It’s time to get things started; regulations; still hacking tractors; Google has an ethical AI ethicist problem; UK slaps Uber with the law; Facebook stops news in Australia, restarts it as Australians abandon it; Facebook caught lying about metrics, again; WhatsApp details privacy change policy; Influencers for health; Hot Ones; Twitch & Metallica; Spotify HiFi; Reply All host hiatus; Amazon’s Kickstarter; Think Again; CyberWar & the Lost Colony; Clubhouse concerns; Mac M1 malware; Nvidia anti-cryptomining drivers; Elon Musk & Bitcoin; Gwyneth’s COVID long game; feedback.

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Show Notes


John Deere Promised Farmers It Would Make Tractors Easy to Repair. It Lied.

“Mark Changed The Rules”: How Facebook Went Easy On Alex Jones And Other Right-Wing Figures

WeWork Co-Founder Adam Neumann, SoftBank, near settlement over payout


Google has fired another AI ethics leader

Google fires top AI ethicist 2 months after co-leader’s ousting, leaving its ethical AI team headless

UK slaps Uber with THE LAW, rules drivers are employees in final verdict

Facebook restricts users in Australia from sharing or viewing news links

Facebook’s Australian news purge blocked fire departments, food banks, its own Facebook page, and much more

Facebook Takes Down All Posts Spreading Misinformation About Fictional Nation Of ‘Australia’

Australia’s PM slams Facebook’s ‘arrogant’ move to ‘unfriend’ the nation, after government pages were inadvertently silenced as part of a purge of news content

Facebook reverses its Australian news ban

Unsealed court document claims Facebook ‘knew for years’ that a metric was inflated and ignored an employee warning to avoid a revenue hit

WhatsApp details what will happen to users who don’t agree to privacy changes

America’s Health Will Soon Be in the Hands of Very Minor Internet Celebrities

Great News, America: Cheese Isn’t Bad for You


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Hot Ones – First We Feast

Twitch dubbed Metallica’s BlizzCon performance to avoid a copyright claim

Spotify to launch a new high-end subscription, Spotify HiFi

Host of ‘Reply All’ Podcast Takes Leave of Absence After Accusations of Toxic Culture

Mortal Kombat (2021) – Official Red Band Trailer


Amazon launches a program like Kickstarter that lets people vote on new products to build

Magnet App


Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know by Adam Grant

CyberWar (World War C Book 3) by Matthew Mather

The Lost Colony (The Long Winter Trilogy Book 3) by A.G. Riddle


The CyberWire

Dave Bittner

Hacking Humans


The Muppet Show update.

Here’s why certain Muppet Show episodes are missing from Disney+

A race to reverse-engineer Clubhouse raises security concerns

Clipping Silver Sparrow’s wings: Outing macOS malware before it takes flight

Nvidia announces official “anti-cryptomining” software drivers


Elon Musk Says Bitcoin Prices ‘Seem High’ After Record Week

Entire California School Board Resigns After Chewing Out Parents on Accidental Zoom Broadcast

It took a year, but Gwyneth Paltrow figured out how to exploit the pandemic


Play this killer self-driving car ethics game

Daft Punk, the Grammy-Winning Electronic Music Duo, Announces Its Disbandment After 28 Years

The WarnerMusic lawyers are coming for the police.

Father Ted: Hitler Impressions for the Chinese

Facebook shuts down Instagram accounts advertising illegal St Patricks Day rave

All Alone Together – C19 Playlist

Paddy, Not Patty! (Irish Music and Irish-ish Music for St. Patrick’s Day)

Kim’s Convenience on Gem

Daft Punk Break Up

TikTok Users Are Burning Snowballs in Viral Videos to ‘Prove’ the Snow is Fake

Japanese Version of Monkey

The New Legends Of Monkey | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix Futures

Excel Spreadsheet

What can I expect to change for LastPass Free on March 16, 2021?


Robert Fogarty 0:02
grumpy old geeks, a weekly talk show hosted by Brian Schulmeister and Jason DeFilippo. Discussing the finer points of what went wrong on the internet, and who's to blame.

Jason DeFillippo 0:16
Welcome to grumpy old geeks. I'm Jason DeFilippo.

Brian Schulmeister 0:18
And I'm Brian Schulmeister I thought we were gonna be able to stop complaining about things somewhere mid January.

Jason DeFillippo 0:26
It's almost March. Are we there yet? No,

Brian Schulmeister 0:28
no, no. So

tons of things still going wrong. And you know, you and I have been complaining about California's issues in the last couple years and how we're basically living in a third world country.

Unknown Speaker 0:36

Brian Schulmeister 0:38
Texas stepped up and said, Hold my shiner Bock.

Jason DeFillippo 0:41
Hold my cheddar. They'd be like, hold my Corps.

Brian Schulmeister 0:45
shiner. Bock is a Texan beer man.

Jason DeFillippo 0:47
I know, of course is from Colorado and Colorado.

Brian Schulmeister 0:49

Jason DeFillippo 0:51
I just I think he's smoking the bandit. So when I think of Texas and beer, all right, anyway, yeah. Wow. Well, what a week for them.

Brian Schulmeister 0:59
I'm not saying you know, I might have been wrong about the regulations thing.

Jason DeFillippo 1:04
They wanted their own grid. They got it their own grid, they got

Brian Schulmeister 1:08
grid. They didn't want to spend the money to winterize it because you know, it only happened exactly almost 10 years to the day,

Jason DeFillippo 1:14
not almost exact. Exactly. 10 years to the date.

Brian Schulmeister 1:18
So yeah. You know, I feel really bad for everybody there. I have quite a few friends that of course, live mostly in Austin. Couple that live in San Antonio. And you know, they were screwed. Big time. No water for like five days crazy.

Jason DeFillippo 1:33
Well, they can go outside and melt the snow.

Brian Schulmeister 1:34
That's exactly what they did. That is exactly what they did. They brought in tubs of snow, put it in their bathtub and did all that sort of thing just to get by. so well. Well done. Texas. Well done. And I for one, and personally, I'm very much looking forward to the follow up podcast from Joe Rogan. And Elon Musk telling us again, how much more competent Texas government is than California. I cannot wait for that. Yeah, that's not good. Oh,

Jason DeFillippo 2:00
yeah. Yeah, speaking of third world countries last night, I texted you, I'm like, I'm not gonna be able to finish my notes, man, because the entirety of the San Fernando Valley and half of Ventura County went out, the internet went out. Thank you spectrum. Right. And it's like, not like we're the second largest city in the country. Why would we need internet here when everybody's working from home?

