Welcome back to paradise; Bye, Loon; Instacart layoffs; pay for pardons; India proposes banning Bitcoin; Apple & Facebook face-off on privacy; revisiting Covid corner; Facebook Oversight Board makes first rulings; Robin Hood, Game Stop & the stock market; Night Stalker; Tiger; Ten Little Things; Tenet; Mulan; Alto’s Adventure; Apple magnets, facemask unlocking & privacy labels; Microsoft’s new, improved, less racist chatbot patent; Thousand Bike Helmets; the Stand; Ministry for the Future; Ring cameras in my window; Lyft’s poverty mode; Let It Go; feedback.

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Show Notes


Bye Bye Project Loon

Instacart Will Lay Off All of Its Unionized Workers

Former Google engineer Anthony Levandowski among list of last-minute Trump pardons

Spin will test scooters with remote parking capabilities this spring

India will propose a law banning private cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin


Apple CEO sounds warning of algorithms pushing society towards catastrophe

Facebook and Apple Are Beefing Over the Future of the Internet

The Pandemic Has Erased Entire Categories of Friendship

Football Matches Have Less Conflict Without Crowds, Study Suggests

A big hurdle for older Americans trying to get vaccinated: Using the internet

The Independent Facebook Oversight Board Has Made Its First Rulings

You can now give Facebook’s Oversight Board feedback on the decision to suspend Trump

What’s Going On With GameStop, r/WallStreetBets And The Stock Market?

Could meme stocks like GameStop kill bitcoin’s rise?

‘Dumb Money’ Is on GameStop, and It’s Beating Wall Street at Its Own Game

A Fight Over GameStop’s Soaring Stock Turns Ugly

The complete moron’s guide to GameStop’s stock roller coaster

Mechantronics and Robotics – A career for your future


Netflix’s ‘Sandman’ Cast Revealed: Tom Sturridge, Gwendoline Christie to Star

Night Stalker


The Expanse

The Little Things



Newly Released Footage of a 2007 Daft Punk Concert


Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Odyssey

Apple Elaborates on Potential for iPhone 12 and MagSafe Accessories to Interfere With Implantable Medical Devices

iOS 14.5 will let Apple Watch owners unlock iPhones while wearing a mask

Microsoft has patented a chatbot that could imitate a deceased loved one, celebrity, or fictional character

How long will it take to make dearly departed Grandma a raging racist inferno?

Gemini 2

Change Case

Apple’s new celebrity-guided walking tours on Fitness Plus are Watch-only immersive podcasts

Time to Walk: An inspiring audio walking experience comes to Apple Fitness+

All-new Echo (4th Gen) | With premium sound, smart home hub, and Alexa | Charcoal

Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device with Alexa Voice Remote | Dolby Vision

Thousand Bike Helmets

203 How To Be A Bootstrap Entrepreneur On A Mission w/ Thousand Helmets CEO Gloria Hwang


The Stand

Vorkosigan Wiki – Flimsy

Calling Bullshit: The Art of Skepticism in a Data-Driven World By: Carl T. Bergstrom , Jevin D. West

The Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson

China launched its national carbon trading market yesterday


The CyberWire

Dave Bittner

Hacking Humans


Amazon’s Ring has teamed up with over 2,000 police and fire departments

Home security technician admits hacking customers’ security cameras

Michigan State Police Officials Are Dodging Public Records Obligations By Using Encrypted Messaging Apps

Facebook Ad Services Let Anyone Target US Military Personnel


A wristband that tells your boss if you are unhappy

Interface by Neal Stephenson and J. Frederick George

Drone Swarms Are Getting Too Fast For Humans To Fight, U.S. General Warns

2020 Game

Joe Biden International Airport

Lyft test program offers drivers more rides in exchange for 10% pay cut

Has science solved one of history’s greatest adventure mysteries?

I checked Apple’s new privacy ‘nutrition labels.’ Many were false.

Hey Duggee: how a cult CBeebies show became the surprise TV smash of lockdown

Canadian CEO resigns after flying to remote region to get vaccine

OPINION: Here’s how those millionaires managed to skip the vaccination line

Dublin woman sues Facebook over her account being hacked


When Adobe Stopped Flash Content From Running It Also Stopped A Chinese Railroad


Robert Fogarty 0:02
Grumpy old geeks. A weekly talk show hosted by Brian Schulmeister and Jason DeFilippo. Discussing the finer points of what went wrong on the internet and who's to blame.

Jason DeFillippo 0:16
Welcome to grumpy old geeks. I'm Jason DeFilippo.

Brian Schulmeister 0:18
Man I'm Brian Schulmeister.

Jason DeFillippo 0:20
Welcome back, Brian to the United States.

Brian Schulmeister 0:23
I'm back in paradise where crazy old right wing and anti vaxxers have stopped all the vaccinations at Dodger Stadium.

Jason DeFillippo 0:30
He wanted to come home man,

Brian Schulmeister 0:31
I really put all my stuff is here and I've got to work on that. Yeah, it's um, what what a difference, America. I'm in COVID land here. And the only reason I were actually still in quarantine were quarantining for two more days because our wonderful Mayor decided to impose a 10 day quarantine on people returning to Los Angeles and tell no one about it. Okay, the only the only reason I know is we googled like, what are the restrictions coming back and all that sort of stuff. And we found it. There was a small sign near the luggage area. Okay, when coming into la acts that you could scan a QR code to learn information about the quarantine rules coming into Los Angeles that everybody just walked past? Yep, yep. So there's, there's there's an app apparently, but it didn't work very well. We we've my wife signed in some sort of form on online, letting them know that we're here and what our addresses there's been zero follow up from any ones.

Jason DeFillippo 1:33
Of course, no, there are no rules. There are no rules.

Brian Schulmeister 1:36
Yes. I have noticed that. I kind of we broke some of the rules. I dared to go out for a walk. Very few masks. Still. Some people are double masking. The other people are not wearing anything. We are doomed.

Jason DeFillippo 1:50
Of course. No, no, no, you You have no idea how bad has been here. And now that now that because our governor is you know, getting recalled. He decided to just open up outdoor dining again. Because why not? Oh, that's why because he's getting sued. Anyway. So we you know, the rules here are, you know, eight feet apart the tables eight feet apart. And you can't commingle households?

Brian Schulmeister 2:14
Who's who's checking who's enforcing?

Jason DeFillippo 2:15
Absolutely no.

Brian Schulmeister 2:17
Are the waitresses supposed to come over and say, Do you all live in the same house? What's the deal?

Jason DeFillippo 2:21
How does your papers show me on paper? Because if you drive down Ventura Boulevard, it is just tons of families all getting together saying Fuck it. We're screwed. We are screwed. You should leave as soon as you possibly can.

Brian Schulmeister 2:35
Yeah, well. Yeah. The problem is, you know, as there's a better chance of us getting the vaccines earlier here than in Canada, because

Jason DeFillippo 2:45
we're gonna talk about that soon. Okay, yeah. So let's move on. Because all of this COVID talk is going to lead into the technology side at some point here, because you just described that you must be tech savvy to even find out what the rules are when you came into the airport. Yes. And we'll talk about some more stuff very, very shortly. But I do have a couple of bits of follow up from when we were gone. Okay. Project Loon is now toast.

Brian Schulmeister 3:08
Okay. Is it because we talked about it a couple weeks ago, so therefore it must die? I don't know.

Jason DeFillippo 3:13
It was very slow, too heavy. We've been talking about it for a long time. But I don't think that God curse God Project Loon. I think technology has advanced Far, far more than

Brian Schulmeister 3:24
Well, they thought the very first time we talked about it. We said it was a bit loony air balloons. But

Jason DeFillippo 3:29
yes. And since that, since the project started 75% of the world had internet access. So they were trying to get the last 25% Well, since then, 93% of the world is now online. And the other 7% are like we don't give a shit.

Brian Schulmeister 3:46
So, yeah, the other 7% are like privileged, rich people that have opted out.

Jason DeFillippo 3:53
They're all in their bunkers in New Zealand, telling their kids to read books. That's right. So yes, Project Loon is gone. Okay. And we've also talked to we all get at ad nauseum talking about the gig economy. Now instacart is laying off a ton of people. Here's the long and the short of it. And the headline is they're saying it's because it's the unionized workers are getting laid off, right? Yeah. Well, it just turns out, a lot of people are getting laid off because grocery stores have finally come to the realization that they're not making any money when they use the services and they could hire people themselves. Exactly. We've got staff, we've got infrastructure, so they're just they're building it out themselves and saying, screw you, instacart. And pretty soon, well, doordash is actually probably the best position to to, you know, go through this because they white label their their delivery technology. So you know, you can use the doordash infrastructure to get your deliveries and use your own staff. instacart on the other hand, yeah, who cares? Anthony levandowski one of our favorite people that we love to hate. He got one of Donald Trump's golden pardons amazing You know why? Because you could afford it. Yes. The Spartans were going for about 2 million bucks a pop and he got it. That's why Tiger King did not it's not because you're gay man. It's because you have no cash. Yeah, that's, that's it. And I was going through my old domains. And I found something I registered about 20 years ago. And it was a site called visibility zero.com. That's how long ago we knew that everything, never nothing gets deleted. It's all just visibility set to zero. The funny part about it is whoever owns it now, because I let it drop was like five grand for it. Good luck. Good

Brian Schulmeister 5:38
luck with that. Yep. Yeah, we haven't talked about scooters in a while. And I saw that a new company is in the news or not that new they've been around, but they're called spin. And they have realized that one of the problems is that these stupid scooters clog up sidewalks. So really good. Yeah, they want to use machine learning to create what they call their valet technology, which will have remote operators, which doesn't make sense about the machine learning part re parking the scooters with the help of front and rear facing cameras. So they're gonna throw cameras on the bikes which will probably get beat off pretty quickly. And then they're gonna go ahead and park them for us.

