of Jeopardy! video games

Why Ken Jennings May Not Be Alex Trebek’s Permanent Jeopardy! Successor

The #BeanDad debacle explained — and how ‘Jeopardy!’ star Ken Jennings got involved


The Security Pro Podcast


Echelon Smart Connect Fitness Bike

Kensington’s SD5700T Thunderbolt 4 dock has all the ports you could need

Brydge Stone Pro – Thunderbolt™ 3 Multiport Hub for MacOS and Windows

Brydge MacBook Vertical Dock

elago W3 Apple Watch Stand Compatible with Apple Watch Series 6/SE/5/4/3/2/1 (44mm, 42mm, 40mm, 38mm) (Classic White)

Presonus Eris E3.5-3.5″ Near Field Studio Monitor

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Star Trek: Picard: The Last Best Hope by Una McCormack


The CyberWire

Dave Bittner

Hacking Humans


Ben-Gurion University targeted by cyberattack, extent of damage unclear

Use of Clearview AI facial recognition tech spiked as law enforcement seeks to identify Capitol mob

Social media and telco companies urged to preserve evidence from Capitol attack

70TB of Parler users’ messages, videos, and posts leaked by security researchers


This cancer doctor wiped out more than $600,000 in medical debt for his former patients

A Disgruntled Employee Changed The State Department’s Website To Say That Trump’s Term Ends Today, Sources Say

Superspreader ‘swinger’ party busted in South Central LA


How to Put Your Home Maintenance on Autopilot This Year


Somerset cattle grid mistaken for wall by car sensors

Danish kids’ show about man with magic penis is ‘innocent and goofy,’ says TV critic

Kontroll 2003 film HQ

Dell’s new monitors have a dedicated Microsoft Teams button

Subsonic – Your complete, personal media streamer.

Results of too much tech Johnny Mnemonic 1995

“WhatsApp: Share your data with Facebook or delete your account”

Self-driving pioneer Waymo dumps the term ‘self-driving’


Hall of Fame Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda dies at 93


Robert Fogarty 0:02
grumpy old geeks, a weekly talk show hosted by Brian true Meister and Jason defilippo. Discussing the finer points of what went wrong on the internet. And who's to blame.

Jason DeFillippo 0:16
Welcome to grumpy old geeks. I'm Jason defilippo.

Brian Schulmeister 0:19
And I'm Brian chill Meister.

Jason DeFillippo 0:20
Are you happy? You're in Canada? Yeah. fun week fun week. Actually, it seems like a month. But yeah, what it is,

Brian Schulmeister 0:29
you know, it just, it just keeps going, doesn't it? Like we we started with COVID. And a week felt like a month for the month felt like a year. And then we had all the protests. The week felt like a month that a month felt like a year and we were still in COVID. And then we had the election and a week felt like a month and the month felt like a year and we still had COVID. And now we got this.

Jason DeFillippo 0:51
It's so funny. It's like, I feel like I haven't talked to you at the time that we've we have not spoken in, you know, seven days. Yeah. And it really feels the distance between the last show we did and this show feels like the entirety of the Christmas break.

Brian Schulmeister 1:07
Yeah. So much. I mean, this is a I some people I think will be disappointed in this show. Because I'm too tired to even do rants about everything that's happening. And I know some people want that from us. And other people will be disappointed in the show because we're not going to talk about virtual CES very much and it's going to be political. There's no winning there.

Jason DeFillippo 1:31
We never talked about CES, so that's okay. That's true. Yeah, see, yes. is not our, you know, not our jam. So yeah. Unless Unless there's some great tele Dell donec startup that we can work on, but I don't know this year.

Brian Schulmeister 1:45
Yeah. Yeah, it's good to go. Let's

Jason DeFillippo 1:48
get into this. Well, it's

Brian Schulmeister 1:50
true to everyone who said we were making too much of this Trump stuff the line to kiss our asses. slash Gog? You haven't we were right. You know, but I I don't even know what to say just following social media and all that sort of stuff. But people that I don't expect anybody to apologize to us. Because helpful people would rather forgive the person that wronged them, then forgive the friend that warned them because we make them feel stupid. That is a that is a truism in life. To which I say what they said to us four years ago, fuck your feelings and suck it up snowflake.

Jason DeFillippo 2:24
That's true. I do have to say the 2021 does have the worst 14 day trial ever since kwibi. Yep. I would like to I would like a refund and like to skip on to the next one if we could. But since we are somewhat of a tech show, sometimes I need I'm going to interject some tech notes here as you go along. As you trundle along with your news. Roku has acquired the rights to all of the quiddity content. Now the number that was going around was $100 million. But apparently somebody that was on the inside says, Oh, no, no, no, it was significantly less than $100 million dollars, as it

Brian Schulmeister 3:00
should be. Was there any show that broke out? Was there anything that even got buzz as far

Jason DeFillippo 3:06
as you had an Emmy nomination in there somewhere

Brian Schulmeister 3:09
that might have you know, money can buy those things?

Jason DeFillippo 3:13
Here's the thing though, if your show is in 37 parts do you get 37 Emmy nominations?

Brian Schulmeister 3:18
That's an interest now you don't say the same way as normal TV shows work? You submit one under 10 minute chunk. Yeah, so maybe Roku will also acquire the right to the presidency at this point. going left, right and center. I saw the best meme ever I absolutely the best beam and as you were just saying even though this meme is only five days old, it feels like a lifetime ago. This was by a Twitter account called sketches by Boz. And it says 2016 it's only four years How bad can it get? 2021 are the armed insurrection is storming the Capitol aware that there was a plague ravaging the land?

Jason DeFillippo 3:59
Yeah. I have to say, though, that you can sum that up with the the two photos that everybody was putting side by side the the inauguration photo of Donald Trump at the Capitol and then the Capitol and years later with one of my favorite memes was all of the white guys climbing the wall and everybody labeled it hunky Kong.

Brian Schulmeister 4:22
I like vanilla ice, just to that was just one of my favorites. So good. Yeah. And you know, I think we're kind of almost forgetting and all this news that we're just hitting peaks with COVID-19 every single day, every single day is the worst day. Lest we forget we are in a pandemic that is actually far, far worse than it's ever been. In fact, it's even so bad now that the NBA isn't sure they can play some of their games because not enough players can take part.

Jason DeFillippo 4:48
There you have it. Are you surprised about that? I mean, I know they were the shining beacon of the bubble button. You know, like I said, when this whole thing started, and everybody was talking about the bubble and We're gonna do this, we're gonna have studios and everybody has to rotate out every couple months. I have seen every zombie movie ever made, and it only takes one dumb shit to ruin the lives of everyone.

Brian Schulmeister 5:10
Yeah, yeah, that's very true. And speaking of just being up here in Canada, and kind of what, what our take what the Canadian take is on it. It's not good. I mean, we're looking down there going, Well, what, what is going on?

Jason DeFillippo 5:24
I figured it was the standard take off a

Brian Schulmeister 5:26
Yeah, there was a good article in the Toronto Star here, the dreamers who left to Trump's America for life in Canada, and they say even Joe Biden won't lower them back. You're losing the best and brightest America, not just the tech talent. We've covered that many, many times over the past couple years, a tech is not going to the USA anymore. They're going other places, but you're losing regular, hard working people who just happen to not be white, and they've decided we're not going to go to the US. We don't have a good quality of life there. our quality of life is better elsewhere. And I don't see. I don't see going back even under a democratic president.

Jason DeFillippo 6:01
Yeah, that it's not worth the effort. You know, it's like, it's Canada, you have really nice people really shitty weather. And so yeah, it'll bounce a push. It's a balance. Yeah, really is

Unknown Speaker 6:15
in the US.

Brian Schulmeister 6:21
So this is the first time in 491 shows that I felt that the news was just coming so fast and quick. And I was just getting so burnt out that I basically stopped collecting articles for the show.

Jason DeFillippo 6:32
I've deleted more articles for this show that I have put in for any other show that we've ever had. Because Yeah, just like, then you just eat. It just declared Trump bankruptcy at some point,

Brian Schulmeister 6:44
you kind of do, I guess there's a couple points to share in case you're under a rock, don't see news or have half a brain. This thing wasn't a joke. It appeared so at first with the silly images from you know, the guy in the Chewbacca bikini running around and idiots, you know, posing with stuff in the capital. But the more video we saw, and the more that we saw what the journalists did, and the Capitol Police, the ones that didn't open up the gates for people. That's bad. It's dark, and it was scary. And it was an attempted coup. I don't you know, there's no denying it anymore. Except of course there is denying it. Everybody's denying it.

Jason DeFillippo 7:27
I just I love the people that said no, it was an Tifa and they're like, no, guess what? Nope, you didn't wear a mask. And you basically posted it on your Facebook account where you said, my god oh my god.

Brian Schulmeister 7:39
Yeah, I mean, this is this is the thing that is just killing me about this is everybody has just implicated themselves. And now it's boohoo because there are consequences. So

Jason DeFillippo 7:48
yeah, see, we're gonna we got a lot of technology to talk about with this though. I think we have it sprinkled throughout the show, but

Brian Schulmeister 7:56
we do we do. I you know, the way and one of the big things that I guess that it falls upon us to discuss is the plot the deep platforming that's happened. And yeah, the whining about that.

Jason DeFillippo 8:08
Well, I had this lower down in the show, but what just bring it up right now let's call this the big red button of treason. So this is what happens when big tech says no, this is when they turn on the sprinklers. Like I've said many times you build your build your house in somebody's backyard, don't get pissed off when they turn on the sprinklers. This is the sprinklers ation of Donald J. Trump. And and everybody that has been around him, there's lots of splash damage. Because, you know, we have talked many, many times about how the government can track you. And obviously a lot of these people don't listen to our show because we are seeing it brought out in full fucking force right now.