Brian Schulmeister 2:20
Yeah, you know, at some point, I I know, it's not gonna happen anytime soon, especially since we just had four years of deregulate everything. And the government steps out of absolutely everything. And that's worked out so well for us. But, you know, we're and we're bitterly divided as a country. So it's not like we're going to come together. But at some point, at some point, we're going to have to realize that the internet is basically a public utility, like water or gas or electric. And we should probably take it away from some of these companies

Jason DeFillippo 2:50
that don't know if that's good. No. No, we talked a while back about john deere. And they were going to start to let people buy manuals and software to update their tractors. Yeah, we're going to Yeah, well, it's not it's not going. So if you have a john deere tractor, you're still probably going to Poland to get your fixes and your software and your patches and your hacks. Because john deere says it's there. You just got to go ask for it. And of course, Vice did a you know, a deep dive like they always do. And they tried to find somebody who would sell them some diagnostic tools or even some manuals. No, no, no,

Brian Schulmeister 3:28
right? harder to find than the Hulk Hogan porn video.

Jason DeFillippo 3:33
It's about it about it. And this one, this one just cracks me up. I saw this over at BuzzFeed. Mark changed the rules how Facebook went easy on Alex Jones and other right wing figures. Now wait, hold

Brian Schulmeister 3:47
on a second. Isn't there a bias against the left or against the right

Jason DeFillippo 3:51
on social media? See, that's what you're led to believe. But it turns out, turns out Yeah, Zack stepped in and said, You know what, I don't even want to do this. But yes, Alex Jones will be deep platformed He's gone. But what we're gonna do is we're gonna leave his fans up, and we're gonna let them say whatever they want, which I'm like, okay, so you take away one Alex Jones, but you leave how many million alex jones is lying around. eventually gonna step on one and you're gonna you know, it's like, it's like, like Legos in the dark. You're gonna step on one eventually.

Brian Schulmeister 4:25
Yeah, yeah. So, yeah. Okay, that's it. Yeah. Tell me again, everyone about how social media is completely biased against the right so much so that they have to go start sites of their own.

Jason DeFillippo 4:36
Yeah, that's ridiculous. It's ridiculous. squeaky wheel gets the suck. That's pretty much what it comes down to. And I saw this one this morning, and I was just, I'm scratching my head around here. We weren't co founder Adam Newman is going to settle on his stock and sell it back to SoftBank. For, oh, I don't know a measly $500 million.

Brian Schulmeister 4:59
That's nothing Yeah, I

Jason DeFillippo 5:00
mean, it's half of what he wanted before. But still, it's amazing how in this country you can fuck up so badly and still win so hugely.

Brian Schulmeister 5:10
He's winning big Lee never has failing upward been as profitable as it is, in this day and age. We got to start doing a really shitty job with this podcast. Stop making it sound so good.

Jason DeFillippo 5:21
I'm on it.

Robert Fogarty 5:23
In the news.

Brian Schulmeister 5:30
Now I recognize it's been a long time since Google quietly removed the do not do no evil from their from their internal guidelines. But I'm not sure what's going on right now here anymore. It does. Does Google have an AI problem or AI ethics problem? Or do they have a problem with AI emphasis that aren't ethical? I'm not sure what it is anymore. Yeah, so they fired another range. Yeah, they've pushed out AI ethics researcher to give brew sparking a response from the team calling for her to be reinstated at a higher level. And instead of doing that Google announced Dr. Marion croak as lead for the responsible AI Research and Engineering Center of expertise. And according to reports by axios, and Bluebird told employees on Thursday would adjust policies around diversity and research. It followed those moves by firing gibberish, former co lead and co founder of the ethical AI team researcher, Margaret Mitchell, who had reported her account remained suspended for weeks while the company investigated her. She then tweeted, basically, I'm fired.

Jason DeFillippo 6:27
And my favorite was fired.

Brian Schulmeister 6:30
Yeah, and but they're saying that she violated the code of conduct and security policies. So they may not have an ethical ethicist, or are they just not ethical? What's going on?

Jason DeFillippo 6:41
It's really hard to tell. It's unethical all the way down at this point, it

Brian Schulmeister 6:44
seems seems to be it's turtles, unethical turtles all the way down. Yeah.

Jason DeFillippo 6:49
I don't know what these people are doing over there. What they're thinking even because it's just all over the map. It's all over the map.

Brian Schulmeister 6:55
It's it's Yeah, I don't know what's happening. It's it's very confusing and somewhat troubling, given the amount of money that's going into AI over there.

Jason DeFillippo 7:02
Yeah, you know what they should do? They should write an AI that can tell them who they can fire and who they can hire because it seems the people are really screwing that one up couldn't be any worse than the people. This is one of the key, you know, key demonstrations of AI can't do better than a human at hiring and firing your AI ethicist, I'm guessing Yes. Yeah, at this point, if it's just a 5050 shot.

Brian Schulmeister 7:24
Yeah, I don't know how many people are in that department. But it's not it's not going well.

Jason DeFillippo 7:28
No, not at all. Something else that's not going well is Oh, Uber. Oh, Uber. This. I don't know how many people sent you this article when it came? About 400. Send it to me. UK slaps Uber with the law rules drivers are employees in a final verdict. The final countdown to the final verdict is the final seems to be final this time. We'll see. Yeah, you Yeah. UK says no. I mean, there's nowhere else to appeal to. This is like, you know, they're superduper court, there's nowhere to go. But unless they can get the Queen on the horn. And I don't even know if she's got any any poll nowadays. But yeah, they say that you're not a taxi firm. Or they say you are a taxi firm. Not a taxi firm argument did not seem to hold crumpets over there. So they're done. They're done. And what are they

Brian Schulmeister 8:21
going to do? is they're going to pull out the they're gonna pull out of the UK. I mean, that's what they're gonna do, because their business model does not support actually being a taxi firm. Just doesn't, even though that's what they're they are they cannot, they cannot afford it, too. They cannot afford to pay their drivers because they have to pay everybody else. tons of money. So yeah, yeah. And they also, you know, lower their prices to drive everybody out of business and everything else we've said for seven years on this show. Yeah, I'm very happy about this news. Yeah, me

Jason DeFillippo 8:50
too. Me too. If you just get it happened in here in California. We'll be back in action. Well,

Unknown Speaker 8:55
no precedent is set. Yeah.

Jason DeFillippo 8:57
Well, that mean, we set the Yeah, we've got to. We've got two competing precedents. Yes, that's true that precedent, but we'll see how it plays out. But this one was just fun. Because we've been talking about how Google and Facebook are against this new Australia law that's in in in chambers that says, oh, you're going to have to pay news operations for the ability to take snippets of their articles and link back to them. And Google last week, talked about it they they settled. They gave him some money and said yeah, we're done. just deal with it. Here. Here. Here's cash go, you know,

Brian Schulmeister 9:30
leave us alone.