Jason DeFillippo 6:16
Okay, so where's where's the AI here? Because learning the why cuz

Brian Schulmeister 6:21
you have to throw machine learning into any press release to get money. So the hope is eventually these will be taken over by machine learning. But in the meantime, when children are walking down sidewalks and you have to go across streets and you don't want to bang into somebody's expensive Tesla, we're gonna have real people do it.

Jason DeFillippo 6:37
Okay. This is what it's come to. This is what it's come do.

Brian Schulmeister 6:43
They had a little Bitcoin follow up as well, India is going to propose a law banning private cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, instead saying use our own government backed one, which is something we've been saying since day one,

Jason DeFillippo 6:55
but they they kind of know how Bitcoin, the internet and all that stuff works, right? You don't really plan on banning it. That's what they

Brian Schulmeister 7:04
can ban it, they get well, okay, no, you can probably never truly ban Bitcoin. But what they can do is that they certainly can block all of the all of the cryptocurrency, things like coin base and things like that they can make sure none of those apps work in their country. So they can make it difficult for people to use Bitcoin.

Jason DeFillippo 7:22
Yeah. Okay. But you can still Yeah, make it difficult, but it is still possible to use.

Brian Schulmeister 7:27
Yes, coin. But as we've been saying all along, there's no government in the world that wants this. They want back systems. And that is what India is going to try to do. And this is just one of three stories I have in the show notes today that tie directly in with the book. I just finished reading the ministry for the future. Okay, we'll talk about later.

Jason DeFillippo 7:45
All right, I was going to do a do a pimp for Gog dot show slash VPN for the people in India to get their their VPN on. But people in India can't listen to our show. So there you go. They can ban us. They can't ban Bitcoin.

Unknown Speaker 8:03
In the US.

Jason DeFillippo 8:10
Okay, dicks around the table. Now. Everybody's going hog wild. And not for hams hog. This is Tim Cook's hog. This time. There is a there's a storm of brewing between apple and Facebook. Big time. And I'm just going to sit back and watch because it's kind of fun.

Brian Schulmeister 8:30
I did see that Facebook is going to ask iOS users on their next update to allow them to track you please. Yeah, before you install the update,

Jason DeFillippo 8:40
dems the rules, baby. Yeah, so this comes down to the the privacy, you know, health card that is going around with what your app does and how you have to display it on the App Store. Because Tim thinks everybody should know who's tracking them. when, where and why and how. And, you know, the duck said, Well, we don't like that very much. Because we don't want

Brian Schulmeister 9:02
people to be that aware.

Jason DeFillippo 9:04
Exactly. What here's the here's the thing that mark doesn't understand. Nobody gives shit. Nobody gives a shit. This is all a tempest in a teapot and you're making it a bigger deal. This is the what the Barbra Streisand syndrome,

Brian Schulmeister 9:17
you know who actually looks at the privacy cards, tech journalists.

Jason DeFillippo 9:21
That's it.

Brian Schulmeister 9:23
So they can write stories about it. That's it.

Jason DeFillippo 9:25
Yeah. Can we make a story out of this, please, please, please. So this will be a fun one to just kick back and watch. watch billionaires squabble at each other and a little bitch fight.

Brian Schulmeister 9:34
Maybe something good will come out of it. Maybe we'll eke it back a little bit of privacy. You know,

Jason DeFillippo 9:39
Tim could always just ban Facebook.

Brian Schulmeister 9:44
That'd be awesome.

Jason DeFillippo 9:45
He could throw down the Trump gauntlet and say, You know what? No more Facebook on our website. It's too hateful. It's too hateful. Hey, parlor can go so can Facebook because they are technically just about the same damn thing.

Brian Schulmeister 9:57
That's true. That is true. So Let's go back into our little COVID corner for a brief second here, I found a few interesting articles, it's obviously been on my mind as I've switched countries and kind of seen what's happening here and how bad it is

Jason DeFillippo 10:10
COVID on my mind is the worst cover selling ever.

Brian Schulmeister 10:14
My Corona is, Oh, God, that

Jason DeFillippo 10:17
one again. There you go,

Brian Schulmeister 10:19
I found a really interesting article over on the Atlantic and I realized, now that we're almost a year into this, how much I've actually missed a whole class of people. The article is called the pandemic has erased entire categories of friendship. And obviously, you know, I've managed to stay in touch with close friends with zoom calls, and lots of texting and all that sort of shit. And, but the this article is really interesting in that, you know, friends of friends, you know, my, my really good friends, I would go and meet at the pub, and then I would hang out with their friends, but I'm not really good friends with them, but I miss seeing them. coworkers, I you and I don't have that situation. But life has talked about this, you know, yeah, you know, just, there's no, we don't have a word for it in English, other languages do and they get into that in this article about people that are acquaintances, but close enough that we almost have to call them friends in English that we do not see, we're not close enough to them to say maybe do zoom calls or FaceTime, or meet up for socially distance walk with them. I think about all the bartenders that I know, like, I don't see them, like I really have to go out of my way. And there's just all these people that were part of the fabric of our daily lives that we have not seen for almost a year now. And that's so weird thing.

Jason DeFillippo 11:34
It's killing me too, because a friend of a friend, your friend, Brian, who is you know, I was becoming friends with and we were gonna start hanging out because he moved literally a couple blocks from me, across the street for me, we see each other all the time and we wave but we can't get together and hang out. Right? And now he's like, got a big smoker, and he's cooking barbecue. And I'm like, this really sucks. I want to go hang out with Brian. And I, you know, want him to come over here and hang out in the studio and have some fun times, you know, and it's like, Damn, this sucks.

Brian Schulmeister 12:06
Yeah, yeah. So I just thought that was a really interesting article. One, maybe plus here I saw as well. And this is a this is obviously talking about European football, not American football. Football matches have less conflict without crowds. So as we've known they've, they've been doing these things called ghost games, where there's basically no fans or a very severe limit to the amount of fans that are allowed at matches. And a Dr. Michael lightner, at the University of Salzburg, watched videos of 10 ghost games played by an Austrian team FC Red Bull Salzburg, who have won the Austrian Bundesliga two years in a row, both pre pandemic and during the pandemic. And he studied the games between the differences between having full crowds and having no crowds or very small crowds. And he found out that there were 19.5% fewer emotional situations without fans present. So basically, less arguments less less, fights less all of that. referees were involved in almost 40% of the events that he tracked without crowds, this fell to 25%. There were also slightly fewer fouls substantially fewer yellow and red cards awarded. And on the other hand, there was an increase in examples of good sportsmanship or what we're calling good sports person chip now because don't get politically correct, such as helping up an opponent. So apparently not having people in the crowds makes the players nicer people. Yeah, because

Jason DeFillippo 13:31
crowds are awful. Yes. That's pretty much what we could. Yeah. Okay. But isn't that part of the fun? Yes. Is it? Of course it is. Like, okay, you have now taken all the fun out of football. Come on.

Brian Schulmeister 13:46
Yeah. So there you go. And what I was talking about two weeks ago, which when I was talking about getting my mom signed up to get her first shot when she gone, she's due for a second shot pretty soon. But, you know, here's an article saying exactly what I said, a big hurdle for older Americans trying to get vaccinated using the internet. It's difficult. You have to download apps, or you have to go to websites. And you think, oh, surely people over 65. Some of them know how to do that. Now they've been around enough. Well, what about if you get a 404? error? Or what about if the link is wrong? Are they tech savvy enough to know, okay, well, I just take off this bit of the URL, and I can go straight to the homepage, and then I can click my way through there to find the form. No, they don't, not, not very few of them have computer skills to that level. Hell, very few people my age have computer skills to that level.

Jason DeFillippo 14:38
So this is the the next part of the technology of COVID that we're going to talk about for sure. Because since you went through that I've been going through that with my roommate trying to get her 92 year old mother vaccinated, which is going to happen in 29 minutes, actually. And here's how we had to do it. She had to go to a store that she rarely goes to run into a friend that she kind of knows here and there, get into conversation about their parents and who's getting vaccinated and who's not. And find out from that friend that, oh, Albertsons, the grocery store has vaccines going on right now. And she just got her parents vaccinated it Albertsons, okay. So, then you have to come home, find the Albertsons website that is not publicly available through a series of incantations, chicken killings, and Google searches, to get to the Albertsons website to the part where you can do it go through pages and pages of signing up, printing documents, all of this crap before you can get an appointment. And then once you get through that, then you can get an appointment and go in. That's how it works nowadays.

Brian Schulmeister 15:46
Yeah, it's it's a little bit crazy if you do not, and people are just like, Why? Why aren't all these people going and getting their vaccinations? Why? Why are there empty appointments all the time? Because it's hard, because you start really hard with the highest age range, and this stuff is hard for us. Yeah, it's like, I can't even tell you, we were reloading, reloading, reloading to get an appointment. And I'm older people aren't going to think to do that aren't going to spend the time doing that they're going to look at the site, if they can even get that far. And if it says no appointments are available, they're just gonna walk away.

Jason DeFillippo 16:17
Yep. And the funny part is, on that same website, it said no appointments available at the Albertsons, and but if you went to the Albertsons website, there were appointments available. So these as, as we've talked about, before, many millions of times, government websites are fucking terrible, the infrastructure to have all of the API's talking to each other and keep together in real time. So everybody's updated, and everybody knows where you can go when you can go, how you can go is just garbage. It is absolute garbage. I mean, it's 2020. You know, come on, it's a fucking website. You can't figure this shit out by now. So yes, the technology behind it is it's a pourraient. Just non existent even

Brian Schulmeister 17:03
should have gone to a ticketing agency. They know

Jason DeFillippo 17:06
Ticketmaster would have at least got this shit done. cost you an arm and leg

Brian Schulmeister 17:10
service fees.

Jason DeFillippo 17:11

Brian Schulmeister 17:13
And you would have gotten like a free Pearl Jam album. But there you go.