Brian Schulmeister 8:48
And you know, it's it's good that it's happening. It's a shame, it took this long. And it took this for for the social media giants to wake up and kind of say, Hey, hold on a second. We do have some responsibility here. And well, we have these terms of service that we could actually enforce.

Jason DeFillippo 9:05
Yeah, well, God, the The problem here is yes, we're happy that they have hit the big red button of treason right now. Yes. The problem is once it's been pushed, how easy is it to push again? You know that we've talked about this with CloudFlare when CloudFlare has gone on their basically canceled culture, you know, sprees. It's like yeah, we don't like the frogs turning gay guy. Let's turn him off. Let's turn that guy off. Okay, let's turn everybody else off. So there's gonna be a lot of discussion in the next coming years about how much power do they have what recourse do normal people have because parlor is actually suing Amazon now for turning them off. And that is, you know, I think that's cute.

Brian Schulmeister 9:51
I think I think it's cute as well.

Jason DeFillippo 9:54
They don't have a fucking leg to stand on.

Brian Schulmeister 9:56
No, this this is when that Terms of Service that everybody Just listed, you know, scrolls on buying clicks the SI Reddit button comes into play. They did bring in terms

Jason DeFillippo 10:06
of service. And here's the thing Terms of Service is not like trademark. If you do not actively enforce a trademark, you can lose your trademark Terms of Service are kind of like that. Yeah, we'll let you slide on this one. Yeah, we'll let you slide on this one. And now you're screwed. Now Forget about it. And they can't come back and say, well, you let this guy slide, you let that guy slide. You let that guy slide. It doesn't matter. It's like you still broke the terms of service. You're out, you know? Yep. It doesn't matter. You with the cop saying that? Yeah, that guy was everybody else. Fast. Yeah. So why did you pick me? Because I wanted to, you're still speeding, you still broke the law? So here's your ticket, bitch.

Brian Schulmeister 10:42
Yep, pretty much. I think the two big takeaways for tech for me this week is is we need to do PR D prioritize social media in terms of news and and the public welfare. I think we have relied upon it way too heavily. And I think that this is, this is exactly what happens and what comes from it. The other thing that really came out of it, and it's something that you and I both know, and many of our listeners know, but I think we forget about it a lot. The internet is not decentralized anymore. It is very much centralized. And if somebody wants to push off on you, they can,

Jason DeFillippo 11:17
yes, yes, they can. Now, the news part, you know how much money is involved with that there's never going to change. That's just like saying, Hey, you know, 24 hour news networks have just as much blame as the internet at this point, nobody's going to get rid of them either. Because there's just too much money, too many jobs involved. It's never going away. Now. You can say that people have personal responsibility not to watch that crap. But come on, let's be adults here. We know that people are dumb Fox, and they're gonna watch whatever they want to watch. And they're gonna go down those rabbit holes. So, you know, it's, it's going to be a slippery slope going forward, like we said, and everybody's gonna get knocked down. And one thing that you have to also realize is, the United States is not the internet. It's a big wide world out there. It's a big wide world, and servers can go in a lot of places. Granted, we do own the DNS, which makes it a little easier to turn people off, but it just turns whack a mole into an international game of whack a mole. Yeah,

Brian Schulmeister 12:18
yeah, it is. It does. And, you know, obviously, we watched I was actually on Twitter and watch the Trump meltdown in real time. I don't know if you were but it was, um, of course, it was. It was it was very funny. You know, I was on when they shut off his account. And then I saw, you know, the attempt to tweet at POTUS and then the attempt to tweet at the poor IT guy. I mean, this he was literally running around the White House, just grabbing people's phones, trying to tweet.

Jason DeFillippo 12:46
I mean, the the game that we played here at the house was, what's he thinking? What's he thinking? He's got to be freaking the fuck out because his Lifeline has been taken away. And when the next day after his account was shut down, the silence was beautiful. It was silence was just beautiful. And then it's just like, how much power did he have? Because of social media, he had all the power, which means Guess who had all the power jack the entire time. But we've been saying this for four years. JACK should have shut them down in the beginning, and we would not have been in this situation.

Brian Schulmeister 13:16
Exactly. Exactly. It's very true. And then, of course, the uproar from the idiots saying that this is, you know, stymieing free speech. No, no, no, he's the president. He can call a press conference at any time at three in the morning and all of the reporters will be there and all of his words will be printed in the papers.

Jason DeFillippo 13:35
And he can walk out on the front yard, front yard buck naked with a with one of those big horn helmets on and give a press press conference. Hey, we

Brian Schulmeister 13:43
got a few more days. A few more days to go. That could still happen. This is true

Jason DeFillippo 13:47
today. He's off to the Alamo, which I believe is just so great. Yeah.

Brian Schulmeister 13:52
I mean, you know, this is should he be should he be removed from office Personally, I think so. I like that. I mean, what's he doing with his time right now? Slade has reports United States essentially leaderless as president feuds with Twitter and the PGA Tour because they took away his golf, the tournament's will no longer take place on any of his golf courses. You know, this is all Much Ado About Nothing. All that stuff is kind of silly. If you really want to see how bad it's gotten for Mr. Trump, the banks, the banks, the banks are leaving him the banks will not do business with him anymore. That hurts. Now he can he can fume all he wants about Twitter, but that's going to be the real thing that takes them down. Speaking of the International aspect of this, I thought I did read through this article. I don't know if you did, but I'm curious about your thoughts on this after Trump. Should Twitter also ban all the dictators?

Jason DeFillippo 14:43
Yes. Yeah,

Brian Schulmeister 14:44
I agree to Yes. Uh huh. You do not have a natural right to Twitter.

Jason DeFillippo 14:49
And I think when it comes to all of this stuff, I think Facebook is way more dangerous than Twitter. Trump was an anomaly as far as fomenting dissent. Sent. When it comes to the real problem, it's Facebook, and there's Myanmar. That's all you have to do is look at Myanmar. That's it.

Brian Schulmeister 15:08
I saw a really interesting proposal that basically Facebook should no longer allow anybody to create a group. It has to be approved.

Jason DeFillippo 15:17
I don't think that's gonna fly. I just think that I don't think government officials should be allowed on social media. How about that? If you have a job in government? Yeah, you give up your right to have have a voice on social media.

Brian Schulmeister 15:31
You can't reach the people directly anymore. Jason.

Jason DeFillippo 15:34
It's what televisions for and radio shortwave Morse code? Yeah,

Brian Schulmeister 15:38
I don't I don't agree with that. I totally think that they should know. But I do think it is time. And I don't know how we do it. Because again, what what are the stats on the amount of hours of footage that is being uploaded to YouTube every minute, moderation and and actual enforcement of Terms of Service has to start now iteration

Jason DeFillippo 15:58
of scale is never going to work? We now know it is over it.

Brian Schulmeister 16:02
cannot do it. I will argue that since these companies are making billions and that's in the be billions of dollars, they need to start spending more money on figuring it out.

Jason DeFillippo 16:12
There's another option, charge people to upload shit to your network.

Brian Schulmeister 16:18
That's true. You know,

Jason DeFillippo 16:19
there's always there's there's always other options that people are too scared to talk about. That is true. The long in the short of it, I just put it down as is my one line that for the week that actually got me shadow banned for a while on Twitter, which is great because I dropped the H word. And Twitter and jack or Twitter and jack banning Trump in the last minutes of the final act is about the same as the moral equivalent of Hitler saving a kitten, which I still believe. But yeah, I get shadow banned for that one, which was pretty funny. Yeah, that's pretty funny.

Brian Schulmeister 16:50
But my favorite headline of all was Gizmodo, which had jack offs, Trump,

Jason DeFillippo 16:55
which is the best is

Brian Schulmeister 16:57
pretty good. And you know it, none of this has really done much. FBI is now warning that armed protests are being planned at all 50 state capitals and in Washington, DC, we shall see if that's much ado about nothing. It could just be five people showing up

Jason DeFillippo 17:13
showed up at the big Twitter protest yesterday. So yeah, the signs point to Yeah, and I would like to just put things into perspective with this, because I have to talk people off the ledge all the time. This is where I get I get down on 24 hour news cycles and mainstream media, I am not, if you listen to 5% of what they say that's about the average of you know where you should be with what is really going on. Donald Trump got seven over 70 million votes, right. He has been talking for weeks and weeks now about how everything was stolen from him and taken from him. And everybody should show up because we're going to storm the castle. And we're going to do it on this day. Out of 70 million people, approximately 8000 people showed up. Out of those 8000 people a much smaller subset are the ones that stormed the Congress building. Now. extrapolate that out to his network around the world. And after seeing everybody who will everybody will eventually be caught and you know, dragged in front of the back shed, it could be shot, at least you know, metaphorically. If not the guy with the fire the fire extinguisher he should be shot no matter what, although

Brian Schulmeister 18:25
I will tell you if this were the other way around, and there were a bunch of black people that did that they would not be metaphorically being shocked.

Jason DeFillippo 18:31
No, they wouldn't be no, they would have been shot. So just just extrapolate those numbers and look at it. And yes, it was a terrible thing. But turning this into a quote unquote, Civil War, I think is the height of hyperbole. I think that I'm looking forward to everybody coming out at one time and trying to you know, do what they're going to do. Because that just puts all these people in the same spot at the same time. So we can just start sweeping them up.