Jason DeFillippo 9:31
Gonna do? Yeah, go fuck a kangaroo. We don't care. All 25 million of you out of our sight. And Facebook just double down and said, Nope, nope, nope, nope. They took their shrimps off the Barbie and headed to the hills and said, we're just not gonna play in your sandbox anymore. Right? Which basically, you know, a huge backlash from everybody saying this is dumb. This is dumb. Why are you doing this? And well turns out they're back. As of today. They are back in Australia. And I heard this on an other podcasts, I can't remember which one it was. But they made a very good point that Facebook took all the news, which is what most people were using it for, you know, because since we know you can't actually get in touch with your friends anymore. No, they like the last thing to do is get news. Well, once Facebook said no more news, people did things that you would expect people to do, who were looking for news,

Brian Schulmeister 10:23
they went somewhere else.

Jason DeFillippo 10:24
They bookmark new sites and went other places, right. You know, it's like, oh, you know, there are plenty of other news outlets, outlets out there that I can just go to, instead of going to Facebook. And turns out, we don't need you anymore Facebook, and I think maybe some of that backlash was probably going to hit home, they saw the numbers trending down, and said, Oh, you know, maybe we should come back to Australia, because the curtain has been lifted, the veil has been flung aside. And it's like, oh, they really don't actually need us for anything, because we are fairly useless.

Brian Schulmeister 10:53
Yeah, I mean, Facebook has been trending that way for quite some time. Now, as you know, you like you just pointed out, you've removed the ability for us to actually connect and see our friends updates. All right. I still went to Facebook. And basically, yeah, I've been using it as a news source and a great source to find links for the show and things like that, because of all the different pages that I followed that were news information sources, if all of a sudden that went away, what I would stop logging into Facebook, you're they're literally taking away every bit of value that we got from them. Yeah. And then they wonder what happens.

Jason DeFillippo 11:24
I think they are running the playbook that they use with businesses. Let's get them in. Let's get them hooked. And then slowly over time, we're just going to take away everything and make you pay for everything that was free before. And now they're just like they're on they're on the path that just take away everything. What's it going to be when you log in now it's just going to be there's nothing there. It's just

Brian Schulmeister 11:42
a blank page. Zuckerberg looking at you with that vacant expression. Yeah. It has become. It's just his face.

Jason DeFillippo 11:50
In other Facebook news. This one was great unsealed court document claims. Facebook knew for years that a metric was inflated and ignored an employee warning to avoid a revenue hit. And this one goes all the way to the top.

Brian Schulmeister 12:03

Jason DeFillippo 12:08
in deed, in deed.

Brian Schulmeister 12:11
I think the only surprising thing is it took this long for anybody to come out and basically prove it and say it. Like we've known this, like we've known that all the metrics are bullshit and lies. And we know, it's unbelievable to me. And people are legitimately apparently surprised by this news.

Jason DeFillippo 12:29
And I don't know why they're surprised. This is not the first time that this has happened with them. You know, we've they've got busted with their hand in the stat jar before. And this is not the first time they've been fined for it publicly. So why are we surprised when they did it? Again, we're not and they're probably doing it right now to

Brian Schulmeister 12:48
slow businesses that happened to be listening to us. I'm sure you aren't. Stop. There are a few legitimate cases in which I could see that Facebook ads would actually be a worthwhile endeavor. But in general, given the way that Facebook has moved and everything we've talked about, establish yourself as a business page and post because those are the only posts anybody will see because nobody will see their friends posts anymore. And never ever, ever, ever purchase an ad ever.

Jason DeFillippo 13:14
Ever. Yeah, yeah. The other places they buy ads, even even dare I say LinkedIn. I hear I hear good things over there.

Brian Schulmeister 13:24
Yeah, that's that's Yeah, sure. I get emails from them constantly, even though I've unsubscribed every single one. So I am hearing things now. WhatsApp news as well. So we have known that WhatsApp has been taken over by the the house of Zuck as well, and so they have planned privacy updates, etc. And basically, if you do not agree to their changes to the privacy changes, you will something it's been unclear. So they have clarified what exactly what exactly is going to happen. Now, if you do not click on the button that says OK to their updated privacy policies, so you have until May 15, at which point you will have

Jason DeFillippo 14:03
something will happen,

Brian Schulmeister 14:04
something will happen for a short time, you will be able to receive calls and notifications, but you will not be able to read or send messages from the app after that point. And this is a that will be a short time, which will span a few weeks, at which point your account will then be put into inactive status. And it says that accounts are generally deleted after 120 days of activity, meaning visibility is set to zero. And you have to and you have to click on the I now agree with your policy changes to reactivate your account.

Jason DeFillippo 14:34
So that's gonna happen. Yeah, okay. Yeah. Are you a WhatsApp user?

Brian Schulmeister 14:40
Uh, I am, but not for any sense of privacy or anything. It's a family group on WhatsApp, where everybody just uses it to kind of talk to each other, rather than, you know, individually texting or group texts. And it's great for that. And I really, you know, it's the same as basically like using Facebook messaging, so I have agreed to the same privacy policies that I would get with Facebook Messenger. So I'm not I'm not trying to, you know, basically start a union that's some podcasting firm where I need to keep things secret.

Jason DeFillippo 15:14
More on that later.

Brian Schulmeister 15:18
Yeah, and I found a really interesting article over at the Atlantic, America's Health will soon be in the hands of very minor internet celebrities. And this is all about the inexplicable reason that we have to spend a lot of money as a country to try to convince people to take a fucking vaccine to stop a pandemic, but apparently we do. And one of the ideas that local health people are coming up with is let's get these influencers because people pay attention to them hashtag ads, to give us you know, fun and and little updates about how you should stay home for the Christmas holidays, and you should wear a mask and you should stop the spread and all that sort of stuff. So yeah, basically, here's a bunch of money. You're an influencer, tell people to be safe. And now people are kind of going up and going, hmm, is this really a good idea?

Jason DeFillippo 16:07
I would just like to point out that the influencers and their parties were one of the biggest, you know, vectors of spreading COVID during the holidays, this is true. So, you know, all you got to do is just either just lock them in their house, you don't have to pay them anything, just lock the gate, and keep them inside their little mansions. Throw some hot dogs over the fence every now and again. You know, turn the sprinklers on so they can get some water out of the hose and that's it this lock him up. So give him money to come out and do a dance. The COVID dance. Yeah, yeah, well, he jabs, jabs

Brian Schulmeister 16:41
some influencers have decided that this would be good for their brand to do the right thing and they're getting paid to do it and the concern of course obviously is here are we training a bunch of people to listen to influencers rather than Oh, I don't know science.