Jason DeFillippo 17:16
Whoo. You need want to kill yourself, please. Can I have COVID instead? Alright,

Brian Schulmeister 17:21
so let's get back a little bit to technology news. The Independent Facebook Oversight Board has made its first rulings there were more than 150,000 cases submitted six were chosen. Six. The cases were emblematic of bigger thematic issues and content moderation such as censorship of hate speech, female nudity and COVID-19. misinformation. Five decisions were released today of the six from the 150,000 that were submitted. Glad these guys are working hard. According to the board, the cases were debated by five panel members, each of which included a representative from the place where the posting question was written. The panel sometimes requested public comments and integrated them into their decision before finalizing a decision, a majority of the board had to agree. Now here's where it gets interesting. Michael McConnell, who is director of Constitutional Law Center at Stanford Law School said he agreed to join the board because it recently dawned on him that, and I quote, the real decisions about what people can say and how they say it in our world are no longer based on Supreme Court decisions, but by companies like Facebook instead,

Jason DeFillippo 18:26
there's a chilling status if I've ever Yes,

Brian Schulmeister 18:28
that's the big takeaway from this story. Let's get on to the rulings. The five rulings shared Thursday, are detailed in the link in our show notes for we're in favor of overturning Facebook's original decision to remove a post. So it seems the boards are basically saying we're going for free speech here. For the most part. A lot of them were obviously four out of the five. That's quite a lot. Next up on the agenda is its biggest case to date. Should Donald Trump be allowed back on Facebook? You know, they're going to say yes, judging on their current decision so far on the left side, there won't be a conclusion revealed for more than 80 days. So enjoy your 80 days of peace.

Jason DeFillippo 19:06
Yes. And I have a link to a TechCrunch article on how you can go give feedback to Facebook's oversight board. And the really chilling thing is that Michael McConnell from Stanford Law, he used to be a judge, a federal judge. Yes, he's just like, man, I give up. I'm going to Facebook to try and make some change from the inside. And, of course, Robin Hood's in the news. That's all that's in the news. I I didn't even want to talk about this because I mean, I'm gonna leave a bunch of links here, but there. This is like one of those things where I like half of me is just like, TV. This is funny.

Brian Schulmeister 19:42
It's fun to watch. Here's the thing though, if you break the system, you're gonna kill your mom and dad's retirement.

Jason DeFillippo 19:49
That's the other side. That's the Oh fuck. There's the TV. This is fun and the Yes Ah shit.

Brian Schulmeister 19:55
Look, I have no sympathy for the hedge funds. I think hedge fund trading is gone. completely bonkers and way out of proportion to what it should be. I've read some articles saying that hedge funds actually do serve a useful purpose in terms of keeping prices on on on companies that have gone wildly overvalued in check. I can understand that. I understand the anger. I understand the joy and pleasure of what they did. I think it's fine. They did not break any rules. They broke if they did break a rule they've been breaking the same rules that the big guys have been breaking for a long time to game astok the game too strong and good for them. That's awesome. The idea that they want to take down all of Wall Street I don't think you want us to do that.

Jason DeFillippo 20:41
No, that's a bad idea. That

Brian Schulmeister 20:42
would be bad.

Let's destroy money as we know it. No, thank you. Yeah,

Jason DeFillippo 20:48
the law of unintended consequences there would be very

Brian Schulmeister 20:52
bad and unfortunately it's it's a it's it's these people that don't really know what they're doing they're gonna be caught holding the back. Eventually the stock will crash and a lot of people will the smarter people on the smarter redditors are probably already selling and getting out now and making a lot of money

Jason DeFillippo 21:09
there they're gone out they've pulled this out already so it's

Brian Schulmeister 21:12
gonna be the the poor saps that wanted to get in on a good thing and maybe even have a real philosophical like, fuck these guys. I'm sticking in it for the long haul. You're gonna lose all your money. So sorry.

Jason DeFillippo 21:25
Yeah, that's that's that's how that works. Yeah. When it when it when the readjustment comes.

Brian Schulmeister 21:31
Stay away for you readjusted.

Jason DeFillippo 21:33
Yeah, stay away from the Windows is all I gotta say. Yeah. And I've been saying this for eight years now. driverless cars and robots will need maintenance. And we're all going to be robot mechanics in the future. And now Amazon, Amazon is finally bringing it home. They have a page called mechatronics. And robotics a career for your future that reads like something straight out of Starship Troopers. Almost. they've committed $700 million to retrain 100,000 employees by 2025. So you can go sign up now. If you want to be a robot mechanic.

Brian Schulmeister 22:08
I swear to God, if I were 10 years younger, I'd be signing up for this. Absolutely. I really would be if you're in your 30s right now and you're working in tech. go sign up for this.

Jason DeFillippo 22:17
Yeah, that's it. That's what you need to do. Oh, the future is great.

Brian Schulmeister 22:23
It's exactly dystopian.

Jason DeFillippo 22:25
Exactly what we've got jam die. We've been on the air media Academy. Well, in fun news, Netflix is Sandman cast has been revealed. And I gotta say I am pretty okay with the entire casting decision so far. All right.

Brian Schulmeister 22:54
Yeah. Good to see Gwendolyn Christie getting work. I enjoyed her in Game of Thrones.

Jason DeFillippo 22:58
Yes, fantastic. I don't know who's Tom Sturridge is but he's got the look. So Andy's British so hopefully he can pull it off. Well, I'm guessing

Brian Schulmeister 23:07
in that fucking song all day. You've got the look. That was rock sad, right? gwendoline Christie could play rock set. And if there was a rock that documentary,

Jason DeFillippo 23:16
make it happen. People make it happen. And I don't know if you got this email, but I got it. And it said you're getting 499 a month in credit from Apple TV plus through June.

Brian Schulmeister 23:25
I did not because I cancelled my Apple TV plus, because it was coming up for renewal and we switch to my wife's because hers came in later. And she's got it for longer. So she got it.

Jason DeFillippo 23:36
Yeah, I've got to say it all. It basically just says we're applying for 99 and credit to your Apple ID each month you're subscribed from February through June to keep enjoying Apple original shows and movies. That's it no further action is required. Well,

Brian Schulmeister 23:49
there is a further action required. I'd have to enjoy an apple original show or movie.

Jason DeFillippo 23:53
There is the there's that's the only thing they're they're trying to keep you hooked until Ted Lascaux comes back. So write a little follow up on Greenland. I did finally finish the movie. Do not bother, okay. bad ending, not on it. Do not be on it. I did watch the nightstalker on Netflix. It was a good documentary. The only downside of it is they did not go into the abuse that he had as a child that basically turned him into a manufactured psychopath. I would have really liked to have seen that because, you know, that's that there's a lot of science behind why he became who he was and what he did what he did. And I would have liked to have seen that in the documentary. But otherwise, it was a pretty good documentary on the stuff that happened.

Brian Schulmeister 24:40
Not for me. I don't like these sorts of things. Anyways, and I grew up here and I remember vividly the terror that everybody felt here.

Jason DeFillippo 24:48
No, I'm sure. Yeah. So I watched Tiger on HBO max. No, skip it. Okay. Yeah. But it was one of those things where if it was just his career, I'd have been fine with it. But then they got into all of the Rachel, you could tell shit who was a garbage person and all the other people behind it. And don't I, I'm not a fan of that part of it. It was good to see his career and what he did, how he came back and all the other stuff. It was it was a really interesting thing. And you know, terrible father just beat the you know, just yeah, golf into this kid from day one very Jackson esque, you know? Right. But I mean, the golf part was was actually quite fascinating. In the expanse, we've got one to go. One to go.

Brian Schulmeister 25:32
I can't believe it's almost done. What do you think of this season so

Jason DeFillippo 25:35
far? No, can't say not enough.

Brian Schulmeister 25:38
Not enough not pushing. The fact that there's only one episode left and I feel like nothing's really happened is kind of a bummer.

Jason DeFillippo 25:45
That is it. That is a huge bummer. And they've only got one more season in the contract for Amazon so it'll get renewed. You think so? Yeah. Okay. Well, that mean God they keep making the grand tour. So there's a very low bar to be had here. But yeah, this season has been just a snore fest.

Brian Schulmeister 26:03
Yeah, it really Nothing's going on.

Jason DeFillippo 26:05
Yeah, speaking of nothing going on the little things also on HBO max came out. This week one of those big movies that you know, they were supposed to be in the theaters. It was a simultaneous release, HBO Max and in the theaters. Wow. 75% of that movie was somewhat interesting in the last 25% also garbage Yeah, Rotten Tomatoes will back me up on this one. They're like 46%

Brian Schulmeister 26:28
Yep. And of course the movie that was supposed to save cinema from COVID that you've already seen and hated Tennant. I watched that on the plane. Wow. No real story to speak of. I suppose we're supposed to be impressed by the cinematography of things moving forward and backward at the same time on the screen. You can see that on Tick Tock who gives a fuck?

Jason DeFillippo 26:55
It's got better

Brian Schulmeister 26:55
plotlines on Tic Tac do exactly like people have figured out this technology and these tricks? Sure. Not as wonderful and 40 millimeter whatever, but who gives a shit? God that was a waste of time. Yep. Yeah, I did watch Milan though. Also on the plane and that was delightful. Really? Yeah. I really enjoyed it.

Jason DeFillippo 27:16
Alright, okay. Not up my alley, but okay, and I saw this one this morning. I thought of you and then me because I want to see this newly released footage of a 2007 Daft Punk concert in Chicago. And this one is Grant Park and I watched a bit of it this morning I'm going to put this on in the background while I'm working today because

Brian Schulmeister 27:38
2007 was peak Daft Punk for me like I know they they got bigger because they got you know pop after this but yes, was as good as it got and the concerts in this era. I saw them they did. Well, they did la but obviously I saw them in LA but they also they played the dance tent. They closed out the dance tent at Coachella. This is before Coachella jumped the shark for this year as well. And it was one of the best shows I've ever seen in my entire life.

Jason DeFillippo 28:01
Wow. Yeah, I've never seen them so I'm gonna watch this and enjoy the enjoyment from the the salad days. And it's funny because they did it in Grant Park. And the last time I was in Grant Park to see a concert was in 1995 on June 29th, where I saw the village people. Wow. Yep. The last time I saw a concert in Grant Park, and it had to be the village people but I gotta say they were pretty damn good.