Brian Schulmeister 18:58
Yeah, this is all going to come out. We will get into many of the reasons why later in the show. We will. And I'm looking forward to a very straightforward, here is exactly what happened. Here is what you said, sir. And here's what you said, sir. And here's what you did, sir. And we have the video right here and we have your tweets, and we have your parlor posts that you tried to delete. And there will be a reckoning and it's not going to be pretty and the US is going to get a hell of a black guy from this, but there will not be a civil war Trump will be taken out of office and we will try to move forward the best we can. Yes, we will. And speaking of things being laid bare, let's talk some important stuff. Okay, let's do it. We will be finding out all UFO information sort of buried in the last federal Omnibus spending bill signed into law on December 27 2020, which is about 18 lifetimes ago right now, notable for its inclusion of Coronavirus relief is a mandate that may bring UFO watchers as well. One step closer to finding out what the government knows. So according to Snopes, the Office for the director of national intelligence has confirmed that included a 180 day window for the US director of national intelligence and the Secretary of Defense assuming we have any at that point to prepare a report for senators and armed service committees on the potential existence of UFOs and any potential they may have to pose a threat threat. Of course, there is language in there that says there is a classified annex for sensitive information so we may not get shit.

Jason DeFillippo 20:30
Okay, it's funny too, because this week I read an article over at science alert that I was gonna put in brick a BRAC, but ended up scrapping it but since you put this in here, I thought it would be fun to bring back an astronomer who believes in aliens explains why he's not convinced by UFO sightings and it's a good read and he lays out a lot of the you know, the stuff that we usually know the Fermi's paradox and all that good stuff if you're not if you're not up to speed on that then go read the article and Google all the terms because

Brian Schulmeister 20:59
it is always important to remember that UFO just means an unidentified flying object it does not mean alien I have a feeling we're going to learn about a lot of now declassified drones

Jason DeFillippo 21:09
Yeah. That that to that too, although there's a new book coming out that we'll talk about sued that actually makes the case that we have been visited by aliens and recently

Brian Schulmeister 21:21
bullshit I believe that as much as I believe that the horn guy should be running our government

Unknown Speaker 21:31
media Academy

Jason DeFillippo 21:34
Okay, let's just call this what this really is media candy is now just this weekend escapism because what I have learned from the past seven days the past four fucking years is that I sleep better when I don't watch the news. So I watch other things I watched Star Trek discovery STD which I also can't get rid of. What do you think about that finale Brian spoiler alerts coming up people so fast forward if you if you got them. Yeah,

Brian Schulmeister 22:00
it was it was disappointing. The reasons for the burn blah, I hated that whole storyline didn't care about the characters didn't it was such a mamby pamby way to go about it. ending up with Burnham Of course, as Captain, and everything's hunky dory, and we're just going to exist now that dilithium is back and, and we're going to rebuild the Federation. That's going to be the the next season

Jason DeFillippo 22:26
zactly honestly, they could cut it right now. And I'd be fine.

Brian Schulmeister 22:30
Yeah, I mean, I felt like it they could have ended the show right there. I you know, I don't know where they're gonna go with it. I don't have not. I'm just not that interested.

Jason DeFillippo 22:39
Yeah, I'm just not that into you. STD.

Brian Schulmeister 22:43
Yeah. And, you know, it's all everything. There were so many. Just so convenience. things going on in the show, like, okay, the ship that's been there. 100 some odd years. Breaks just right when you happen to be there. Okay. All right. Sure. Well, there

Jason DeFillippo 22:59
wasn't, there wasn't an inciting event where the kid got pissed off because they showed up and he broke the ship because they were there. So that was that bit. But still, it was stupid. It was a tantrum and destroyed the known universe.

Brian Schulmeister 23:14
Yeah, basically, basically, so and yeah.

Jason DeFillippo 23:17
Would this kid not be in protective custody for the rest of his goddamn life? If everybody found out that he had a tantrum?

Brian Schulmeister 23:24
It wasn't him. It was an Tifa Jason it was

Jason DeFillippo 23:26
right. That's right. Oh, God. Anyway, yeah, it was dumb. It was just it.

Brian Schulmeister 23:32
Yeah, I'm with you on it. I did. I found myself not caring. I thought the season started pretty strong. And I was kind of into it. And the more it went on, the less I cared and we'll see I mean, if they continue the show, as is like I said, as snooze fest. If they're going to reboot it.

Jason DeFillippo 23:51
I don't see how I don't see why. You know why new series coming out? We've got the Michelle yo series and we've got the captain, what's his nut series? pike? Yeah, those two can take over the reins and get rid of this one because this one is just

Brian Schulmeister 24:08
yeah, I'm with you.

Jason DeFillippo 24:09
Yeah, put this one on the lower decks about that. I've been watching succession still not I love that show. I have found I have found that I have turned you know, kind of into a dick watching it more than usual, which is pretty fun. I do I do. You know, I feel for the main character Logan Roy Brian Cox.

Brian Schulmeister 24:31
You are a

Unknown Speaker 24:32
dick. Yes, I am.

Brian Schulmeister 24:34
And I just was feeling for the Trump Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

Jason DeFillippo 24:41
So, I was going to pull a one of his signature fuck offs for the show at the end. And then I found like a three and a half minute supercut of every fuck off in the entirety of succession. There's a lot that is like fuck off is their spirit animal.

Brian Schulmeister 24:59
It is there. It is I cannot wait. It is the Frak of secession.

Jason DeFillippo 25:03
Yes it is. Yes it is. I cannot wait for season three. Hopefully they'll get back on that soon. We are going to switch over to billions which is probably going to make me even a bigger dick, which is it's just a good show such a good show. But unfortunately season five got cut short because of the Rona. Right and they're going to finish filming season five hopefully soon. My target about we're not getting that to 2026 I'll be long dead by then.

Brian Schulmeister 25:29
Yeah, well, with a with a discovery done I was getting ready to cancel my CBS all access subscription until I realized I still have the stand to finish which they are dribbling out and for what it's worth, I'm still enjoying it greatly. And massive kudos to the casting directors now. Whoopi Goldberg and Alexander skarsgard, who played the light in the dark respectively main main baddies goodies are the only missteps for me I'm still not thrilled with with them. I was good with the mother Abigail from the 1994 version, which is Ruby D But so far, no one has done Randall Flagg justice at all. Jamie Sheridan was just terrible in that one. That was my my biggest pain point in that particular version. And he's Alexander skarsgard is better but not great. My real issue with watching it right now is we're going into the extreme sadness porn part of the story. Okay, Dan

Jason DeFillippo 26:20
Boyle is I'm still reading the book,

Brian Schulmeister 26:21
I'm not gonna I'm not gonna but this is this is when the story gets sad before you know, pick them back up and the final battle. So I'm sad enough right now. So I don't know. Watch the next two episodes of this. So that's where we're at. But it's a it's very well done. And I'm enjoying it. And I won't be canceling CBS until they dribble this out to the end.

Jason DeFillippo 26:41
Okay, I do like Alexander skarsgard. That sucks. He's not a good fit. But

Brian Schulmeister 26:45
it just say it doesn't fit with my Randall flag. You know, that guy? Again, this is the problem with any adaptations of a beloved book of yours, right? You have in your head what you think it should be? And

Jason DeFillippo 26:56
yeah, so I had that problem with good omens recently. So yeah, same thing, same thing.

Brian Schulmeister 27:01
I subscribe to discovery plus, so I could get my beloved Food Network up here in Canada via VPN? Yes, I'm the one because of all the licensing blah, blah, blah, and which is great. Unlike the confusing Food Network kitchen app that I got for free for a year from Amazon, which only works on mobile devices and can't be tossed to a TV. This is the real deal. All the show on the various networks, Food Network discovery, blah, blah, blah. Except, and this caused me to fire off a fiery tweet pre insurrection.

Jason DeFillippo 27:33
Brian has at least a fiery tweet, Stop the presses.

Brian Schulmeister 27:36
They're not up to date with current broadcast schedules on a ton of the shows, many are months if not a season or two behind. And here's the thing, if I'm paying your blood money to get access to your entire network, and all of your shows and all of your archives, I expect you to keep your fucking shows up to date on your pay app. I don't want my Christmas cooking shows to show up on your app in the spring or summer, when they're aired on broadcast networks before fucking Christmas. Otherwise, what exactly am I paying a premium for?

Jason DeFillippo 28:06
Yeah, that should be a 24 hour turnaround if that, you know,

Brian Schulmeister 28:08
yes, but they're all so far behind. And so I tweeted, like, What the hell are you going to bring them up to it because there's no information to be found anywhere. It doesn't, you know, you cannot find any information about when shows are going to be posted anything like that. But like all of my favorite Food Network shows. They're all like before I even left Canada. Like I've seen all those shows all Yeah.

Jason DeFillippo 28:30
Thank you. So thank you for signing up to discovery plus reruns?

Brian Schulmeister 28:34
Yeah, so they basically just stole five bucks out of my wallet this month for nothing. So until I'm gonna cancel I think until I can get an answer about this or what? I don't even know how to get an answer. Who am I supposed to call?

Jason DeFillippo 28:46
Ghostbusters? Yeah. Daddy, the parent. Yes,

Brian Schulmeister 28:50
I will call guy theory and say What the actual fuck did I just pay you for him?

Jason DeFillippo 28:54
I gotta say though, I've been watching a lot of guy theories, grocery games from home. They've been doing these from home. You're not a Guy Fieri fan. So I like diners, drive ins and dives

Brian Schulmeister 29:03
quite a bit. Have you watched these grocery games with me? I don't like the reality shows. That's a thing for me. I like the actual cooking shows. And all these are cooking shows. Yeah, but it's a competition blah, blah, blah. But

Jason DeFillippo 29:15
it's fun because it got a lot of people from triple D in there anyway. Anyway, I thought it was fun. We've been watching it. It's pretty good.