Jason DeFillippo 16:54
Well, as long as somebody's listening I guess maybe it's a good thing

Brian Schulmeister 16:58
I suppose. Yeah, I suppose it is at this point just catch it goddamn vaccine there we influenced somebody give us money we

Jason DeFillippo 17:05
influenced you. I wish I could I wish I could. Oh, but if I only like oh, but here's great news Brian. Cheese is not bad for you this week.

Brian Schulmeister 17:17
What if I put turns out my eggs

Jason DeFillippo 17:20
well then you're playing with fire or playing with fire there all right. God I miss eggs I have to get that glue in the carton you know that no cholesterol goo now but I'm getting I'm getting better at spicing it up but anyway yes, this was over wired that came through yesterday and I'm reading it and this is there's actually no data that supports the fact that cheese is bad for you if anything it's middle of the road and could possibly be good for you.

Brian Schulmeister 17:47
So I was not even aware that cheese was bad for us.

Jason DeFillippo 17:52
Yeah, that's one of the things my doctor told me to stop eating when I got those terrible numbers back then like yeah you got to cut down on everything knock out the eggs cheese because I was eating you know

Brian Schulmeister 18:01
I block a block of government

Jason DeFillippo 18:03
cheese a day but block of cheese and like you know a dozen and a half eggs a weeks right? I did love cheese I still love cheese. vegan cheese has come a long way I must say it's not cheese though. It's not not cheese. No. So next week why Jesus bad for you?

Brian Schulmeister 18:21
All right. Can't wait.

Unknown Speaker 18:33
media can

Brian Schulmeister 18:36
now that they kind of okay but not really 2020 the standard miniseries is done after the 1990s miniseries and given the book has been out forever so no spoiler warnings here your your shit out of luck if you haven't read it and want no spoiler I guess you can fast forward now because saying a no spoiler warning is basically a spoiler warning spoiler

Jason DeFillippo 18:54

Brian Schulmeister 18:54
so I am curious as to why you hated the ending of the book since it wasn't the much derided hand of God sequence Why Why did you despise the end of this book?

Jason DeFillippo 19:04
I thought the run up took so long and was so detailed and then the end just kind of happened very quickly. And I didn't see what I wanted to see which was like something a little bit with more substance in it. It's like okay, they show up, they get put on trial and boom, it's over. Done. It's like it just happened so fast. And it was just like anticlimactic. It was for me it was completely anticlimactic. Okay, I wanted something out of it. And then of course the Lord of the Rings like seven hour finale after Vegas blows up. It's like, Oh, God, we got to like every fucking single storyline has to get tied up. I'm like, you can leave some macguffins in there, Steven. So Alright,

Brian Schulmeister 19:43
fair enough. I disagree with with your take on it, but I understand your take now I understand. Okay.

Jason DeFillippo 19:49
Yeah, yeah, I just thought I just thought it was anticlimactic. But at least there wasn't a fucking alien. I cared.

Brian Schulmeister 19:54
That's always a plus. I hate it. I hate it when the aliens swings in and on the Stephen King book that means I'm out.

Jason DeFillippo 20:00
Okay, I think I got something. We agree about something on Stephen King. How's that?

Brian Schulmeister 20:06
Alright, sounds good to me. In other news Last Week Tonight with john oliver is back. And I would like to I will say I did miss him. I also did not so much miss that feeling of depression and sadness every time the episode ends because he's totally destroyed something and told us how horrible our country is.

Jason DeFillippo 20:24
Yeah, pretty much.

Brian Schulmeister 20:26
The end. At the end of the last one, she went, why does he still live here? He could actually leave. And I was like, I think England's actually probably a bit worse.

Jason DeFillippo 20:36
Yeah, and money and lots of money. He doesn't have to get he can get the the good chicken. He doesn't have to buy the crappy chicken. I got caught up on him last night on my iPhone watching it with my cell signal because there was no internet access in Los Angeles. But yeah, it was it was good having him back. It's pretty much the same. You know how the show is going to be for the most part. So yeah. Yeah, no, I'm happy he's back. I just, I completely forgot. completely forgot. And it was weird because I was on HBO max. The other day watching the hot ones. I'd seen this bounced around. I'm sure you've seen him on YouTube ads for you know, recommended celebrities go get interviewed and eat some hot wings. Yes. And I thought, okay, maybe I'll try it or whatever. And I had nothing to watch. So I popped it on because they've got 20 episodes on HBO max. And I watched the Gordon Ramsay one. And the Idris Elba one is a fantastic little show. It's a clever Johnson's, yeah. Yeah, this guy, Sean Evans, though, is a great interviewer. He has some really interesting questions. So if you haven't seen it before, it's it's a good short little interview show. I was pretty impressed with the quality of the interview. And just made me want to eat some chicken wings, though. Yeah, yeah. Then I watched john oliver. And I'm like, I've never eaten chicken again.

Brian Schulmeister 21:58
I saw this story making the rounds. And it was pretty funny. I'm not a twitch person. But twitch does broadcast an awful lot of stuff. And apparently they they broadcast Blizzcon the entire thing and Metallica performed at BlizzCon 2021. Because you know, it's not like you can go play concerts or anything. So might as well stream yourself playing show. And they abruptly cut off and dubbed over the performance with with a wildly out of character accordion driven folk piece because they were concerned about being taken down for copyright issues.

Jason DeFillippo 22:30
I know. But you got to give them credit for what they played over it.

Brian Schulmeister 22:32
No, no, very clever. So very funny. Yeah, so people were very upset about this. And apparently, twitch was not, even though they had permission to broadcast all of Blizzcon. Nobody had talked to the lawyers and thought of the T cross the t.of the eye, you don't want to do it the other way around that he looked like an idiot. And basically didn't make sure that they had the rights to actually stream the music itself. So Better safe than sorry, they just didn't do it. And this is one of my rare defenses of the music industry. I will say that they are all the labels are attempting to make deals with all of these digital services. I know this because everybody has worked from home including one of the persons that is trying to make all these deals with all those services. So over here, a lot of phone calls. And they're definitely trying to make all the deals with digital services and they are doing it pennies on the dollar typically, because the digital streaming services all claim they can't afford any of this. And there's definitely a prevailing attitude of why should we pay? So you got to pay. Sorry, you don't get to just okay, broadcast music for free.

Jason DeFillippo 23:32
Nope, nope. And yeah, I had I had just a an episode this week. Every now and again, I like to go back and listen to the Blues Brothers soundtrack a couple songs on there really enjoy it. So I pop open Spotify. I know I've got it on there. And I really was in the mood for some Ray Charles. Shake a Tailfeather scroll to get to the album scroll down. grayed out. The fuck. It's like the whole albums here. Except that song. And the other song that I wanted to listen to which is Minnie the moocher by Cab Calloway. Both of the songs that I like are gone, except the rest of the album is there? Why? Why? Why? Why? So go over to Apple, the whole albums there? What the fuck? Why would if you're licensing the album, ask your wife this if you're at licensing the whole album? Why do some tracks disappear every now and again? Or do you know the answer to that

Brian Schulmeister 24:19
depends on who owns the publishing. Especially for something like a soundtrack because it's not one artist. It's a bunch of different artists. So it will you will typically see that on soundtracks because there could be 20 different rights holders, so they don't have to deal with one of the rights holders. They can't put that song up.