Brian Schulmeister 28:27
I'm sure Donald Trump was there apparently is a big fan. Tried to play their music all the time.

Jason DeFillippo 28:32
He played him on his way out the door.

Unknown Speaker 28:36
cups and Duda

Jason DeFillippo 28:39
quit Clash Royale one month check in. I signed off a month ago. And I'm not going back. clan. You know the clan still there. If you want to go join and play. I'm sure there's still a few people left. But they screwed up the game mechanics to the point where it was just no fun anymore. So just been kicking it with alto with altos adventure and altos Odyssey. I'm level 49 and altos Odyssey and level 60 and altos adventure trying to get to the end, but they're very Zen you can just play that game put some headphones on the music's great. The visuals are great, and it's just a little physics game that is really fun. I highly recommend it. And

Brian Schulmeister 29:21
then my position in gaming is I think I'm one month out from being reminded every five minutes by my iPhone that I have a free year of the iPhone gaming thing if I want it and I just every single day.

Jason DeFillippo 29:32
It's funny, I've got that too. And I went and I installed like two games and haven't played a single because I get it I also get it with my like my super Apple program that I get. Right. So, but a little more Apple news here. Apple has said that oh go figure here. If you have a pacemaker don't put a giant magnet next to it.

Brian Schulmeister 29:53
That makes sense. Yeah,

Jason DeFillippo 29:54
yeah, there's a pretty people were making a big deal about this that you know the magsafe system. In the iPhone 12 could affect a pacemaker because it's a big magnet. Well, I'm pretty sure people who have pacemakers already know not to put big magnets next to it because death. But yeah, this is for those people who didn't get the memo. And the new version of iOS 14.5, which will come out probably in a month or so. will let us unlock our iPhones while wearing a mask as long as we're wearing our Apple Watch. Okay, could you use that? I don't know a year ago,

Brian Schulmeister 30:31
just in time for to get for me to get my vaccines. Exactly.

Jason DeFillippo 30:36
And Barrett had sent this one into us, Microsoft is patented a chatbot that could imitate deceased loved ones celebrities or fictional characters. Well, great track record of their bots.

Brian Schulmeister 30:49
What was it? It was a three days?

Jason DeFillippo 30:51
No, I was like, 17 minutes before the one became racist

Brian Schulmeister 30:54
before it became a raging racist?

Jason DeFillippo 30:57
Yes. Oh, good.

Brian Schulmeister 30:59
Well, a lot of people's grandmas are racist. So

Jason DeFillippo 31:02
that's true. That's true. Not too far to go. No, that that one actually might work. That's my solid product. And I've been using Gemini two for Mac PA. Have you ever heard of this one?

Brian Schulmeister 31:15
I have.

Jason DeFillippo 31:17
Yeah. It basically it lets you locate and remove duplicate files, even if they're in remote corners of your system. Gemini two scans your whole disk speed of light, fast, no matter how massive it is. Now, I want to I want to take a break here and say, let's be a little honest here. Speed of light, fast. May be an alternate virture vernor Vinge II universe, you know, where speed of light is not a constant. But yeah, it's slow as fuck, but it does get the job done. I've been trying to get through all my old hard drives that have all these like, you know, okay, backup from this computer backup from that computer. And they're all the same shit. Just, you know, hacked up multiple times? Yes. Yeah, I have pulled out 600 gigabytes so far, I probably have a lot more to go. But it's nice to be able to know that, you know, you're finally getting close to having a clean, right? Maybe it as I'm deleting all this stuff. I'm like, why don't I just delete it all? Because

Brian Schulmeister 32:14
that's, I mean, I have so many backups of like, you know, 20 years of work and stuff like that. And they're all on CD ROM, and they're probably all not readable anymore. And I don't care.

Jason DeFillippo 32:23
Yeah, long time ago, my, my CD ROMs were dying. So I just did disk images of them. Right. And there was a, there was some kind of Unix merge. It was like, like os 10, like, point one or something, you know. So I'm ripping them. And the visibility bit was set to zero for a lot of them. So I'd have to go manually into the folder in a command line, and type mkdir and doing like a blank folder. You couldn't make it on the in the Finder. But if you did make there and then created a folder, right, then all the files would pop up. And I'm like, do I really, really? If I have the source code to a website that I did for a client 25 years ago? No, I don't think all those are going away. You can probably recycle those CDs now. Because

Brian Schulmeister 33:14
Yeah, they're hard even know where they are. To be honest. It's just gone. That's fine.

Jason DeFillippo 33:19
I did find a cool Google Chrome extension that works with the brave browser called change case. Okay. And it lets you in line change things to you know, different cases, small caps, get title title captures the one that I want. So right, you can easily do that instead of having to go to a website and pop it in. But I The thing about it is I don't know which version of title case they're using. I use an AP or this one. Not like I really give a shit. Which one, it gives me title case I'm done. Right? And it's free. And real quick here, back to Apple real quick. I did get this new thing with fitness plus, which I still haven't played with. I haven't done my workouts or anything, because I just don't care anymore. I COVID care about my workouts. This is a new thing on fitness plus where you can add these walking. Basically, kind of like a mini audio book guided walk, right? Yes, yes. And of course they say on CNET Apple's new celebrity guided walking tours on fitness plus our watch only immersive podcasts. Well, no, not a fucking podcast. And the article goes on to explain how these are all podcast like audio experiences to get your fucking shit straight, CNET period. Okay.

Brian Schulmeister 34:39
Well, I took a bunch of my echo products, my Amazon Echo products to Toronto just set them up. So I had to actually come home and then realize, Oh, I no longer have a I don't have music in my bedroom anymore. And I don't have a fire TV stick to do my workouts in my bedroom because I'm still COVID carrying. So I had to order new ones here which is fine because I'm going to need more More in Toronto eventually. So these will get moved with me too. So I ordered the all new echo fourth generation with premium sound smart home hub and Alexa charcoal. Now this is the ball. And I was reading the reviews on it because I kind of wanted the same one that I'd had before, which was the stick, but now they have a ball, whatever. So you have a lady and a ball and that lady to to have a lady and a ball now but the sound on this thing, which was what they were talking about in the reviews, I can confirm this. It is great. It really leaps forward from previous devices, like so much so that I actually even had to be like turn the bass down. It was way too I

Jason DeFillippo 35:38
Who are you? What have you done with Brian?

Brian Schulmeister 35:41
Well, maybe I'll put it back up if I listen to that Daft Punk thing. That Yeah, the sound is phenomenal. It's still mono though, really. But I mean they do some good tricks on it. So I eventually have to get to balls. Put the stick in the middle and take a photo because there you go years old still. And I got the fire TV stick 4k streaming device with Alexa voice remote Dolby Vision.

Jason DeFillippo 36:03
4k stick in the middle of the box, because then you'd like Michelangelo's David, you don't want it you don't want to put that out to the world.

Brian Schulmeister 36:09
Yeah, no, I want to get a version one. Yeah. more accurate representation. I'm just saying. Yeah, it really streamlines setup on these things I've got to say it was it was quick. It was easy. It just pulled in all the settings from the previous ones that I had the one sitting in Toronto, I mean, I plugged it in and, you know, 10 minutes of downloading all the apps, you're done and it's completely set up, which is nice.

Jason DeFillippo 36:32
Cool. Cool. I bought a new bike helmet this week. 2000 bike helmets. I always hate going out on my bike because the helmets are stupid looking. You just look like a twat. Right. I just don't like them. And then I found 1004 through Chris Lochhead. And they're cool looking. They're supremely cool looking. I think, personally, for me. Okay, you know, like, I'm fine.

Brian Schulmeister 37:00
These are what I see. Okay, these are actually probably okay for if you're riding a bike, but these are the douchebag motorcycle helmet guys.

Jason DeFillippo 37:08
They kind of look at Well, yeah, little tiny brain bucket ones. Yep,

Brian Schulmeister 37:11

Jason DeFillippo 37:11
Yeah, I'm riding a bike and I It's fine. It's got the little it's got the sun visor, whatever. But I

Brian Schulmeister 37:16
would argue you're writing a half bike, half motorcycle.

Jason DeFillippo 37:19
Yes, I am. I am. It's basically a good bag. Brian, let's let's be honest, I am full douchebag all the time. Doesn't matter what helmet I'm wearing. I just prefer not to look like one. So I got the Stealth Black monogrammed with my initials because I'm cool that way. But they're 100 bucks. And the other thing is, I got this super swanky, you know, Bluetooth helmet thing. Bluetooth doesn't work on it. Charges can't can't pair it doesn't turn on a piece of garbage. Of course, I threw out the receipt so I can't return it. And I'm just like, Yeah, whatever. I like these helmets. I like the story behind them. There's a new podcast out that I produced for Chris Lochhead called How to be a bootstrap entrepreneur on a mission with 1000 helmet CEO Gloria Wong. Okay. And she's local here in LA and the whole company's here in LA. And it's a good story. It's a really good story. So link to that will be in the show notes. But check them out if you're looking for a bike helmet because I like these better than the other ones. That's just me.

Unknown Speaker 38:26
The library.

Jason DeFillippo 38:30
Brian, I finished the stand.

Brian Schulmeister 38:32
All right. What do you think?

Jason DeFillippo 38:33
Juice was not worth the squeeze on that one? To 48 hours of audio book. And, yeah, yeah, I you know, Stephen King for me. I've said it a few times. I don't think he knows how to stick a landing. He reminds me of the guy on ABC Wide World of Sports with Howard Cosell, the skier at the very beginning, who's coming down the coming down the mountain and then just eat shit and flies through the flags. That's how I feel about every Stephen King ending to all of his novels.

Brian Schulmeister 39:07
Just I enjoyed it. I'm fine with it. I thought it was great.