Brian Schulmeister 29:21
Alright, and in other sad news, Jeopardy is final Alex Trebek episode just aired on Friday. And they did do a little warm, fuzzy tributes. The link is in the show notes so you can watch that. The clips highlight travex warmth charm and humor but above all this show how much fun he was having hosting jeopardy. He will be missed it I

Jason DeFillippo 29:42
know. I did find this over at Ars Technica, what I learned playing 30 plus years worth of Jeopardy video games. So I

Brian Schulmeister 29:50
wasted 30 plus years.

Jason DeFillippo 29:53
Walking down the history of those. Now also in the news, which is kind of fucked up. Ken Jennings taking over for a while

Brian Schulmeister 30:01
as the host as I think he should be permanent.

Jason DeFillippo 30:04
I do believe so as well but he got swept up in the beam dad debacle. JOHN Roderick from the the long winters. Yeah, and a lot of people can't take a fucking joke.

Brian Schulmeister 30:16
I know I already is dead. Mm hmm. It was a joke.

Jason DeFillippo 30:21
It was a fucking joke. And everybody went back through john rodricks old tweets. And you know, there were little fucking snowflakes calling him a Nazi and shit like that. I'm like, if you cannot figure out if a tongue is firmly planted in a cheek on the internet, you should not be on the internet because a lot of his old jokes are pretty fucking funny. And he's it he's nothing what these people think him to be. But yeah, he's

Brian Schulmeister 30:45
the level to which he had to apologize. Oh, so stupid is unbelievable for a story about it was a story that was amplified. He's, it was a fucking joke.

Jason DeFillippo 30:58
I know these people are saying that. Okay, so just the long and the short of it is his kid wanted some beans. And he said, okay, figure out how to put some beans in the pan. And here's a can opener can opener and you got to figure it out. And it took her six hours to figure it out. So he starved his kid for six hours which by the way in most countries is the time between lunch and dinner. I would like to point out true what's the big fucking deal? Look

Brian Schulmeister 31:24
he was just teaching her intermittent intermittent fasting it's all the

Jason DeFillippo 31:28
rage a god at least he didn't try the Wim Hof Method and throw her into a bucket of ice water Jesus it's in the kid came out of it with a useful skill how to use a can opener so yes, the internet fucking sucked on that one big time but Ken got wrapped up in that as well. So

Brian Schulmeister 31:47
yeah, and this seems like a fine time to remind people about tweet delete dotnet

Jason DeFillippo 31:51

Brian Schulmeister 31:53
Keep your tweets current people and don't give don't give everybody a history to go through out of context.

Jason DeFillippo 32:00
Yes, I have I have a recurring calendar message that reminds me to go do it once a month and remove anything that's over a month old Of course and everybody else do it.

Brian Schulmeister 32:10
Of course for you and I we would really need podcast delete dotnet scrub these shows the internet after they have aired. Yeah, we're good man.

Jason DeFillippo 32:20
We're good. I do want to do a quick final shout out and media candy here to my friend Sean Rafferty, he just launched his new podcast, the security pro podcast, he was a security expert for 20 years and he talks about all that fun stuff that I like you know how to not get shot and killed or stabbed type of stuff. And it's good. It's really good. He's doing a good job with it. So check it out. Excellent.

Brian Schulmeister 32:55
I have finally given into the fact that it is winter here and it just cold and I will not be doing my outside bike rides here once I actually even get my bike here for large chunks of the year. So I gave it and I purchased the Echelon smartconnect Fitness bike.

Jason DeFillippo 33:10
Okay, how's that working out for you?

Brian Schulmeister 33:11
I like it. It's it's a cheaper alternative to peloton. Plus, I didn't want to join the cult peloton because that kind of creeps me out a little bit. They've got some they've they're adding a lot of stuff to their app, you know, they've got the live classes which I am never going to do but they have a lot of the scenic rides which I like. So those are great, but it was a bit janky on setup. You're supposed to like scan use your cell phone to like scan the serial number off the box. But it wouldn't scan anything so when I googled it I mean seriously the the the the answer on their support forums is make yourself a Photoshop Photoshop up yourself a page with the serial number just type it in and then scan that

Jason DeFillippo 33:50
really okay.

Brian Schulmeister 33:52
Why can't we just type in the serial number then why why would the whole photo and all that shit I don't get it anyways, whatever it is what it is, you know, and it's one of those things where there's all these different standards that are out there now and nobody wants to play along with anybody else. The ability to hook it up to your to your iPhone and the apple fitness is super super janky it's so bad that people are just saying don't even bother and of course Apple has no reason to do it because they want to push their own fitness product they don't want to have other people's fitness products work so there's all that but it doesn't it's fine it's a it's a good exercise bike. way cheaper than the peloton as good as a peloton it does it does what it needs to do. So I got a good sweat on the other day

Jason DeFillippo 34:34
All right, I was surprised you didn't get a rack like one of the smart racks and put your regular bike in but I guess your regular bikes probably still in Santa Monica isn't

Brian Schulmeister 34:41
yes my regular bike is in Santa Monica so that doesn't help and and I wouldn't want to bring my bike inside the house and you know all the time and in and out and all that sort of stuff and for the winter Yeah, that's true, I guess but whatever

Jason DeFillippo 34:53
for now that makes v just brought his in. He got one of those smart ones and put a TV up in his in the room. So he's gonna like fix 5060 miles a day, which I'm just like, doesn't your ass just heard after that long, but anyway, those things do work. But yeah, I'm gonna not get this because I don't have to go to winter.

Brian Schulmeister 35:11
I know. And I remember we had a lot of hot doc talk. So I saw this and I thought of you this is the Kensington's sD 5700 te, Thunderbolt four dock, which has all the ports you could need. So this does look pretty impressive. It's got 11 ports, 90 watts of power delivery and transfer speeds of up to 40 gigabits and provides you 11 it goes to 11. So this has got all sorts of stuff. So I thought this might be of interest to you at some point.

Jason DeFillippo 35:38
Okay, well, I would be but I already bought the Bridgestone pro export hub, which actually works really good for me, it's got a ton of other ports, it's about 60 bucks less than the Kensington which is nice. I've had had a few issues with it with doing carbon copy Cloner backups with two drives, and then just randomly unmounting which is not good, that's not good. I need to do some more research on that. And I think it might have been the cables though, right and the wrong cables. But it's a nice one, it gets hot as hell though. But for 240 bucks, it gets the job done. And I want to get the the SR item with that, which is the bridge MacBook vertical dock for the MacBook Pro 16 inches. So if you have that if you have the the stone pro and the vertical dock, it's pretty easy to just walk in and click it in and you're done, you know, or have all your stuff together. So it doesn't take up as much disk space. But it's preorder only right now. So I'm going to wait till that hits the market in January of 2027. And give it a shot then. So but if anybody else has tried this Oh, the counting 10s on pre order still right?

Brian Schulmeister 36:52
Yes, it's not quite so.

Jason DeFillippo 36:53
Okay. Yeah. I think these Jacks things they work somewhat so we'll see. We'll see. It's just they're so fucking hot.

Brian Schulmeister 37:04
Yeah, they do heat up. It's pretty crazy. Yeah. And as I was just scrolling about through Amazon, I saw something that I believe I would use your nomenclature looks neat. This is the Lago w three Apple Watch Stan compatible with Apple Watch Series six se 5432 144 millimeter, 42 millimeter, 40 millimeter 38 millimeter classic white. It's just a cute little stand for your watch. It makes it look like an old school classic monitor.

Jason DeFillippo 37:31
Okay, I think we've talked about this on the show before when they first came out. may have I don't know.

Brian Schulmeister 37:37
I saw it again. And I just thought it was cute.

Jason DeFillippo 37:40
Yeah, it's cute. It's cute. It's I just don't have to like sit there and plug it in like that every day. When my thing goes on the charging standard. I never look at it. It's like I put it on that I when I'm done at night I pull it back off.

Brian Schulmeister 37:52
That's pretty much exactly.

Jason DeFillippo 37:54
That's kind of it. I had to buy new studio monitors for my bedroom setup. I got these Mackie studio monitors as black and green ones. You see everybody have their little three inch speakers on them do not buy do not buy the Mackie studio monitors. When I first got them the bass was so bad I actually had to put tape over the holes on the back to knock the bass down because there's no adjustments for it or anything like that. They're only 100 bucks, but they died after three years the switches went bad on it, which I'm like, seriously?

Brian Schulmeister 38:24
Yeah, my experience with Mackie is if you're spending under a grand for their monitors, they're not worth shit. Yeah, no, but they're incredibly good at the high end pro level.

Jason DeFillippo 38:33
Okay, so I found it another set of $100 ones because I'm just like I don't want to spend more than that I have to because these are literally just for my bedroom and if I need like to really soundcheck something, I can plug in some headphones, you know, some good monitor headphones, but I got the PreSonus Eris 3.5 their nearfield studio monitors about the same as the Maquis but they've got a few more adjustments on them for different room noise and things like that so they get here tomorrow so I'll check them out but I just really had to tell people man just don't buy this fucking Mackey's a garbage and says you are Mr. Schiff does your I found the site called recipe search? Literally it recipe search, you can instantly search over 2 million recipes and it is fast as hell

Brian Schulmeister 39:16
it is it is I'm I'm curious as to where these 2 million recipes were sourced from because I did search for some of my like go to recipes that I always use and none of them came up. So it's it's a you know, they don't seem to have blown up a tea in the New York Times and all that sort of stuff which copyright they probably true. They know where the cease and desist. Sly true. So there you go. So that might explain it. Found some good stuff in there. And yeah, it is fast. So

Jason DeFillippo 39:43
fast. Yeah, I did sign up for The New York Times cooking app for 40 bucks a year and so I had it on my iPad, and I got some really good stuff out of that.