Jason DeFillippo 24:37
They need to fix the law on that. That's bullshit. If you're on the soundtrack, you have to like pool in with everybody and all the deals go with the everybody on the soundtrack.

Brian Schulmeister 24:46
Well, I mean effort it is now obviously because you know that that is part of the deal now but when these original contracts were written for the Blues Brothers, nobody knew what a streaming network was. They did not exist. So there was no deals made for streaming networks. So what the, you know, what they have to do is they have to go back and make those deals for all the old stuff, which is a slow process.

Jason DeFillippo 25:08
Yeah, and it's annoying too, because I own the damn CD. I own the plastic of it. And I can't get any of these shitty ass streaming services to, to just let me use the stuff that I own. It used to be able to do that. Not anymore. And of course, you know, killing a fucking era. You can't even get that anywhere. Nope. so dumb, stupid. But speaking of Spotify, being dumb, they are going to launch Spotify. Hi, fi. Apparently they've never heard of

Brian Schulmeister 25:34
promo or title. You can listen to all the other songs from the Blues Brothers soundtrack and very high definition through your shitty headphones.

Jason DeFillippo 25:41
Yes, yes. Well, I listened on my Bose quietcomfort two which actually are very nice headphones, but not when I'm out running. I stick the little plastic nubs in my ear and I couldn't care less if it's hi fi or not.

Brian Schulmeister 25:54
Exactly. You know, good on them. I there is a market out there for this. Obviously, they must have done the research. There are enough people. I guess. We'll see.

Jason DeFillippo 26:05
Yeah, it's like oh, we got it. Maybe we'll get a few shekels out of somebody and they'll forget and then they'll just keep paying for it.

Brian Schulmeister 26:12
That's really what it comes down to is they've got all this stuff in high fives so why not offer it it's you know flip a switch try to get some more money

Jason DeFillippo 26:20
and it's going to be in CD quality CD quality that's that's hi fi now CD quality from No shit we had in the 80s

Brian Schulmeister 26:29
yeah no comment like if I'm gonna pay extra for hi fi then I want like I want flack I want I want above

Jason DeFillippo 26:36
Yeah, quality 192 bit flax. You know? Exactly. I want that would I want somebody to drive to my house with a studio masters and play them on ancient hardware?

Brian Schulmeister 26:46
I want Metallica in my front lawn.

Jason DeFillippo 26:49
See? That's what that that's what that's why Pono failed because Neil Young would do that he would just drive to your house and if he played his song he would just play it for you.

Brian Schulmeister 26:57
He actually delivered the device if you ordered one

Jason DeFillippo 26:59
yeah. There he really could have the time to do that. Well that were sold probably. And in in Tickle, tickle my heart. I'm fired news. Host of reply. All podcast takes leave of absence after accusations of toxic culture. Now, we always say Reply All is the podcast that we call shit we already knew. And yeah, except they get 5 million downloads a month, then. I don't think we've ever hit 5 million.

Brian Schulmeister 27:28
I think we might be at that total. Yeah, we're

Jason DeFillippo 27:32
pretty close. Oh, yeah. You know what we definitely are because I think we had 1.2 million last year and we're coming up on eight years. So extrapolate that out over time. But anyway, they were doing a they were doing a piece on bone appetit. And somebody is about like the toxic culture at bone appetit. And somebody pointed out, Hey, guys, this is pretty funny because what you're pointing out at bone appetit is exactly why I don't work at that company anymore. You lie in hypocritical bastards. And, yep, two people have left that one of Mr. vacht pj vocht. Okay. He was one of the hosts and senior reporter through the pinna money, Pinta, I practice this one to pin them in any There you go. I guess it's close enough that they've left and or they've stepped back from their work. Reply also. They may be back at some point, but

Brian Schulmeister 28:30
I I'm also stepping back from my work.

Jason DeFillippo 28:32
Yes. Instead of saying I'm fired, alright. Yes, they've stepped back.

Brian Schulmeister 28:38
Well, okay. There you go. Apparently, they were doing some not very good things. And this is deserved. So canceled culture, my assets, its consequence culture. I love that.

Jason DeFillippo 28:49
Here's the great part. If you have friends that were really big fans of reply all and they didn't know about grumpy old geeks tell them about us to fill that void in their life. We don't have a toxic work culture, and we're not racist. So there we go.

Brian Schulmeister 29:03
And even if we were there's only two of us that work here and I'm not offended

Jason DeFillippo 29:06
by exactly There we go. I did see the Mortal Kombat trailer for the new movie. It's the Mortal Kombat series. So what are they gonna do? I mean, I still like the first one, you know, the Tracy Lord song. And that was fantastic. I like all the music and the first one I really, really enjoyed. The actual movie itself definitely left a lot to be desired. Shocking. Yeah. The the Johnny Cage Scorpion fight, though, is still the best part of the movie. I still like that fight. But this actually looks really good. I'm amazed. So it's coming out on April 16, on HBO max and the COVID theaters around the world. So if you want to go catch COVID and catch and catch a matinee, go for it, or you can stay at home and watch it on HBO, Max,

Brian Schulmeister 29:53
and maybe listen to the whole soundtrack on Spotify, or maybe just a few songs,

Jason DeFillippo 29:57
ups and doodads Brian, I missed our Kickstarter segments on this show Kickstarter in the balls right now. We should bring that back sometime. Except then we'd have to look at Kickstarter.

Brian Schulmeister 30:08
No don't want to do. Apparently we don't have to anymore. Right

Jason DeFillippo 30:11
now Amazon has launched a program like Kickstarter that lets people vote on new products to build. Whoo,

Brian Schulmeister 30:17
now. And then if the product is successful, how long before Amazon rolls out there Amazon's basics version of it.

Jason DeFillippo 30:23
Well, I'm pretty sure that these are Amazon products, aren't

Brian Schulmeister 30:26
they? Are they? Are they developed internally by Amazon? Are they actually? Okay, good, good on them. We call that market testing. But I guess that's,

Jason DeFillippo 30:35
that's it? Yeah, yeah, that's exactly what it is. They're trying to find product market fit. And they're going to use you to do it with right. You know, you still can use Kickstarter for that, too. That's what a lot of people do. If it doesn't, they iterate on a product. If it doesn't have traction, then they don't make it, you know. So there.