Jason DeFillippo 39:10
There was an interesting time though, with the audio book because Grover gardener reads the audio book, but he also reads the vorkosigan series. And so I'm listening to this and he's a great, great, you know, reader of audiobooks. But there's a weird thing at the beginning of the book where they're in the compound and, you know, things are going on, and this guy is reading a flimsy. Mm hmm. And I'm like flimsy. I'm like, Am I reading the fucking barcode scan book because flimsy is in the vorkosigan novels are everywhere. That's like their paper. They always hand out flimsy. So I was definitely taken out of the book by the fact that the stand had flimsy keys in them. Okay. That was really weird. It was just a really weird crossover. I did try and watch the first episode of the stand series on CBS last night and no, can't do it. Can't cast it. All around casting is all wrong, which is what you said to

Brian Schulmeister 40:02
Yeah, that's

Jason DeFillippo 40:03
a problem, right? Yeah. And I always thought flag would have black hair, not blonde. So that right there, I'm just like, nope, get watch it. Done. I also don't like that they do that that time jumping thing. It's like I want to see it in order,

Brian Schulmeister 40:17
right? Yeah, man.

Jason DeFillippo 40:19
Yeah, that is just like, man, I can't get it. And I just finished it and I had a bad taste in my mouth from finishing the books.

Brian Schulmeister 40:24
Okay, fair enough.

Jason DeFillippo 40:26
So I had a palate cleanser, palate cleanser. I'm reading calling bullshit the art of skepticism in a data driven world by Carl T. Berg. strim and Kevin D. West. We've talked about these guys before they're college professors who have a class called calling bullshit and you follow them on Twitter. They're awesome but the book so far I'm like, a couple chapters in and I'm laughing my ass off is funny as shit. And they these guys are. These guys are like our spirit animal, for sure.

Brian Schulmeister 40:54
Excellent. I've finished a book and I'll get to that in a second. But I'm also on a on a bit of a cleanser from it. I'm halfway through the the latest Baba verse book, which finally came out on Kindle. And they've been slow going at first, but I'm halfway in and now it's just a fun roller coaster. And I'm really enjoying it. And I desperately needed that kind of silly humor book after reading the ministry for the future by Kim Stanley Robinson, which was highly recommended by a bunch of folks on our Discord. It is one of the best books I've ever written or written it. It's one of the best books I've ever read. It really is. I wanted to kill myself a quarter away in the book. It was so depressing. It's near future. It's very realistic. It's hyper realistic. It gets into politics. It gets into ecology, it gets into the world basically falling apart and how little anybody can actually do about it because politics, but it picks up it gets better. they solve problems as much as they can they Bumble their way through. It's very realistic. It's extremely good. I cannot recommend it enough. The whole India Bitcoin thing straight out of this book, an article I just saw right before we started to record so I didn't get it in the show notes. China has opened its national carbon trading market yesterday, straight out of the book. Got another story coming later, straight out of the book. Like it is worth the read, man. Go for it.

Jason DeFillippo 42:18
Okay. Hell is it a monster book is it's not

Brian Schulmeister 42:21
a monster book. It's not a monster book. It took me a couple of weeks because it was so damn depressing start.

Jason DeFillippo 42:26
Okay, well, yeah. The Stan took me a couple of weeks because it was so damn big and it was just depressing because he couldn't stick the landing but that's just I'll finish I'll when I'm done with calling bullshit. Maybe I'll try this one to get back into it. Alright.

Unknown Speaker 42:45

Jason DeFillippo 42:49
We're all back again with Dave Bittner. Dave is the host of the cyber wire podcast. Dave is also the co host of the social engineering podcast hacking humans with Joe Kerrigan, as well as the co host of caveat with Ben yelin, where they discuss law and policy as well as surveillance and privacy. The gang's all back the gang.

Dave Bittner 43:07
We're getting the band back together. Right. It's nice. Hello, gents. How are we doing today? Everybody doing all right.

Brian Schulmeister 43:15
doing okay. re entry has been Welcome to COVID land, but you know, at least I came back to it. I said I was hoping when I first left, I'm coming back to a Trump this country. Mostly achieved?

Dave Bittner 43:30
Yes. That's right.

Brian Schulmeister 43:32
So we will be

Dave Bittner 43:33

Brian Schulmeister 43:35
Yes. Quiet. I believe his lawyers better shut up.

Jason DeFillippo 43:40
Haven't quit. Yes. Yeah. So I have to I have to ask because we talked about this on the segment with you before Brian about, you know, immigration and what it takes to get through is it different in COVID times

Brian Schulmeister 43:54
for us to go

Jason DeFillippo 43:55
either way, I guess

Brian Schulmeister 43:58
you just did going to Canada, if you were just an American citizen, you would not be allowed. That's it like I got in because I'm married and my kid is happy as both so you know, I'm I'm fathered in as it were, rather than grant. So I would not have been able to go to Canada at all. Canada has now instituted even more policies. So when we go back, hopefully, we will be able to get our vaccines here. And that will save a lot of the effort. But when we go back, at least right now, there are requiring obviously, and have been requiring COVID tests. So you have to prove that you've had to test within three days. And they've done this whole thing now where you have to stay. They will do a rapid test when you arrive even if you've had the COVID test. And you will have to stay in a hotel of government's choosing you get to select from their list for three days until that test comes back. So that's just going to Canada now coming here. It's a free for all, but that's changed. In fact, I think it just changed The day or the two days after we came back in is when Biden installed and instituted the you have to have the COVID test if you're coming internationally. So

Jason DeFillippo 45:11
but what about the actual process at the airport? Was there anything strange with it? Did you? I mean, they're obviously always behind glass already. But did they just shuffle you through,

Brian Schulmeister 45:21
they pretty much shuffle you through the the weird thing is, obviously, anytime anybody is checking your ID, they make you pull your mask down. So you're like, Well, shit, whatever was in the everywhere? Yeah. So, hold your breath, that's a bit of a drag, everything else is pretty much the same. They try to minimize contact as much as possible. So you do a lot more lugging of your own luggage over to a, you know, some carrying carts and stuff like that. So they, they never really touch your luggage anymore. So that's about it.

Unknown Speaker 45:53
Yeah. All right.

Dave Bittner 45:54
I don't know if someone asked me this week how I if if I would go on an airplane right now. And I don't I don't think I would if I not unless I absolutely had to.

Brian Schulmeister 46:04
You know, the airplanes are like, we flew Air Canada, they're very strict, and have been and I've been known to be in that they banned people for life, from their airline, if they do not wear their masks during the whole flight. They do not serve food anymore. They don't, they'll bring you a drink. And it's very much Hurry up with your drink, and get your mask back on immediately. We had a whole family on our flight to Toronto that was basically refusing to wear their masks and they got the riot act read to them. They were basically like if we have to warn you one more time, you will never fly on this airline again. Now would I fly a lot of other airlines Probably not. Having said all of that, from my research and reading up on it, as long as you have a plane in good working order. They're their filter systems are apparently very good. You're safer in the plane. If people are wearing their masks than you are in the airport. The airport is the scary part.

Dave Bittner 47:04
Hmm, that's interesting. Good to know.

Brian Schulmeister 47:06
So that that's what I know about all that. But I do have a story to tell upon my reentry. We have talked a bit about Amazon's rings, how they've teamed up with police and fire departments and all that sort of stuff. So I have a bit of a news about that. There's been a lot of controversy about this program, but it has definitely ramped up. There are now over 2014 Police and Fire Department partnerships in the US with Amazon ring. 1189 of them were added last year alone. Montana and Wyoming are the only two states where they don't have some kind of deal. And apparently these departments are making use of these team ups ring instead of the department requested videos for over 220 2335 incidents last year alone, which is quite a lot. Now, we've got some sorts of privacy that's been added to these things there. They finally have end to end encryption. Many of us would argue that should have been there to begin with. But the E FF is still saying that this is not cool. Just because you're comfortable sharing videos with the police department doesn't mean that your neighbors or passers by have granted their consent and this amounts to a massive and unchallenged surveillance network. According to the E FF, which has been my argument for quite some time. It's what do you do if somebody's ring doorbell is pointed directly into your window? That's not cool. So that brings me to my story. I moved to Toronto for three months to set up the new house that we had purchased there. We own a condo here in Santa Monica. It's a small unit about 10 people. While I was in Toronto, the HOA sent out an email saying there's been an increase since since Coronavirus hit, there's been an increase in homelessness in the area, there's been an increase in crime in the area. All of that's very true. And they now want to install a camera in the back of our unit we have one of the one of the backward facing units as well. So they want to put the camera there. So it looks at the stairwell it looks at the garage door because there has been like one one homeless person got into our garage. Most likely because somebody wasn't paying attention. Everything is locked. There's gates, blah, blah, blah. So I voted against it because I was like, you know, it's mostly security theater anyways, and what's the point and honestly, they just look ugly and they don't include they're not good for resale value and I'm looking to sell in the near future. So I was I voted no against it. But you know, everybody else voted for it. And I didn't give it a second thought. I'm like okay, so there's going to be a security camera in the back of our building now. We get home late at night, from our flight, very tired. Just put all of our stuff away Go to bed. The next morning I'm making coffee and I pulled down my blinds to the back area. And I look up at my usual nice view of palm trees and things of that nature and I see a security camera pointing at me In my kitchen, through my mirror, not my mirror through my

Dave Bittner 50:06
window, do you need your boxer shorts and a T shirt like with your with a with a with a, you know, a five o'clock shadow and a mug of coffee.

Brian Schulmeister 50:16
And I think that's odd that it would be right there. I wonder if they've checked to see where this video camera looks at. And I write my Hoa very politely and I say, I may have an issue with placement, can I please have access to the camera view? I get a very they were obviously aware of the fact that this they knew what was going on when they installed this because the email that came back with access was we understand you may have an issue with placement of this camera. And so then I looked at the the footage and put it on in real time view. And because it's only records, it's only recording for motion and all that. And I do a little test. I walk from my little kitchen table where I'm sipping my coffee over to my kitchen to refill my coffee. I come back to my laptop and there I am refilling my coffee. I have triggered the motion sensor.