Brian Schulmeister 39:52
Yeah, they've got great recipes.

Jason DeFillippo 39:54
Yeah, it's pricey, but it really like when you're when you're at the end of your fucking rope. With what are we gonna cook tonight? Yeah, it's really nice to be able to just dig into that

Brian Schulmeister 40:04
interesting you get what you pay for what a novel concept. It's

Jason DeFillippo 40:07
amazing. Amazing. Well, actually on this next one, you do get a little more than you pay for I got pedometer plus plus, which is just a cheap app. It's free app. Actually, it's that cheap that it's free. And I got it because it does one thing and it does one thing. Well, all I wanted was to add a step complication to my watch. That's it. Because with the help thing, you have to like click on it and scroll to find how many steps you had during the day. This thing you plug it in, it's free, you set how many steps you want to do a de for your goal, and it just gives you a little monitor if you've hit it or not. That's it. Alright, so

Brian Schulmeister 40:42
it was fantastic. And I still have whatever you had me set up on my watch first, which tells me my step count, and I know what my goal is. So I can just go that's not the number.

Jason DeFillippo 40:52
I wonder if that's it so long ago, because I dumped my Fitbit finally because I don't need to. The reason I've been using a Fitbit for the past couple years now is because I was on my treadmill desk. And you know the Apple Watch does not really work well when you're on the treadmill desk and your hands are on the thing. And I kept it because I had friends who were were doing it and then they kind of all dropped off. So I'm like you know what, screw it. Let's just deal with the watch. I don't even one thing to worry about.

Brian Schulmeister 41:20
Since my watch is actually on my wrist and it just involved a click I can tell you that the app is called steps app that you get set up.

Jason DeFillippo 41:28
Yeah, yeah. Easy enough. Easy enough.

Unknown Speaker 41:35
The library

Jason DeFillippo 41:38
so Brian, I did try to do parallel books here. I'm I'm working my way through the stand, which is very good. But very long. So I took a I took a side mission. And I downloaded Star Trek Picard last best hope by Okay, McCormick. Well right now, I've never been a Star Trek or Star Wars book fan. Now I know why. Not good. Yeah, this is the story that is in between, like when the Romulan star explodes and all that and then trying to get everything off and how it basically the leading up to Star Trek Picard. This is one of the the many vessels that they've used. They have comic books, and they've got a couple books that fill in that gap. Now the problem with me is, if I if I read this book in word form, I probably would have been fine with it because I could put the voices in my head, but I listened to it on Audible. Now, I know what Jordy laforge sounds like and I know what Jean Luc Picard sounds like and you sir, are neither of the two. So thank you Audible for your generous refund policy. That one went right back in the right back in the hopper got my drive back.

Brian Schulmeister 42:50
And I'm still slogging through the latest laundry files. Hi, read it. It's okay. I get bored after that minutes and yeah, I think I need to put it down. The problem is I've just been too lazy to search amazon for something new. Hmm. Okay, check

Jason DeFillippo 43:03
check our discord channel. People have been putting some new stuff up there with some new sci fi writers I've never heard

Brian Schulmeister 43:07
of that is true.

Unknown Speaker 43:13

Jason DeFillippo 43:17
We are joined again this week by Dave Bittner. Dave is the host of the cyber wire podcast and also the co host of the social engineering podcast hacking humans with our friend Joe Kerrigan, as well as the co host of caveat with our other friend Ben yelin. Where they discuss law and policy as well as surveillance and privacy. How's life out there in DC adjacent land this week?

Dave Bittner 43:39
It's okay.

Unknown Speaker 43:40
It's okay.

Unknown Speaker 43:41
You know, how's

Brian Schulmeister 43:42
the mood on the streets?

Dave Bittner 43:44
It's alright, I think I don't I don't I don't think it really matters. Well, we're far enough away you know, as I think as we record that I'm probably about 20 miles away from the Capitol proper so as a bird flies, but so it's not like they're in my backyard or anything but in a way they are and I it's just been draining this this past week. It is hard to feel like you're having any opportunity to get your energy back with just the all this stuff happening. I know you guys talked about this in other parts of the show, but it just it's sort of relentless. For me personally, I thought about, you know, oh, well, if once we get past the election, then things will be better. And then well, we went to the good past, we put 2020 behind us, things will be better. And all those thoughts were adorable, weren't they?

Brian Schulmeister 44:36

Unknown Speaker 44:37
yeah. So yeah.

Dave Bittner 44:40
hanging in there hanging in there. Good time.

Jason DeFillippo 44:42
Well, your rant last week on rant directed to your you're using your defusing of your angst and anger.

Dave Bittner 44:54
I think I blocked it out.

Jason DeFillippo 44:58
Our fans did have been made,

Unknown Speaker 45:01
they have been posted. And

Jason DeFillippo 45:05
that was it was a hit. It was a hit. Let's just say it was a hit.

Brian Schulmeister 45:10
And as per usual, when any of us on on these shows, talk about any of our problems and our missteps, shall we say with our tech, people are always ready to be very helpful. So we did have another pointed out. Tip here for you, Dave from Allison, please tell Dave to run Mac OS Disk Utility, usually a repair of the disk and have the permissions, they might have renamed it to a single first aid step will fix the disk that broke during migration, which is of course very helpful Three weeks later. Well, I

Dave Bittner 45:41
I appreciate Allison taking the time to send that in and the thoughtfulness of her sending that over to us. So thank you very much, Alison. I did try that step. I did try the built in disk repair and unfortunately it was to no avail. I have recovered many of the missing files. I will say a couple of the files I realized that I have not been able to get back which I may be having a little side conversation with you about Jason. My my 4k scan of Star Wars

Jason DeFillippo 46:20
machine interesting.

Dave Bittner 46:25
And my collection of all five seasons of the Muppet Show. None of these are difficult to get back but you kind of need to know somebody who has a direct line to Sweden a Swedish chef perhaps Absolutely.

Brian Schulmeister 46:43
Your de Beardy to files.

Unknown Speaker 46:48

Jason DeFillippo 46:49
bork, bork. your Mac got borked.

Dave Bittner 46:52
Yes, that's what happened. My makeup worked.

Jason DeFillippo 46:54
So a little other follow up story on there. I talked to Jordan Harbinger about your woes, and because he was telling me about his new iMac that he bought because he did the same thing. And it hosed his iMac and he's like, I'm just gonna buy a new one and plug in my time machine backup that I fortunately unplugged before migration.

Dave Bittner 47:15
Yeah. Okay. Great. Jordan.

Jason DeFillippo 47:17
He had that one. And it happened to me Actually, I was trying to do some work on my old Mac air, my MacBook Air that I'm getting rid of because I got the new m one. And I came across the same thing you did? It was gone. It was just time machine was gone. No, no. Just the drives plugged. Well, yeah. I, my time machine was fine. But I imagine if I left it plugged in, it wouldn't have mattered because the main drive and everything was gone. And I did do the Disk Utility, obviously. And they're just like, yeah, that disk is empty. You have to format it. There is nothing there. I was like, Wow, it really that really is a problem. Yeah,

Dave Bittner 47:59
yeah. So okay, so two things come to mind. First of all, I'm sorry that that this happened to you. Second of all, I'm happy that this happened to you because it means that it wasn't just me.

Brian Schulmeister 48:13
Yeah, so misery loves company.

Dave Bittner 48:15
Yeah, it's good to share your misfortune to know that, what if you're in the same boat with other people? So yeah, interesting. It's interesting. Also, to me that I haven't seen widespread reporting of this, you'd think this is the kind of thing that the circles that we all run in something like this would bubble up on Twitter or somewhere, but interesting that it's hit three out of three of us who happened to be doing similar kinds of media management, and so on and so forth.

Jason DeFillippo 48:40
Yeah, I think that I think the thing nowadays is it's just, we've had it happen so many times, he's like, Oh, shit, this again. It looks like it's not even worth tweeting about, you know, it's like, it's good point. And fortunately, for me, I was I mean, I was preparing that MacBook Air for, you know, resale. So it's like, okay, that drive is gone fine. Right. It's actually convenient. It's actually can be I just have to, like, go into the, you know, disk tools recovery mode, and, and then it like, put on a an older version of the OS. And then I just did another upgrade to Big Sur again, this time. Yeah, it worked. And then I just had a clean machine, which is what I was going for anyway, so that doesn't really matter. But I still did have my time machine backup if I had to pull it over. But yeah, it was just really like, oh, Dave was telling the truth. I was trying to I'm trying to back you up on this one day that didn't make it up guys. Pick it up. Well, we know how many cocktails you like to have around the office. around so

Unknown Speaker 49:41
yeah, yeah. Yeah. Oh, boy.

Jason DeFillippo 49:45
Well, my first my first bit here is I didn't even have to read the article on this one because I this is I have a completely different take on this. The title of the article is Ben Gurion University target targeted by cyber attack. Oh no, they didn't talk about I'm like, okay, the people who are the scariest motherfuckers on the planet when it comes to computer intrusions. You want to go after them? Yeah, this is gonna be a short story because there's just gonna be a couple extra bodies that show up around the world. People will be like, he had an accident. No, that's it. It's done. It's over with,

Dave Bittner 50:22
right it'll happen in some sort of strange way like someone was using, I don't know, their their iPhone will explode. Turns out and it happened because someone had a laser in a parking lot across the way that they'd they, they've hit a window and made it resonate. And that created a mic microwave energy that then resonated with the phone and had it burst into flames or something. You know, they will, they will be called them the same way that Ben Gurion does all of their research, they will be motivated to go after these people. Yeah, doesn't seem very smart to me if you're going to go after somebody. Maybe it was a random attack. But if you do your homework, this would I don't know Ben Gurion would be a place I would avoid.