Brian Schulmeister 30:50
There you go. All right. Well, I've been trying to deal with this massive monitor that you and I both purchased. And you mentioned the magnet app last week, I believe. And I bought it and downloaded it and it is very good. It does what it says on the tin. It's very nice in terms of snapping windows around very quickly. So I can do podcasting or switch back to whatever else I'm doing with my life, which is not much these days. But Would it kill them to add preset options? That's the only thing missing. I was very surprised. Like, I looked around. I was like, how do I save this window set as a preset? So when I launch it, I can just go boop, click a button and all the windows go exactly where I'd had them set. But that does not exist on satellite. So which is a bummer. I would like to see that. Especially since it's not a free app I paid.

Jason DeFillippo 31:34
Yeah. 499 499. I got a question for the audience. Here I am. I'm going to learn premiere I've been working in Final Cut Pro. And all my friends use premiere. And I'm asking everybody I know. And I'm sure that there are a lot of premiere users out there because it seems premier is the de facto you know, it's career but it uses premiere. Yeah, it is the premiere product. So I'm looking for good tutorials or classes on on on premiere, so that I can get up to speed really quickly with since we have some video here now that I'm going to be working with, I found that ScreenFlow Pro is actually my favorite video editor at this point. Because it's their timeline setup is so easy to use. You just drag drop cut, put in all your effects and everything and it's done. Just do the audio separately. But I need to learn premiere. So any tips out there from the audience, please send them to

Unknown Speaker 32:26
at the library

Jason DeFillippo 32:35
I stepped out of the books that I was reading because the new book by Adam Grant is out called think again the power of knowing what you don't know. And I love Adam Grant. I love everything about him. And so I'm like I jumped whenever his new books come out and I love this book. It's mostly about how to come to grips with yourself and not freak out when you don't know something and admit you don't know something and change your opinions easily and not get hung up on you know. It's not Baader Meinhof. What's the one? Dunning Kruger You know, there's a lot of Dunning Kruger in here. And I love I love how he talks about making trips to the top of Mount stupid, which we all do all the time, and how to just change your beliefs. And it's a really good book. I'm actually on my second listen to it right now. So excellent. It's like everybody should read this book. It's really, really good.

Brian Schulmeister 33:27
Yeah, that would be nice if people actually did that sort of thing. So I'll check it out.

Jason DeFillippo 33:33
I'd love it. Yeah,

Brian Schulmeister 33:35
I'm sure I would. I've finished to what I call my crapper sci fi books. So it's just simple, easy, boring sci fi by some authors that just basically literally spit the shit out. Like these guys probably drop a book every three months, which is pretty crazy. So I finished cyber war, which is World War SCI Book Three by Matthew Mather. It was a fun fun little series. You know a lot of stuff that we've talked about near future drone wars, destroying everything people hacking into satellites, all that sort of stuff. Good series you know, normal sort of stuff run around you know, basically written to become a movie but never will happen because limited people that would be interested in this sort of thing. And then I also finished the last colony long winter trilogy Book Three. So I finished off a couple trilogies this weekend by ag riddle. Now this one surprised me. I have to say the first two books standard sci fi world is getting destroyed. Let's figure out a way to get off the planet let's find somewhere else to live queue problems with, with you know, alien pathogens and all that sort of stuff. Some AI involved in there too. You got some robots running around doing nefarious deeds, kind of your bog standard stuff. Halfway through Book Three. This thing took a fucking turn for like I am shooting for the stars. I am trying to write a foundation. I am trying to solve the mysteries of the entire universe I am all of a sudden, he introduced all these insane ideas about the universe. And it got really super interesting. And then it went right back to just a standard sci fi crap or sci fi ending and I was like, What the fuck was that middle part? Was he did he sit down and write all three of these books? Drop a tab of acid. The fucking shit hit right for these couple chapters where it got fucking crazy and insane and then all of a sudden it wore off. You just finished the series as per normal. I've never been so blown away by it. One portion of a book that did not fit in with anything else at all.

Jason DeFillippo 35:31
But was it was it really good that that was Yeah, it

Brian Schulmeister 35:33
was great. Like,

Jason DeFillippo 35:35
I want more of that. Yeah, write him and tell him man just say Hey, yo, ag get on it. Yeah,

Brian Schulmeister 35:42
yeah. You reach for the stars briefly and you'd fucking nailed it. Anyways, that was really interesting, but they're they're all just great simple sci fi stories.

Jason DeFillippo 35:54
Ilan is back in the house. Oh, deary deary me Ilan, let me teach you something here. When you buy something like Bitcoin, and you tweet about it and it goes up. The thing you're not supposed to do is say, well that's worth too much now and watch the price drop. Now if I was a Tesla shareholder which I know you are, I wouldn't be about as pissed off as pissed off could be at this because yeah, they own a lot of Bitcoin now and Bitcoin has been dropping like a stone. So has Tesla, it seems Oh, and apple and every other tech stock?

Brian Schulmeister 36:29
Yes. Whether they call it a correction

Jason DeFillippo 36:32
in the market? Well, I'm I'm keeping an eye on that correction, because I got my finger on the trigger. Jump back in. So right. Yeah, I

Brian Schulmeister 36:41
mean, you know, somebody

said, I can't remember somebody tweeted us saying that, that Elan musk should go to jail for for gaming the market at which point you gotta remember Bitcoin, not a market, not a market regulated, people can do whatever the fuck they want, which is why you should be very careful with Bitcoin.

Jason DeFillippo 36:59
Very careful, very, very careful. And what you should also be very careful about is zoom. Every week, there's some moron and this goes along again. An entire California School Board has had to has had to tweet, I'm fired again. Because this is the Oakley union Elementary School District up in Northern California. And so they were just having a little fireside chat and just pissing and moaning about how stupid the parents are, and how much they hate them. And they hate their job. They hate the kids. And then somebody tapped him on the shoulder and said, this is being broadcast to the public. Oops, this is you're fired. You're fired. Somebody who should be fired, but can't be apparently is Gwyneth Paltrow. She's back. She's back from goop land. Took her it took her about a year and but she finally figured it out. She figured out how to monetize COVID Okay, and if she's going with the long COVID story now, like, Oh, I had it early, and now I've got long COVID All right. I'm not like the longer series. Those were those were much better than the

Brian Schulmeister 38:13
Let me guess she has a bunch of very expensive products that helps her get through her travails,

Jason DeFillippo 38:18
including an 80 $600 gold necklace that she wears when she's hiking. Yes.

Brian Schulmeister 38:24
All right, everybody out there hiking. If you see Gwyneth Paltrow, you know, she's carrying some serious cash.

Jason DeFillippo 38:29
Exactly. Here's my goop bear spray that I'm going to use to rob you.

Brian Schulmeister 38:35
This is bad operational security going if I'm just saying.