Jason DeFillippo 51:13
Please tell me did the risky business slide into the camera.

Brian Schulmeister 51:18
I was a tad disoriented at this point still travel in the morning and the fact that all of a sudden I have big brother watching me. So I fired off an email and I kind of just said yeah, you're gonna have to take that down. Now luckily, the HOA understood, but I could see a situation where you would just be shit out of luck. And it was very disturbing. And it was very, I very much felt like my privacy was being invaded. And I was not cool with it at all. Yeah, it's weird to have a camera that you know is pointing into your business. And basically, your only option is keep your blinds closed all the time.

Jason DeFillippo 51:59
Or buy some spray paint

Brian Schulmeister 52:01
or that or just knock it down with a baseball bat.

Jason DeFillippo 52:03
But yeah, that too.

Brian Schulmeister 52:05
And it was a ring camera. What's wrong with you people?

Jason DeFillippo 52:09
It was a ring, huh? Oh god.

Brian Schulmeister 52:12
Yeah. So and you know, I didn't ask but I was like did you guys opt in? They probably did. So now there's footage of me getting getting some coffee at the local police station.

Dave Bittner 52:22
is I mean is there a Is this a management company whose whose

Brian Schulmeister 52:25
know its self itself Hoa. So we know all the people and that's probably why it was such a painless process of just kind of like, Come on guys. Right, you know, we were gonna have to move that camera. You can't have it pointing into our unit for Christ's sake.

Jason DeFillippo 52:41
Yeah. The big thing in my neighborhood nowadays, which I've seen come through the the neighborhood app quite a few times, which I just get I just, this just makes me laugh and tickles me pink. It's, I would show you video, but someone stole my ring camera. in my neighborhood people's ring cameras are being ripped off and stolen before people break in now. So that's the that's the new hotness, well, crime off the wall and run.

Dave Bittner 53:12
It's like how you know because everybody remember back in the 80s I guess it was everybody got car alarms and that led to car jacking.

Brian Schulmeister 53:18
Yeah, exactly. Yeah, exactly. So they'll all people will find a way and most people are too lazy to do like the hard wiring and drill drill these cameras and and all that they just go with battery packs and stick them up right so Mm hmm. So even if you don't have ring you might be in some degree of trouble here. I saw this story and I just couldn't believe how long it took for anybody to figure this out. But this was with ADT, which is a well known, well established been around forever security company. A former ADT security company employees admitted to breaking into the cameras he installed and users homes in the Dallas area to watch their private moments. He has pleaded guilty to Computer Fraud and now faces up to five years in federal prison. According to the Department of Justice Avila's, as I'll just use his last name has admitted that he would take note of the homes of women who deemed attractive to log into their accounts and view feeds from their cameras for sexual gratification. He was able to access customers footage by adding his email addresses to their accounts, which he would do either without their knowledge or there were times when he told them he needed temporary access for testing purposes. He claims in his papers he said he accessed over 200 customers accounts more than 96,000 times or 9600 times over the course of four and a half years. It was 96,000 times. I don't think he was doing any work.

Jason DeFillippo 54:42
I think he could say in court. There's like No, I said testes purpose, not testing purposes. So they just misheard me that's all they knew what I was doing

Dave Bittner 54:51
was right arm looks like Popeye.

Brian Schulmeister 54:55
He was a southpaw. Come on.

Unknown Speaker 54:57
I see Well, yeah, gotta go straight. I

Brian Schulmeister 55:00
just can't believe that this went on for four and a half years, and there's absolutely no oversight whatsoever. Nobody. It's insane to me. Yeah,

Dave Bittner 55:11
I mean, I blame ADT 100%. I think, obviously, that they're, they're gonna be the focus of all the lawsuits that are coming count on it, wait for it, right. and rightfully so. At least 200

Brian Schulmeister 55:23
of them. That's

Dave Bittner 55:25
the basic level. They should have had something that looked for a common email address across multiple accounts now hard would that be? And I don't know, we crossed the threshold of 200. There's something going on. So I think they, it seems to me like they deserve the reputational damage that's coming their way. Hmm.

Unknown Speaker 55:50

Dave Bittner 55:52
would you allow it? Would you please, people are allowing security cameras in their bedrooms?

Brian Schulmeister 55:57
Yeah, I mean, they go everywhere, right. It's not unintentional in my kitchen, like the ring outdoor camera was this is these companies, companies will wire up your entire house if that's what you want. So yeah, so who's watching the watchers?

Dave Bittner 56:10
Yeah, that was another thing I thought of when I saw this story was I kind of stopped and took inventory in my mind of how many cameras are in my bedroom at any given time? You know, and I mean, there's when my wife and I are asleep, there's two cameras in our room, at least because both of our phones are on our nightstands. Right. And so, cameras, you know, internet facing connected cameras are ubiquitous. And we just don't really think about them that they're, they're just everywhere.

Brian Schulmeister 56:44
Yeah, they're in everything now. I mean, some TVs come with them now. with cameras built in, right? So you put a TV in your bedroom, and God knows those. We've heard so many stories about Samsung in particular their models, their internet connected models, you really got to look out for them. Mm hmm. Yeah, I

Dave Bittner 57:01
think about too, you know, you think well that cameras on the nightstand it's you know, it's laying there it's facing the ceiling, whatever. But I there's all kinds of times when I'll come out of the shower and she's sitting there in bed you know, in a sexy tab.

Brian Schulmeister 57:16
But you pick up your phone and you check your email right and where's the camera? I know the cameras

really using your phone on the can I'm just saying Yeah,

Jason DeFillippo 57:31
yeah, you might want to try manscape calm Yeah,

Dave Bittner 57:39
free dave.com

Brian Schulmeister 57:41
That's true. Actually. Dave does not

Dave Bittner 57:44
No, no, you kidding me? I do the opposite thing. I just I rub really all over my body. It's all just a I bathe in this stuff. So I save all that money on costuming. Yeah, absolutely. Right. Oh,

Jason DeFillippo 57:58
no, I have actually do have a camera in my bedroom. But there's a hard switch on it. So I only turn it on when I need to watch the animals when I leave the house. But I make sure that that thing is definitely hard switched off. When I when I come back in the room because it's lasting. Well, that's the last thing I want out there. But it's the last thing anybody wants to see. Trust me, I know from experience if nobody wants to see this.

Brian Schulmeister 58:24
My defense against this is my diet. I just right.

Dave Bittner 58:34
I don't have to outrun the bear. I just have to outrun you. I just happen to be less attractive than you. People just move on move on. Next Next,

Jason DeFillippo 58:44
speak at an x we got this one over a tech turd Michigan State police officials are dodging public record obligations by using encrypted messaging apps. Ah is not apparently good enough for the gander. So they're, they're using the old you know, the signals and the what's the other one? telegram, telegram to basically communicate with each other and not be susceptible to you know, subpoenas and law enforcement and things like that themselves, basically, because they know how to get around that. What do you guys think about this? Are you surprised because I should have not?

Brian Schulmeister 59:20
No, I mean, as soon as I heard that they were basically taking off body cameras and leaving them in their cars when they went off to do things that they kind of knew that they were going to be nefarious about to begin with. No, no, of course we're not surprised. Are there good cops out there that aren't doing this? Of course there are is probably systemic, of course it is. Mm hmm.

Dave Bittner 59:38
Yeah. You know, I think this goes back a long way before this, that you know, cops would have their own private cell phones and they'd you know, if you if you were someone who monitors What do you call police scanners you know, that sort of thing and monitors that traffic. You know, cops have code to talk to each other and Let's take this offline. And, okay, I grant them that. But this to go to do an end around on the public records thing is not cool. But the thing I would would This reminded me of was, it seems like this is, I don't know that I've ever seen someone really punished in a meaningful way for any of this public records stuff. I mean, we saw in the last presidential administration, just everybody was using their private email addresses for public business, or email and whatever. Yeah, but it's nobody just seems like you get a slap on the wrist and say, Oh, don't do that anymore. But then nothing else happens with it. So yeah. I suspect what's going to happen here is these folks will figure out how to dial it in to get enough traffic on the public channels so that it doesn't draw attention to itself. But if you need to, to communicate, you know, people are going to find a way to do that. And that's, that's the world we live in. Yeah,

Jason DeFillippo 1:01:02
crime fighters away.

I miss Jurassic Park, and I don't want to I want to go see that again. I saw that that was one of the only things I've ever seen in a one of those 3d TVs. My friend had this massive 3d TV, and he had rumble seats. So like rumble lazy boys. So you sit back you put the stupid goggles on, and then when the T rex comes at you, it feels like you know, you get a nice, you know, but massage. Yeah, I gotta say it was it was awesome. It was awesome. I wouldn't want to watch you know, like the good place like that. I gotta say, though, it's pretty good.

Dave Bittner 1:01:42
Yeah, that movie holds up. It really does. Oh, my God.

Jason DeFillippo 1:01:45
It's so good. So good. Yeah,

Brian Schulmeister 1:01:46
I'm looking down to my kid being quite old enough to watch it. It's not there yet, but he will be soon.

Jason DeFillippo 1:01:51
Yeah, yeah. I don't think he's waiting five now for still for okay. Yeah. I think I was a teenager and it still scared the crap out of me.

Dave Bittner 1:02:03
Yeah, there's a good there's a YouTube video out there that looks into the original Jurassic Park and then the sequels and analyzes how Spielberg's use of aspect ratios is one of the main reasons why the original is such a superior movie that it allows him certain ways to frame things that the choices they made for aspect ratios for the sequels don't do. So if you're into that sort of thing, the the cinematography side of a movie, like Jurassic Park, hunt that down. It's pretty easy to find on YouTube. Cool. I'll

Jason DeFillippo 1:02:37
check that out, for sure. And I did just download the New Jurassic Park game for my Oculus quest. So I get to run away from Raptors in my living room looking like a nerd. But

Dave Bittner 1:02:52
that's the security footage I want to see. I want to look through the window with your headset on slamming into walls, tripping over furniture, terrified of being chased by Raptors that that is a pay per view channel waiting to happen.