Brian Schulmeister 51:04
Yeah, it seems almost as crazy as I don't know, say attacking the capital.

Jason DeFillippo 51:09
Well, yeah, you've actually been very attacking Ben Gurion is a lot crazier attacking the capital because you know, that ain't gonna work. The other thing kind of work. Anyway. Yes. Air gapped computers everywhere have exploded killing their target.

Unknown Speaker 51:25
mysteriously, yeah.

Jason DeFillippo 51:29
Oh, man. And of course, you know, with everything that happened use of Clearview AI facial recognition text spiked as law enforcement seeks to identify the capital mob, to what I say is basically why they posted it on Facebook themselves. We have video we have. We have parlour chat, we have just about everything that you can find. Why do you need to bother to use Clearview?

Brian Schulmeister 51:50
Because as we're increasingly seeing there, there seems to be two separate two separate groups that that were involved in this the the morons that posted their selfies and then the people wearing the tactical gear running around in the background. Yeah, right.

Dave Bittner 52:05
But they're also I mean, all of that publicly available photography and video is being fed into clear view to see to match it up with other things other places. I think somebody made a good point, which is worth remembering here, which is that facial recognition is bad, even if it's being used against someone you don't like.

Jason DeFillippo 52:27
Yeah, yeah. I mean, we talked about that earlier on the show that it's just like this is the ramifications of everything that's happening right now. We're going to be far and wide. Because yes, we've talked about how this is bad for so long, and now that they get to use it for something for good. It's like, oh, they're gonna get really trigger happy and use it a lot more. Or, you know, where things gonna get rolled back? How is this gonna play out?

Dave Bittner 52:52
What if it's successful? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 52:54
Mm hmm. Yeah.

Brian Schulmeister 52:55
And along those lines, Senator Mark Warner, the Incoming Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee is asking mobile carriers and social media platforms to preserve content and associated metadata that may be connected to the attack on the US Capitol. He said in a statement Saturday that he had contacted the CEOs of at&t T Mobile, Verizon, apple, Facebook, gab Google parlor, which we are about to discuss, signal, telegram and Twitter. Now, the interesting thing about this, and this is a conversation we often have In this segment, all of these companies routinely Well, not parlor, or gab, all these companies routinely comply with court issued preservation orders issued during criminal investigations. But this is not that this isn't an informal request.

Jason DeFillippo 53:38
Well, fortunately for them, we know that that nothing is ever deleted. Move on to the next. Okay,

Brian Schulmeister 53:43
let's move right on to the next story then. Yes, yes. 70 terabytes of partners user messages, videos and posts leaked by security reaches researchers. This of course, includes things that were supposedly deleted and our Twitter broke up with set visibility to zero posts.

Jason DeFillippo 54:01
Yeah, eight years of yelling at people that nothing is ever deleted, everything is just visibility set to zero. Finally, some fucking vindication. Thank you, internet.

Brian Schulmeister 54:11
Yeah, no, this is a bit of a crazy story about how it happened. Of course, it's Reddit users are claiming that this scrape was made possible because of Twilio and American cloud communications platform that provided parler with phone number verification services, they cut their ties with parler, just about the same time that everybody did. And this bid apparently allowed hackers to deduct that it was possible to create users and verified accounts without verification. And then they were able to get behind the login box API used for content delivery, which allowed them to see which users had moderator rights, which in turn allowed them to reset the passwords of those users with the simple forgotten password function. And since there were no longer authenticated emails, they were able to access admin accounts with ease and therefore basically get absolutely everything including Real Estate driver's licenses, which were used to verify citizens on parlour. So how do you guys feel about this? couldn't happen to a nicer group of people?

Dave Bittner 55:11
Let me ask you this. Let me ask you this. How is this not in violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act?

Brian Schulmeister 55:18
Even 100%? Is

Jason DeFillippo 55:20
Yeah, yep, there's

Brian Schulmeister 55:21
no 100% is I if ands or buts about it? Yeah. You know, there's there's the shot in Freud. And there's the bad things happening to bad people feeling but obviously, this is incredibly against law. And I, you know, you

Dave Bittner 55:33
can you can justify yourself as Robin Hood all you want, but this never should have happened. It's interesting to me that when, again, when we're doing this sort of thing against, quote, unquote, bad guys, people we don't like and listen, let me be clear, in my mind, these folks are bad guys. And people I don't like, that's my personal opinion. But when we're doing that the people who are doing the the scraping are security researchers. And when it's against people we do like, they're hackers. And and, you know, threat actors.

Brian Schulmeister 56:07
Yes. The white hat has gotten a little bit gray on this one. Yeah,

Jason DeFillippo 56:12
yeah. Quite a bit. Quite. Yeah. Yeah, no, this

Brian Schulmeister 56:14
shouldn't happen. And you know, we can say that this kind of scrape should just go to some sort of shadowy government agency, or not even shadow eat just the FBI who are going after these people. This is normal to them. Should I put up for everyone to look at? No. Right. The

Jason DeFillippo 56:33
other thing, though, is this legal for the FBI to use? Because it was stolen? It's stolen information. So is there is there precedent where the FBI can actually even use this data? Is this something that is, you know, legally admissible? Or does it screw up their cases when they try and go after these people? You know, this

Brian Schulmeister 56:52
will be where we're doing really good at, like, rolling into the next stories, which my next comment is we aren't lawyers, much less constitutional lawyers.

Dave Bittner 57:04
Well, I'm glad that you all are helping, right, my next episode of caveat with Ben yelin, because these are all questions that I will be asking him. Next time he and I speak.

Brian Schulmeister 57:16
Yeah, so this this part of the thing is definitely troubling. Every aspect of parlor is troubling and parlors, subsequent basically demise. I mean, I guess they're making noises about trying to come back. And that was some that caused a lot of people a lot of fun on Twitter saying, Oh, yeah, you're just going to migrate to a new service in a couple days and rebuild from the ground up in a few days. Although given how secure the system seems to have actually have been, it seems to have been kind of duct taped together to begin with. So maybe they can move it pretty quickly to if they hired

Jason DeFillippo 57:50
fresh talent to build the thing in the first place. Pretty much. Yeah, yeah.

Dave Bittner 57:56
Yeah. seniority? Yes. It seems as though they were under resourced on the security side of things. For sure.

Jason DeFillippo 58:03
In moderation. Mm hmm.

Brian Schulmeister 58:05

Unknown Speaker 58:05

Brian Schulmeister 58:06
Wasn't that kind of the point though of parlor is we're not moderating, right. That was that was that was a selling point. That was a feature, not a bug. Perfect. You're right.

Dave Bittner 58:14
That was their differentiating factor.

Unknown Speaker 58:17

Dave Bittner 58:18
I guess on the one hand, I mean, I see the value in this of obviously gathering up all this data for law enforcement, particularly when we're talking about things like photos and videos with the the riot at the Capitol that evidently parler did not strip any EXIF data from photos and so on. So that could all be very useful for law enforcement. And I see there's value there. The thing that troubles me is, I suppose and I've never been on parlor, so I don't really know how it works. But I'm imagining if private messages between people were to become public, I don't I that makes me feel icky. I don't think that's the right way to go with this.

Brian Schulmeister 58:59
Yeah. And again, even if they were deleted, those private messages they weren't deleted. And as we've discovered, there's only one account on any social network that we're aware of, that actually can delete messages. And that's Mark Zuckerberg personal Facebook Messenger account. That's it. Yes.

Dave Bittner 59:18
It's good to be the king.

Brian Schulmeister 59:19
Yes, it is. and Holly wrote in and said, Would you guys kindly have a segment on the show regarding the first and fifth amendments? They kind of go together like peas and carrots? What types of speech are protected by the First Amendment and what is not how this is related to privately owned platforms, even if those platforms like big tech are viewed as monopolies how those things not protected by the First Amendment are often covered in the company's Terms of Service? as an IT professional lawyer, not a lawyer. I'm exhausted just listening to these people. And I know you guys are friends with more than a few lawyers. Maybe we can make pamphlets or an instructional PowerPoints much appreciated love the show. And like I said, I mean, we aren't lawyers, we aren't much less constitutional lawyers and all I will say about this some clarification would be nice. And that sort of clarification is something we've actually kind of been screaming for on this segment for quite some time. People don't really seem to know.

Jason DeFillippo 1:00:11
Yeah, yeah.

Dave Bittner 1:00:13
Well, I think it's a job for Ben Yellen, who is a constitutional lawyer. So why don't I get him on the horn and let's see if we can get him to maybe join us either next week or an upcoming episode. And we can address this directly and maybe get Holly's questions answered by someone who actually knows what he's talking about. And isn't just talking out of his ass like us?

Jason DeFillippo 1:00:35

Brian Schulmeister 1:00:38
I have questions.

Dave Bittner 1:00:40
Yes, indeed. Yes, indeed. No, it's it's nice to be able to ask questions to people who actually know what they're doing, rather than just spewing as facts.

Jason DeFillippo 1:00:50
I think you should rename caveat to get Yellin on the horn. Really, when it comes down to yelling on the horn, I can just see like a like an old police captain sitting there with he's got the batphone on one side, and he's got the other phone on the others, like get yelling on the horn. Right.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:07
Right. Right. Absolutely.

Dave Bittner 1:01:08
These people asking questions about the first and fifth amendment

Jason DeFillippo 1:01:11
yelling on the horn.