Jason DeFillippo 38:39
Exactly. I don't know. So yeah, I just thought it was funny that she is now now cashing in on it while she's been cashing it on both for 30 years now. Yes, her exploding vagina candles and Gwyneth Gwyneth gwenyth.

Unknown Speaker 38:58

Jason DeFillippo 39:02
We're joined again this week by Dave Bittner. Dave is the host of the cyber wire podcast and also the co host of the social engineering podcast hacking humans with Joe Kerrigan, as well as the co host of caveat with Ben yelin, where they discuss lawn policy as well as surveillance and privacy. Nice to see you, Dave.

Dave Bittner 39:18
Thank you very much. Good to be back.

Jason DeFillippo 39:20
So I take it looking at the notes here that we are taking a hiatus from the Wars of star

Brian Schulmeister 39:26
to talk about the show, it's time to get things started.

Dave Bittner 39:31
The It's the new content that we have. So yes, and I am I am thrilled by it. I am I am enjoying my journey through these old Muppet Show episodes. Some of them which haven't been available for a long time. Yeah, and it's been great and it's really reminded me just how good these shows were and just how good the original Muppet performers were. And I put a link to a little clip in here from one of the episodes from Season Four. I believe it was the Linda Lavin episode but it's a scene with Statler and Waldorf who are the two hecklers up in the balcony? Us and yeah, yeah. Right, exactly. And, but it's this tender moment between the two of them, they do this song together, it was a very good year. And it's just striking to me how this kid show, you know, this kids variety show has these, these deep, tender moving moments between a couple of puppets. And, and I think that was the magic of what Jim Henson was able to do. He was able to imbue these these characters with real depth. And, and they weren't afraid to, to love you to love each other to show that they cared for each other, and they felt each other. And I think that was a real part of that magic. And I feel like that's a big part of what's missing with the modern incarnation of the Muppets, that somehow that slipped away,

Brian Schulmeister 41:07
you know, you should try actually, believe it or not watching the Muppet Babies cartoon. The writing is phenomenal. It's not obviously, to this level, but they do do that. It's it's a, it's one of the rare instances. And this is what the Muppet Show was when we were kids of children's programming that was written for the entire family, adults could do as well, because they put the real human issues in there. So much so that I saw and this could be because we no longer have a president that likes to tweet from the crapper three in the morning that I saw the Muppet Show caused a kerfuffle online because apparently Disney felt the need to add trigger warnings to the Muppet Show,

Jason DeFillippo 41:47
for them to help it

Unknown Speaker 41:48
show to them up

Brian Schulmeister 41:49
well, they did deal with some real issues. And but apparently kids these days have to be warned that there might be reality coming.

Dave Bittner 41:58
There's something like I would we I think we have 118 of the 120 episodes are available there too, that aren't available. One is the Brooke Shields episode. There's some music rights. And there's another one with a gentleman whose name escapes me right now, who turns out had a little issue with child pornography.

Jason DeFillippo 42:16
So the Michael Jackson, they left that one.

Dave Bittner 42:20
We probably never see that episode, certainly on Disney plus ever again,

Brian Schulmeister 42:25
just where it belongs,

Dave Bittner 42:27
I'm sure. And I'm sure it's available in Sweden, but but there's a dozen or so episodes that have this little 10 second thing and it's the standard thing like you see in front of Warner Brothers cartoons that say it was a different time people had different sensibilities, you know that. That joke was funny back then. And it may not be now. So basically,

Brian Schulmeister 42:48
they just show that the entire time of Song of the South. You actually never see the movie you just see.

Jason DeFillippo 42:53

Dave Bittner 42:54
Right. Right. Yeah. So as as is the way these days the folks on certain cable news networks have revved up the the engine, the outrage engine that we get. And I think they're saying like, we can't even have the Muppet, even the Muppets are being canceled. And then they're not. They're

Brian Schulmeister 43:14
not actually all. They're all.

Dave Bittner 43:17
They're all there. And there's a little 10 second warning ahead of time. And if they didn't put that warning up, you know, they'd be outraged that they were

Brian Schulmeister 43:26
broadcasting this to our children. Right, without without a warning. How dare they so so very similar to the whole idea of tweeting that you were being repressed and have no free speech. Well, you just tweeted it. So right. And I read it. Right.

Dave Bittner 43:41
Right. I'm on the most popular cable news program in the free world and complaining that I'm being censored. Yes. So what are you gonna do? What do you do? Oh, God.

Jason DeFillippo 43:52
Let's talk about clubhouse for a second.

Dave Bittner 43:53
Do we have to?

Brian Schulmeister 43:54

Jason DeFillippo 43:55
I know, Brian. That's gonna talk about this for a second. It's been bugging me a lot that every every news story that you see talks about clubhouse and how it's such a nice private network and the people can't be recorded. And you know, you can talk freely. And we all know that's BS. Brian and I talked about this a little bit on the show last time, and I've actually been doing some little videos that I'm gonna start releasing to say, No, this is how you do it. Don't do it. Because it's against the terms of service and it might be illegal in your state, blah, blah, blah. But this is how you do it if you would like to. I'm sure Ben Yellin would probably yell at me for that because it's the smartest thing. But now clever people than myself have figured out a way to tap into the actual API's that clubhouse uses to get to their provider to just pull the stream straight and rebroadcast them to everybody else. Now, this seems like I don't know bad security to start with. And, like how can how easy is it to hijack these streams and put them out there if you just like what running one Wireshark on your network, so you can see the access tokens and pull them and go. It's really just, I mean, piss poor operations over there. And they're saying, oh, now we're gonna ban people who do it, who we catch and things like that. But I just want to keep reiterating to people. If you're on clubhouse, and you're saying things, it's not private, and it's probably be being recorded, and probably being recorded in Beijing as well. Yeah, since the parent company is a US and Chinese company, and Yep, they've even put in the new terms of service and clubhouse that we are recording you for quality assurance.

Brian Schulmeister 45:33
We're recording you, but don't you record it?

Jason DeFillippo 45:36
Yeah, you're allowed to record.

Dave Bittner 45:38
Do as we say, not as we do. Exactly.

Jason DeFillippo 45:40
Yeah, I, I read the Terms of Service on clubhouse. And they say that no recording is permitted, permitted without written permission from all the participants. So if you get written permission from everybody, and I don't know if that Oh, wait, there are no comments that you can write in. So you can't get written permission on the platform. They should have verbal permission as well. If you've got a fax, you have to fax it.

Unknown Speaker 46:03

Unknown Speaker 46:04
that's the way it works and carry it over. Yeah.