Jason DeFillippo 1:03:13
Coming soon to a tic tac near you. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:16
yeah, absolutely.

Jason DeFillippo 1:03:18
Well, so my final one comes from the notion Sherlock files. Facebook ad services, let anyone target US military personnel. This is over wired researchers warned that an advertising platform with categories like army and United States Air Force security services could be abused. Do we really need researchers to tell us this because

Brian Schulmeister 1:03:39
I always thought that was fucking common sense. I thought it has been a weirdest thing ever to because I remember way I haven't done Facebook advertising for years now. But years ago when I was doing it, I would see that as a category. And I'm like, That's odd. That seems not quite right. But yeah, yet still there. I mean, I understand state and I understand, you know, basic demographics. But do we really need to dial it in quite that far?

Dave Bittner 1:04:04
by how high your security clearance is?

Brian Schulmeister 1:04:07
Are you a five star right? Where do you work specifically? Well, actually, I mean, you can dial that in, right? You do location, and then you do arm services. And you can probably figure out area 51 employees pretty quickly.

Dave Bittner 1:04:20
Well, if somebody if somebody is phone spends spends nine to five in the parking lot at Fort Meade every day because they're not allowed to get in with them to the skiff. You know, then you might be onto something there. Yeah. Yeah, but

Jason DeFillippo 1:04:33
you guys remember the old Jordan Harbinger video that he did, I think at DEF CON, where he goes into how he trolled people on LinkedIn for top secret clearance because he just searched for top secret clearance and got to all these people who had top secret. Yeah, not hard. It's not hard, but like why did they make it so easy? I guess. Yes. They can. Yes, read hard money. The sucker. You know, they're just they work for the They work for the Poots. That's all it is. Yeah. Yeah. So I just thought that was I'm like, do we really need a researcher to tell us this? Can I get that job? Because I We do this every week, and I'm sure that researcher gets paid a hell of a lot more than we do. Mm hmm.

Dave Bittner 1:05:14
Yep. Captain Obvious reporting for duty, sir.

Jason DeFillippo 1:05:18
That's all I got this week, guys.

Dave Bittner 1:05:21
All right. Very good. Well, Brian, welcome back to.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:25
Yeah, America.

Dave Bittner 1:05:29
I mean, it is in some ways, you know, I

Unknown Speaker 1:05:31

Dave Bittner 1:05:32
I will tell you that in the past couple weeks, I have noticed a real shift in the folks that I've been interviewing, and I do probably, I don't know what two or three interviews a day on average, and there is more of a hopeful attitude that people have, there's more, there's more bounce in their step like you can tell people are looking towards the horizon more that good things are probably going to come so you know, I think let's, let's, let's, let's take that for what it is and, and enjoy it.

Brian Schulmeister 1:06:06
Okay. I shall try

Dave Bittner 1:06:11
to go and keep your blinds down in your can your Yeah, it's your in your condo. Yeah, super blinds. Now,

Brian Schulmeister 1:06:17
I'm worried more about the micro than the macro these days. That's a plus.

Dave Bittner 1:06:20
Yeah, that makes sense. That makes sense. All right, guys. Well, stay safe. I'll talk to you guys next time. Alrighty.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:28
feedback loop.

Jason DeFillippo 1:06:30
over at Patreon we've got Dave h Pete and Dave and Gorham. fragger. Hey, Jason and Brian been listening for a few years and thought it was about time I throw money at you. Thank you. And in case you didn't get it gorem is goddamn and Firefly and frakkers fucker and BSG in case you didn't get it, man, I got it. Okay. Oh, good. And James and James says, Did you ever check out the good job brain podcast? Do you remember that one bind because I looked up this show art for it. And it was familiar, but I don't remember if I listened to it.

Brian Schulmeister 1:07:00
No, I don't remember it.

Jason DeFillippo 1:07:01
Okay. Also, have you tried listening to or reading the Dresden Files? They're good magic books based in real world Chicago read by James Marsters who played spike on Buffy. No, I haven't. But I did read entry gelesis milkweed series from you, Brian. And looking at the the descriptions of the Dresden Files. It really reminded me of the milkweed series. Yeah, I

Brian Schulmeister 1:07:24
really enjoyed the Dresden Files too. And before I even saw you put this in the show notes. I was thinking the exact same thing. I was like, didn't I read these? Special?

Jason DeFillippo 1:07:34
Yeah, yeah. Now that milkweed series was pretty good. Mm hmm. And he goes on to say also Episode 183 Jason lost his pager throwing it at a squirrel I need for any more information. No.

Brian Schulmeister 1:07:48
Yeah, you gotta go to patreon for that one.

Jason DeFillippo 1:07:51
No. Nope. That one stays here. All right.

Brian Schulmeister 1:07:57
Steve also sent us a message so how to age a programmer seems to come down to what editor they use. Keyboard Shortcuts make editors very sticky. He was talking to someone this week who didn't use visual codes and see knows Eclipse shortcuts started to wonder how old I was never moved off vi for most things except coding. Sort of proud that I started using visual code this year old dog new tricks, etc.

Jason DeFillippo 1:08:15
Eclipse man I forgot about Eclipse. I used it for a couple years. Mm hmm. Yeah, yeah. I I love the I still know all my vi like shortcuts. It's just muscle memory, but I never coded in it and never coded in it. Now Allison writes in regarding non offensive Kids TV shows for the Wildcats age group. Check out the reboots of Carmen San Diego and the Magic School Bus on Netflix. The dragon Prince also on Netflix is also great but might be a little old for the kid because it has parental death. Bambi

Brian Schulmeister 1:08:50
been watching the Magic School Bus. I do enjoy that one. It's pretty good. I like both the Old and New. They're both really actually very funny for kids. So thank you for that. Over at PayPal, Adam, Charlie Jeffrey, john, john, Jonathan. I bunched all those together because I thought it was funny. Joseph and judge and here comes the ends. Mark Matt Matthew, Michael some ends Nicola, Nikolai Scott, Simon, Thomas, Tom, Doug and Charlene.

Jason DeFillippo 1:09:15
I love how you took credit for you know alphabetizing that because I did it this morning.

Brian Schulmeister 1:09:19
I don't know why you bother doing it. But

Jason DeFillippo 1:09:21
because it was more fun. You caught it.

Brian Schulmeister 1:09:24
I didn't really I actually didn't remember if I

Jason DeFillippo 1:09:28
did over Twitter my 6502 writes in I bet this is giving HR departments a massive heart on a wristband that tells your boss if you're unhappy.

Brian Schulmeister 1:09:37
Yes, the wearable technology called a mood beam isn't here to monitor your physical health. Instead it allows your employer to track your emotional state. The gadget which links to a mobile phone app and web interface has two buttons one yellow and one blue. It's kind of like the little smiley face and unhappy face saying was your shutter clean at the airport. The idea is that you press the yellow one if you are feeling happy and the blue one if you are sad aim to companies who wish to monitor the well being of staff who are working from home The idea is that employees are encouraged to wear the wristband. They can say no or can they and dress the relevant button to see fit throughout the morning week, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. The moonbeam co founder Christina Colmar, McHugh originally came up with the idea for the product Esther, she discovered that her daughter was struggling at school and she wanted a way for her child to let her know how she was feeling the wristband is your Worsley in 2016, with many children, especially teenagers likely to balk at the idea of having to press a button on a wristband to let their parents know how they're doing. How probable is it that employees would be willing to do the same for their boss? Actually, I think the relevant question here is are we a fucking adults or not? Like I said, use your words. I can almost understand this for little kids. I can. Yeah, sure. Okay, but we're fucking adults. What the fuck is wrong with people?

Jason DeFillippo 1:10:54
I know this is the dumbest

Brian Schulmeister 1:10:55
fucking piece of technology. I've no, it's not the dumbest. I mean, we've covered way dumber three episodes.

Jason DeFillippo 1:11:02
Yeah. And I read the book interface by Neil Stevenson and Jay Frederick George way back in the day. And they they were pollsters that use this same type of technique, but is more biofeedback. To figure out like when they're watching debates, like when the crowd would go from happy to sad about what the candidate was saying. So I'm like, why don't you make it with biofeedback device and instead of having buttons depressed because I'm feeling murderous? would be a button I would press quite a lot and they don't have that option.

Brian Schulmeister 1:11:30
I'm feeling disappointed by humanity.

Jason DeFillippo 1:11:34
But that's the only button you need my man. That's the only button you need. Yeah,

Brian Schulmeister 1:11:39
grim ghost writes in. So what do you guys think of this and this is from Forbes. Drone swarms are getting too fast for humans to fight us. General Warren's general john Murray, head of Army futures command told a webinar audience Oh, great a webinar at the Center for Strategic and International Studies that humans may not be able to fight swarms of enemy drones and that the rules governing human control over artificial intelligence might need to be relaxed. This is the third story that is directly out of ministry for the future. And got super depressing, because basically, the drone swarms got so good that they destroyed nation states and it was just a bunch of terrorists using them for a while and then eco terrorists. And there was basically no stopping them.

Jason DeFillippo 1:12:18
Well, that was also out of a Daniel Suarez book called freedom I am. It's not

Brian Schulmeister 1:12:22
exactly a new concept. But we're actually getting there. So that's wonderful. Yeah,

Jason DeFillippo 1:12:27
we just need the you know, the magnetic pulse thing to know. boom, done. They'll fall out of the sky, or more eagles, as we found out, yes. Eagles. Ivan writes in No, you're a fan of single purpose sites. Not sure this falls into the category but without a doubt. It is fun. And this is at 2020 game.io. Did you play this?

Brian Schulmeister 1:12:47
Yeah, a little bit. It was funny.

Jason DeFillippo 1:12:48
It's funny. I went I went through the whole game and I gave the developer five bucks because I thought he deserved it. It's a pretty fun little game. And it's tricky.