Dave Bittner 1:01:13
Yeah, absolutely. I love it. All right. I'll see if I can't get that done. In the meantime, gosh, I hope we have an opportunity to rest up and get our energy back here.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:26
I hate days,

Dave Bittner 1:01:27
I doubt likely but some days someday, gents, we're gonna have to, I don't know, maybe we'll be out on a catamaran somewhere out near as some beautiful tropical island with fruity drinks in our hands with little umbrellas in them. And we'll look back on this and we'll all down our drinks quickly and say that sucked.

Jason DeFillippo 1:01:53
Then we'll wake up and we're back to where we started. Yeah,

Dave Bittner 1:01:56
that's right. That's right. All right, guys. We'll hang in there. I will talk to you guys next week already.

Jason DeFillippo 1:02:07
Brian, because our moron cup overflow with I decided let's just have some heroes today. Okay, right. There's a cancer doctor in Arkansas who wiped out more than $600,000 in medical debt for his former patients. Amazing. That guy deserves a medal. Yep, more than actually more than $650,000 in unpaid medical bills. He was closing down his practice. He didn't need the money. And he said, Here you go, guys. We're just we're wiping the wiping the slate clean.

Brian Schulmeister 1:02:36
Unfortunately, he hasn't been claiming that the election was rigged or stolen. So he will not be getting the National Medal from Trump.

Jason DeFillippo 1:02:42
No, he won't. No, he won't. And we do have another person that does deserve a cape. And this is the disgruntled employee that change the State Department's website to say that Trump's termed and did yesterday

Brian Schulmeister 1:02:55
I was so excited.

Jason DeFillippo 1:02:56
I as soon as I saw that, I'm like, oh, somebody's having fun over there. Yeah. They're like, do they know something? We don't know. I'm like no u dub S is this is a kid who's got the keys to the castle. Good times. Good times. But and of course, we do have to have a more another week. I can't let this one go because it came up on TV this morning. Super spreader swinger party busted in South Central LA. Now you try and say super spreader swinger party five times fat.

Brian Schulmeister 1:03:24
I was actually just more stuck on if I were to attend a swingers party I would prefer one in Beverly Hills, not South Central. Exactly.

Jason DeFillippo 1:03:34
They were showing video there's actually a link to the video in the show notes if you want to watch it. They've got stripper poles, they've got beds with condoms laid out. They've got cages for people, and the people that are getting led out of there. I'm pretty sure a lot of them might have been swingers but there was a lot of hoes.

Brian Schulmeister 1:03:52
That's to say there was a lot of hope. I do hope they were all wearing masks.

Jason DeFillippo 1:03:56
None of them not a god damn one of them the sheriff's were handing out masks on the way out. That's why it's called a super spreader event

Brian Schulmeister 1:04:02
Brian No, I know I was. I'm tired.

Jason DeFillippo 1:04:06
Oh, yes, they were wearing leather masks. I think that's what you're trying.

Brian Schulmeister 1:04:09
There we go. Ball gags and I just have this in brick of back. I'm an actual real homeowner for the first time in my life as opposed to condos where most of the stuff is taken care of for you. But I found this list over on life hacker which is occasionally useful. So it's how to put your home maintenance on autopilot this year. It is basically everything that you need to do to keep your home up and running at peak efficiency. So go through the list, pop it in your schedule of choice, your calendar of choice and have your lady in the tube remind you each each weekend. Exactly how it's going to be ruined. Because you have shit you need to be doing.

Jason DeFillippo 1:04:50
Oh yeah, this is this is old hat. I know this is your first house but I've lived in this house for like five or six years and I'm the handyman around here so I have alerts for everything.

Brian Schulmeister 1:04:59
Yeah, not I spent the weekend putting things into my calendar. So I know exactly what I won't be doing having beer.

Jason DeFillippo 1:05:07
I do have to say the nest is nice because it does tell me when I have to change my, my filters filter. Yep, that's, that's a nice one.

Brian Schulmeister 1:05:13
That's a nice feature.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:16
feedback loop.

Jason DeFillippo 1:05:19
over at Patreon, we've got Martin Scott yen, as beezus and Robert,

Brian Schulmeister 1:05:25
and over at PayPal we have never pulled breed Andrew, Mark, Michael, Ralph and Elizabeth, thank you all so much. Over at Twitter, basically, we got everything that's covered elsewhere amplified and a crap ton of set visibility to zero posts. So thank you, everybody.

Jason DeFillippo 1:05:40
I'm glad people actually paid attention and remembered that I

Brian Schulmeister 1:05:42
know it was nice, it actually felt really good. I was like, hey, that's one of our things.

Jason DeFillippo 1:05:47
Yeah, finally. All right. Martin writes in he says, not the one throwing money at you all the time. Well get on it, Martin, you know, you got a namesake to protect there. I've listened to every episode from you guys, but I've never heard you cover anything in regards to Venmo. This may interest our local furry friend too. And Dave says Indeed, I would like to use this story on hacking humans, so we'll pass it along to him. My wife recently sent a small transaction to a friend which triggered the both of them to receive a ton of friend requests on Venmo. Shortly after she received a text message from a different friend and her mother confirming the payments she had asked for. She was baffled as she had obviously not asked for anything. It turns out her friend and mother had received a message from quote unquote her, claiming she was at the store and had forgotten her purse. She needed $42 to check out and would pay them right back. My wife quickly changed her password and I went ahead and disconnected all devices from her account in the security settings just in case, I thought at first that her Venmo account had been compromised. But it turns out that it was a lot simpler than that. Somebody simply looked her up on Venmo. All accounts are public, by default, used her first and last name as well as her profile picture and sent her friends payment requests at random asking for money. The people simply recognized her profile picture and accepted the transaction. The fact that you can freely change your profile picture first and last name as well as username as many times as you want. And without any verifications or any checks at all from the Venmo app boggles my mind. You would think that a company which is solely used to transfer money in between parties would have had a modicum of basic security checks in place. Considering you need to link a bank account or credit or debit card to your Venmo account in order to cash out. It should not be possible to change your Venmo accounts name to anything but what's on your account slash cards. To further add insult to injury because transfers are instant on Venmo there is no way for people to recover their money through Venmo. And the only possibility for people that have been scammed to do so is to contact their bank directly, which is an open door for the bank and Venmo to simply throw the ball at each other until the victim simply gives up fuck Venmo regardless of whether the transactions are legit or fraudulent, they make money so who gives a shit right? So long as their terms and conditions date? They won't do anything for you. They're in the right.

Brian Schulmeister 1:08:10
Well, I mean, a financial social network. What could possibly go wrong? Yeah, copy on

Jason DeFillippo 1:08:15
him started Venmo wasn't that PUD from fucked company?

Brian Schulmeister 1:08:19
I can't remember. I think I don't know. I fucking hate Venmo it's the millennial Gen Z money app of choice. Just don't use it. Almost every bank now allows for easy money transfers. They're still PayPal. There's no fees for transferring money between friends Venmo filled a niche briefly now everybody else has been caught up with like regulations and shit and they just went and did it. And why the fuck does anybody want money transfers to be publicly listed on a timeline with cute emojis? What the fuck is that about? Do I give a shit that Linda sent Rhonda $25 for champagne and salad emojis? No, I fucking do not. And is this an incredible vector for hacking? Yes, it fucking is.

Jason DeFillippo 1:09:00
So I was wrong. It wasn't putt putt actually did one though. That was the first one I think to have that public timeline. And I'm like, You're fucking idiot. So it's just it's dumb. It's dumb. I actually didn't know this about Venmo I actually turned it on about two days ago. Because somebody that I know needed to transfer money to somebody and didn't have a Venmo came from I got one like from 2010 right? And I'm like, oh, okay, put my bank account and then I read this and I'm like, oh, take out that bank account. Yeah, I

Brian Schulmeister 1:09:26
mean, you know, I have Venmo because a couple of my friends that's that's all they have and hit home. There you go. But it's just you see the timelines like I know why don't want to know what other people are buying or doing and I don't want them to know what I'm doing. It's ridiculous. It's crazy. Yeah. Anyways, Mark writes into story for your consideration and thanks for doing what you do. And this is from the BBC, Somerset cattle graded mistaken for a wall by car sensors. cars have come off the road trying to cross the capital grid after sensors mistook it for a wall and slammed on the brakes the city or the county Council's The grid had been causing a very real danger to road users. where they are, it was cut into a steep hill that appeared to be an obstruction to modern car sensors which automatically applied the brakes. They have now spent 70,000 pounds, ironing out the problem by creating a virtually smooth ride across the grid, which is what they've had to do to deal with these things. You know, we've we've talked a lot about about self driving cars and the bias, racial bias in them. This is just more bias. In my opinion, as I've imagined developers are often focused on urban environments, which we've documented a ton in this podcast, they can't even really handle fake stop signs at this point. Now multiply this 1000 fold for rural roads and all the various things that you're going to come across there. That's a problem. Oh, man, I

Jason DeFillippo 1:10:45
think I figured out a new one. We basically you take a take a like like a brick wall picture, you know, just just paint a brick wall on the road. But

Brian Schulmeister 1:10:54
you keep wily coyote style.