Brian Schulmeister 1:12:56
I sent in a link from change.org Donald Trump is scheduled to arrive in Scotland later this week. He always flies into Glasgow Prestwick airport, please sign the petition to change the name to Joe Biden International. And that is a level trolling right there.

Jason DeFillippo 1:13:10
fucking love this guts. I fucking love this guts. Oh, and I scrolled too fast. Travis writes in these companies are just flat out evil guess they got to try to figure out a way to ever be profitable. And this is lift test program offers drivers more rides in exchange for 10% pay cut.

Brian Schulmeister 1:13:28
Unbelievable. You can go into priority mode, which means they'll route you more of your drives, but you have to pay them 10% so fuck that.

Jason DeFillippo 1:13:38
bunnies, and they're calling it poverty mode. Which is awesome. And I think our show title.

Brian Schulmeister 1:13:44
Yes, of all the things I've seen Uber and Lyft do this is the luckiest and that would be saying something

Jason DeFillippo 1:13:49
that's saying a lot. That is a lot.

Brian Schulmeister 1:13:52
Yeah. Awesome. And Michaela writes in over a Gog dot show and this is Michaela who basically runs our discord for us so thank you so much. She sent the link from National Geographic calm has science solved one of history's greatest adventure mysteries and I will let people read this but I will read her entire coverage of this verbatim I posted this in hashtag good vibes on discord but I think it makes a good in the news or maybe even media candy considering well Disney's Frozen help to solve dilettantes pass specifically the code use the movie for snow you can control Command F for Let it go Let it go in the explanation for the up I'm not reading this correctly. You can control command plus f four Let it go Let it go. In the article for explanation on how they worked it out everything before that is pretty much explanation of the initial event. But Kayla How is this relevant to our show? Technology man, technology solving 60 plus year old mysteries This is fucking hype. There was a lot of sketchy stuff around the past incident that made it easy for conspiracies to bloom around the event. And like I thought avalanche covered most details but it didn't cover all of them to my perception. But turns out I just didn't know physics. I'm stoked. I can't wait until we can Ctrl Command F and get to the real situation with the conspiracy about the capital riots. Maybe a Latin will solve that one.

Jason DeFillippo 1:15:08
My favorite one of the week though man was the guy that turned off the refrigerator in Wisconsin is a flat earther. And this is the this is the best one I've heard yet. The sky is actually a dome constructed by the government to keep us from seeing the face of God. Okay. I love it. That's a good one. That's a good one. Adelante writes in Hey, guys wanted to hear your thoughts on this. I checked Apple's new privacy nutrition labels, many were false.

Brian Schulmeister 1:15:36
Yeah, we talked about this a little bit earlier. The only people reading those labels are journalists for articles like this. My TLDR on this is Apple's privacy definitions are somewhat limited in terms of what we'd expect from privacy. Many developers have figured out the workarounds to continue to collect data and be approved by Apple. And of course, there's the kicker. Apple's privacy labels are not only an unsatisfying product, they all should send a message to lawmakers weighing whether the tech industry can be trusted to protect our privacy on its own. Yep, yeah. But as we've seen, federal judges are saying, Well, I'm just gonna join boards of tech companies because you know, the government can't do shit. So

Jason DeFillippo 1:16:12
Eric writes in Hey grumps, not so much for Jason but I thought Brian and son might enjoy this very British kids program. Hey, duggie how occult CBS show became the surprise TV smash of lockdown. And so is there's no penis in this one, right? That's no, no penis is one magic.

Brian Schulmeister 1:16:30
From the article it wrestles with some of life's biggest philosophical questions from the nature of existence to the meaning of art. It is littered with pop cultural references Apocalypse Now Donkey Kong and Akira to name just three. I got to actually check it out. I have no my kid has watched this on YouTube, but I actively watched it with him. I did google it to make sure it's something I'm okay with him watching on YouTube back in the day, and that was fine. But now I'm gonna have to sit and watch it.

Jason DeFillippo 1:16:55
Good for you. Yeah.

Brian Schulmeister 1:16:57
And Vincent sent in about seven emails again this week. So we'll run through them really quickly. Vincent says hi, let's fly to Yukon for your COVID vaccine. Egypt's Canadians please dish out some of that Singaporean punishment. I bet these rich can spit gum on the ground to selfish monkeys. I think Vincent really drinks quite a bit before he writes us.

Jason DeFillippo 1:17:16
I do do that's what makes it great.

Brian Schulmeister 1:17:18
Yeah, that's what makes it great. And this is the story about the Canadian CEO that had to resign because he got caught flying to a remote region to get the vaccine. So dek plus this opinion piece on how rich people get the nice things first, such as a house in a terrarium on Mars and this is from New West record.ca opinion. Here's how these millionaires managed to skip the vaccination line. Then he says only a little grumpy this week after late shifts with very pleasant Canadian customers. It happens here in Ireland woman's suing Facebook for account hacking that was not resolved. Dublin woman Sue's Facebook over account being hacked. I read through that I think she's got a case. Cool. It's interesting. And hashtag delivery writers strike. This is happening in Dublin this Friday evening. Not sure this was actually trending but good on them. Jason you got it delivered.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:04

Jason DeFillippo 1:18:08
At any rates, and I get I think

Brian Schulmeister 1:18:10
I need to start drinking some Guinness before I read Vincent's things. Yeah.

Jason DeFillippo 1:18:15
Eddie writes in I got two different texts on my iPhone this week from two random Gmail accounts with a link which I didn't open What do you think the scam is?

Brian Schulmeister 1:18:23
A bit more information. It would be meat could be cake to quote the great George Carlin.

Jason DeFillippo 1:18:31
I don't have my Kreskin hat. See what

Brian Schulmeister 1:18:35
you did you know you you know what to do? You don't click on links. They're done solved.

Jason DeFillippo 1:18:41

Brian Schulmeister 1:18:44
And phim. To the show, Barrett writes in quick note about how screwed up the COVID vaccination process is, at least here in my state. I volunteered to be part of a vaccination site yesterday, the plan they had was to stick with what was supposed to be the one B group people which are people actually working in the medical field with real patients. So they send out a link to register for the shot. And those idiots pass the link to just about everyone they knew, since it's government run created website, as we mentioned earlier, yeah, of course, it included no way to block people who were not in the medical field. We had scheduled about 435 people for the day, but ended up turning away about 80 who are mostly not in the medical field and included people who thought they qualified for just being over 65. Luckily, at the end of the shift, they still have to use up any open vials 10 doses per vial. So I was able to get my first murder shot, no greater shift tomorrow night. I also now have full access to the registration system and I realized that we let many people who weren't qualified through just out of pity. I wasn't about to turn away the 92 year old man his granddaughter brought him in. So my 75 year old mother in law's been frantically looking for a place to get hers Guess who's getting on the list. nepotism.

Anyhow, my

arm is sore. I had a mild headache this morning, but I'm otherwise fine after my first dose. Stay grumpy fuck Trump. The long national nightmare is finally over.

Is it though?

Jason DeFillippo 1:19:58
Yeah, got enough. I'm happy now.

Brian Schulmeister 1:20:00
That one's over.

Jason DeFillippo 1:20:01
Yeah, that one's over everything else says, hey, look, man. After the last four years, everything's fine.

Brian Schulmeister 1:20:09
Yep. And then he did send the link in from the we'll get to fixing that in a bit pile. When Adobe stopped Flash content from running it also stopped a Chinese railroad.

Jason DeFillippo 1:20:18
That was really funny.

Brian Schulmeister 1:20:20
Yeah, so I love the writing on this Adobe Flash the web browser plugin that powered so many crappy games, confusing interfaces and animated icons of the early web like homestar runner is finally gone after a long, slow protracted death. So but in China in the city of Dalian and northern China, they were using it to run their railroad systems. Yes, a railroad run on flash the same thing used to run free online casinos and knockoff breakout games and mortgage refi ads. So yeah, they but you know, they've known this was coming for years. But just when, when it went away on Tuesday, the railroad network ground to a halt for 20 hours because they didn't get bothered changing technology was only 20 hours a week. Well, the way they decided to get it back up and running was not to write anything new. Instead, they installed a pirated version of flash that was still operational. No, it's great. It seems to be known as ghost version.

Jason DeFillippo 1:21:23
Strong bad would be proud.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:25

Jason DeFillippo 1:21:26
Oh god. over an iTunes edgy writes with a five star Look forward to it every week. need someone to bash every tech idea that's out there. This show is for you. negativity at its best yesterday and

Brian Schulmeister 1:21:38
Mark from Vermont also gave us a five star in a very succinct review my favorite podcast. Thanks grumps.

Jason DeFillippo 1:21:45
Well, you're welcome Mark from Vermont.

Brian Schulmeister 1:21:47
Thank you. If you want your question or comment right on the show, head over to Gog dot show slash contact, and send us your feedback or questions that we can read on the air. And if you're so inclined, please head over to Gog dot show slash review, and toss us a five star and snarky review or just say we're your favorite podcast. That works.

Jason DeFillippo 1:22:03
That works too. And if you're still on overcast, click some stars every now and again. We're out to all the lists, but it'd be nice to get back in just a little bit.

So since we've been off, it's been two weeks, a lot of people have died that we would normally put in here, but there's just too many and I want to end this on a happier note. So that's about all I got. Okay, come back, Brian.

Brian Schulmeister 1:22:28
Welcome back to us. Awesome being here. Until next time, I'm Brian Shaw Meister. And

Jason DeFillippo 1:22:33
I'm Jason defilippo. Thanks for listening to grumpy old geeks. Your support keeps this show going. And if you do like us, please head over to Gog dot show slash donate to help us out and we will love you forever. You can also visit Gog dot show slash shop and pick up some good old fashioned swag. If you can't do that, then just tell a friend honestly please please pretty please tell a friend word of mouth is the only way we get to keep doing this. So spread the grump far and wide Show Notes for this episode. All right Gog dot show slash 493. From there you can find links to old episodes leave feedback, ask questions, donate to the show, buy our swag and get links to stuff we like Stay Grumpy!

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