Jason DeFillippo 1:10:56
Exactly. But you Keystone it right. So to the car, it looks like it's a vertical from the camera and the sensors. So it looks like it's coming up on a wall and it just stops. Right You know, you don't even have to do like, you know, building cow crossing or whatever. You can just actually go out there and spray paint this thing about probably 10 minutes and really screw with traffic. Ooh, that might be fun, right? armchair Rambo says, Hey, guys, I have a request, will you give the brave browser a try again? I tried brave last year and said fuck it's mining crypto, it overheated my machine with the Google homepage Christ. Also it was slow sort of as fuck highly suspect pass. Now I get it. Their concept is to allow commerce on your gear and allow you to opt in or out of monetizing yourself through ad buyers and skipping brokers like Facebook and Google. Maybe you get $10 in crypto for $20 in electricity, but hey, good model. It works perfectly, but I'm still sort of pissed about that earlier. fuckery What do you think? Oops, just re listen to the last episode. Please continue with brave evaluation. Looking at you, Brian. your opinions are very much welcome. Stay calm and carry on gentlemen that you bring value to the time spent.

Brian Schulmeister 1:12:05
I am perfectly happy with my combo of all these still for day to day laptop browsing and Safari on my mobile devices. I don't have an M One Laptop which brave is now optimized for and I'm pretty cheesed off by their past tactics. So I don't plan on revisiting them anytime soon. Unless, of course, my browser guru you. Jason tells me I should. But that Yeah, those early missteps are enough to turn me off to them as a company.

Jason DeFillippo 1:12:31
Yeah, yeah, I have thoughts about that, which are basically uh, you know, I'm trying it now because I did want to try it on the one it is fast it is, it's also optimized for Intel processors as well, it works pretty good. I left it open on my laptop, and I only had that open, nothing going and I left the Activity Monitor going so I could see what it was doing with the processor, like in the old days where it would just spin up to 100% every you know, 10 seconds out of every minute. It doesn't do that anymore. That's fine. It still comes built in with all this like crypto crap that it tries to get you to sign up for and sponsored ads on the start page, which you can disable that's fine. But it I mean, it's it's it's a decent browser does what it says on the tin, it's chromium based, so it's up to speed with almost everything. It's just, you know, it's I got a bad taste in my mouth from what they did before and also the guy who founded it, you know, Mr. JavaScript covered that story too many times to go back into again, but yeah, I don't trust brave and I don't trust Brendan Eich. And so I think I'm just gonna stick with what I got right now. And if I have to, I'll use Safari. Safari is actually not bad because then it does at least sync your bookmarks but half the shit that I need doesn't work and Vivaldi takes care of the rest. Yep.

Brian Schulmeister 1:13:50
Scott writes in big fan, longtime listener, Gog Klan member VIP 77. So Ryan, who is shacked up in Canada might check the CBC News site after laughing so hard at Dave Bittner his computer backup disaster. I saw this the next day funny stuff, perhaps not suitable for all children. But damn, how does this get made? And this is a Danish kid show about a man with a magic penis which is innocent innocent goofy says TV critic. Yeah, this was a This was doing the rounds during all the craziness. So it was kind of like a here's a funny story to distract you from all this shit. Yeah. And so yeah, it's a children's TV show about a man whose unnaturally long and magic penis gets him into all sorts of trouble, just like me, is very Danish and nothing to fret over it says a TV critic who watched every episode is claymation show called Sean Diller mounds, which basically roughly translates to john weinerman. And yeah, I have no idea how something like this gets made. But

Jason DeFillippo 1:14:43
well, yeah. It is an innocent little show. And it's funny, you know, it's not everything has to be sexualized. So, some people like to make fun of their winners. That's the way things are. It's no big deal. It's a big deal. Thinking different over there? It's

Brian Schulmeister 1:15:01
I guess so i mean you know I wouldn't care if this era you know Cartoon Network at night but the fact that is actually for kids is a little bit crazy.

Jason DeFillippo 1:15:10
I think it's pretty funny that he can play tennis with himself with his own Wiener that's pretty that's pretty clever.

Brian Schulmeister 1:15:14
I call that Sunday Oh,

Jason DeFillippo 1:15:19
theme to the show Barrett writes in I know you've probably been through most of the new stuff on the streaming site, so I thought I'd suggest a film to you that I'm pretty certain you'll both enjoy. The catch is that it does have subtitles but the story and cinematography are amazing. The movie is called the control that's with a K in two L's filmed in 2003 The first time I saw this I was actually in boot up in a Budapest hostel backpacking my way around Europe here's the YouTube link to the full film it's also available via Sweden Amazon etc. Enjoy and stay grumpy and he he follows up with and also No thanks. Dells new monitors have a dedicated Microsoft Teams button.

Brian Schulmeister 1:15:55
mean I suppose if you're working at an all Microsoft shop that uses teams, it would be quite convenient otherwise, no thank you. I'll pass Yeah,

Jason DeFillippo 1:16:03
if it came with your company monitor but yeah, why would you have this at home? He could just click on an icon. It'd be nice working at home now. I suppose. That's true.

Brian Schulmeister 1:16:13
Neil writes in hi grumps in Episode 490. You talked about rune Have a look at subsonic you can open it on anything essential including video subsonic your complete personal media streamer, you can just buy a lifetime license but it works for with audio for free. Alright,

Jason DeFillippo 1:16:28
okay, and check it out. And Michael says I have nostalgic memory of Johnny mnemonic for no good reason. That's right. I should have left it in the past and not rewatch it on Amazon Prime, but watched I did. The opening date was January 17 of 2021. For a movie from 1995. It had some eerie predictions of 2021 there was a worldwide pandemic occurring, people suffered information overload from the internet and corporations reigned supreme. The stuff that got wrong is just quaint and amusing. Well, the movie is just bad. I mean, isn't bad. And I put a video in here, the black shakes. Let's go and watch the black shakes, which is what they get when they have too much technology. And it's got Henry Rollins in a very Henry Rollins role. He was just

Brian Schulmeister 1:17:16
big, there's nothing more 90s than Henry Rollins.

Jason DeFillippo 1:17:19
I know. I know. And Henry Rollins being a scientist, it's just even funnier.

Brian Schulmeister 1:17:24
Good stuff. Chris writes in I blame Jason and this is a link from bleeping computer WhatsApp, share your data with Facebook or delete your account. After WhatsApp updated his privacy, privacy policy and Terms of Service on Monday with additional info on how it handles user's data. Basically, good luck. The company is now notifying users through the mobile app that starting February they will be required to share their data with Facebook from the article Facebook said respect for your privacy is coded into our DNA. And he says I personally blame Jason for this because it's obvious Zach listens to the show. Follow Jason's recommendation to watch the human nature CRISPR doc has successfully edited out the pesky privacy shit from the Facebook's genome. So if you very much Mr. defilippo. For God's sake, please don't share any history editing tools with the tool.

Jason DeFillippo 1:18:10
Okay. Well, actually, Brian, you're the one that did the CRISPR doc recommendation I believe true. Yep. So So I guess it's my fault. Yeah, it's all your fault. Okay. Greg said Did you see the way mo news? self driving pioneer way Moe dumps the term self driving now they're going with fully autonomous six of one half dozen that the other tomato tomahto does it really fucking matter?

Brian Schulmeister 1:18:35
Oh, yes. This is an argument that I make on this show all the time. words do matter. And I'm actually very impressed that this came out of waymo they said this is more than just a branding or linguistic exercise way, moe said in a blog post. published on Wednesday, precision and language matters and could save lives. Yes, it does. Thank you.

Jason DeFillippo 1:18:55
I remember because the technology work is no

Brian Schulmeister 1:18:57
I mean, I don't care about that. I'm just talking about English right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:01

Brian Schulmeister 1:19:03
Tim writes a little outside your wheelhouse but fun nonetheless. And this is from Guitar World calm and yes, this made the rounds with all my musician friends pretty quickly and it is hilarious. Conspiracy theorists share schematic for 5g clip chip that they claim is implanted in COVID-19 vaccines only it's actually for the boss metal zone, a guitar pedal. And it's very fucking funny.

Jason DeFillippo 1:19:28
Sadly, we have no iTunes reviews get on it. So if you want your question or comment read on the show, head on over to Gog dot show slash contact and send us your feedback or questions that we can read on the air. And please head over to Gog dot show slash review and toss us a five star and snarky review we miss you guys been slacking slacking, I tell you slacking.

Brian Schulmeister 1:19:51
And a big shout out to the Hall of Fame Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda mainstay in Los Angeles celebrity around town who passed away at 93 sad news. He was amazing.

Jason DeFillippo 1:20:03
All right in hat tip to our friend mckaela over on discord for keeping the show running over there. We really appreciate all the work that you do for us.

Brian Schulmeister 1:20:11
Yeah, thank you so much for that. And rest in peace, peaceful transition of power. Even with Nixon, you made it 245 years, but I guess we have to reset that sign. Zero years. Oh, well. Until next time, I'm Brian Shaw Meister.

Jason DeFillippo 1:20:27
And I'm Jason defilippo. Thanks for listening to grumpy old geeks. If you like us, please head over to God dot show slash donate to help us out. And if you sign up for Patreon, you do get early releases of the ad free version of the show. We will love you forever. You can go over to Gog dot show slash shop and pick up some swag when we can get it working. It's stuff up there, but I just I fear every time I try and get something approved. Now. Take this down again. If you can't do any of that, just pass the show along to a friend really word of mouth keeps us growing and we really appreciate it. Show Notes for this episode. All right Gog dot show slash 491. From there you can find links to old episodes leave feedback, ask questions, donate to the show. Buy our swag and get links to stuff we like a noodle never said visibility to zero. Stay grumpy 70

Unknown Speaker 1:21:17
Yes Right. Yeah, the black shake a cat the people on the planet. Let me tell you something, so you get this straight. It's not my work that got this way my work is clean. sighs you don't get this shit, ma'am. Jobs this system myth. So what does cause what causes it? The world causes it. This causes it. This causes it. This causes it information overload on electronics around you poisoning the airwaves, technological fucking civilization, but we still have all this shit. Because we can't live without it. Let me do my work.

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