Dave Bittner 46:07
I suspect that's a CIA thing for the states, like my state where we're a two party consent state. So they're just trying to cover themselves for that sort of thing when it comes to audio recordings. Yeah. I've seen a lot of First of all, Jason Yes, you're right that the security is lacking. But I've seen a lot of people commenting about how clubhouses up rising their their their origin is very much mirrors Facebook, in that you have this app called into say Hot or Not? Well, the fact that it's the first thing clubhouse asks you for is all of your contacts. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Right. And I'm like, I'm not making that mistake again. You know, we made that mistake with Facebook a decade ago.

Brian Schulmeister 46:59
So it's this contact list that I don't even really remember anymore. From face. Right. Thanks.

Dave Bittner 47:04
Right. And that they're, you know, this starting up quickly, before getting all the security things in place and

Jason DeFillippo 47:14
move fast and break things.

Dave Bittner 47:16
Right. Exactly. Exactly. So

Brian Schulmeister 47:18
I mean, I used to give companies like this a bit of a pass. It's it's like you you build your product and Okay, you didn't you're in a hurry, you've got a low budget you have you don't have a huge staff. So you don't you don't stress test it. You don't see, you know, okay, how can anybody who wants to break this, but at this point in the in the evolution of our internet and technology, how do you launch a product without stress testing it? I don't write down that anymore.

Dave Bittner 47:44
Right. Right. And that was another element that I think people are comparing to Facebook is that it's in this invitation only mode where Facebook had limited access when it started. And so you know, I suppose they could say that they're still they're still in? Are they still technically in beta? It's invitation only beta. Is that what they're calling it?

Jason DeFillippo 48:03
I think it's still hard.

Dave Bittner 48:05
Yeah, it's not hard to get an invite. Certainly, but yeah, so I don't know. I I honestly, I got as far on clubhouse as them asking me for all of my contacts and bailed. So I have it on my phone. I actually checked before we did this recording today to see just to sort of refresh my memory on it. And I have not been in any clubhouse activity. So I can't, I can claim only ignorance about how it actually works. Have you guys been Jason, you must have been checking it out, right?

Jason DeFillippo 48:37
Yeah, I went to a bunch of rooms and there's a lot of hustle porn stars on there trying to teach you how to get rich, how to, you know, level up your social media game, how to take the perfect selfie, and crap like that. And you know, they're all basically trading tips and tricks and things like that. I've been in a few podcasting rooms where they give out terrible advice. Basically, all the podcast rooms I've been in terrible advice is Blue Yeti.

Yeti $149 butt plug. So it but yeah, you know, it's one of those things where it's like you have to kind of have it on and listening to it. And it's just not that entertaining. Because people that are on there aren't really professional speakers. So they're just trying to it's like a really boring phone call for the most part,

Brian Schulmeister 49:28
which is, which is what I find absolutely hilarious, especially since because clubhouse is somewhat taken off now. Now all the social media companies want to roll out competitors. We have a beta test or a long standing social experiment going on with these things that we are holding in our hands called cell phones. We do everything we possibly fucking can to avoid actually using the phone portion of the cell phone yet the app that is popular right now is basically a fucking phone call a party line.

Jason DeFillippo 50:01

Dave Bittner 50:02
that all comes full circle now.

Jason DeFillippo 50:05
Yes, you did. And you can still do that, right? I mean, you can just do that on your discord channel. It comes with free audio chat. So you can just do the same thing there. I don't understand why you need a new thing to do it.

Brian Schulmeister 50:15
Well, it's partially partially again, it's the way it rolls out. And it's human nature, right? It became this, they were very smart with the way they rolled it out. In addition to making everybody that's using it, beta testers, it was exclusive. Everybody wanted to get the invite. Everybody wanted to get in there to this cool new thing. And that's all it is. So

Jason DeFillippo 50:33
and now that everybody's in there, it's not cool. And it's not new. And it's barely a thing. Yeah, but people are still about the new people are coming in. There aren't the tech savvy people. And it's just like when they get on the internet for the first time. They're gonna do stupid things that are going to come back to haunt them later. Yeah,

Dave Bittner 50:50
we did see this morning. It came by I think we got a press release from a security company who is instead of doing a standard webinar, they're going to be doing the webinar in clubhouse.

Jason DeFillippo 51:01
So I've seen those. Yeah,

Dave Bittner 51:03
yeah, sure. I

Jason DeFillippo 51:04
want it to sound terrible. Thanks.

Brian Schulmeister 51:07
And have less I guess,

Dave Bittner 51:08
just because it's the cool shiny thing. So look how cool and hip we are. We're doing our way on our in clubhouse that. I think that's all there is to it. I think from a security point of view, the old advice about email, don't put anything in an email that you wouldn't put on a postcard. I think yeah, that applies to clubhouse as well. Just use it at your own peril.

Jason DeFillippo 51:30
The nice thing about clubhouse over zoom is you can't get caught masturbating easily on Well,

Brian Schulmeister 51:36
not a will. There's a way if you're particularly vocal.

Unknown Speaker 51:42
What are you doing Dave?

Brian Schulmeister 51:43
I'm being chased by a bear. I swear.

Dave Bittner 51:48
I just really worked out about this security news. I when I when?

Brian Schulmeister 52:00
Good times. Alright, so moving on. We got a message from URI from simi. I'm assuming Simi Valley, a couple episodes behind. So pardon. If you have already discussed Did you hear about the Mac malware that seems to infected 30,000 devices that keeps calling back to some control server every hour asking for new commands. So far, it seems that nothing has happened. But the assumption is one day some criteria will be met. And it may do something kind of creepy. More here and a link from Red Canary talking about it. So yeah, I heard about this soon. pretty quick. Pretty quick that the they got into those end ones, right?

Jason DeFillippo 52:33
Yeah, I checked mine this morning. And it's squeaky clean. So I'm not one of those. But yeah, it's very Oh, is

Dave Bittner 52:39
that what did you? What did you use to check Jason? Because I've been looking around for? I mean, I've seen indicators of compromised, but I haven't seen any kind of, you know, run this tool. And it'll tell you if you have it or not. Is it

Jason DeFillippo 52:51
a series of command line? Copy and Paste basically just wrapping and things like that? Yeah.

Dave Bittner 52:58
Okay. Okay.

Jason DeFillippo 52:59
Yeah, you can find out if you've got it. But nobody's really said how to get rid of like, it's like her right?

Brian Schulmeister 53:05
It's kind of like COVID

Dave Bittner 53:07
Yeah, evidently, it has some kind of kill switch built in. So I don't understand why they're not artificially triggering the kill switch. There's no payload so far. There's no indication of where it came from, or how people are getting it. But the fact that they think about 30,000 Mac's that they know of so far. I've been infected with it. That's troubling. And as you said, Jason, I think the they're they're compiling it for the new m one chip, which means it's current, it's up to date. They're staying current. So

Unknown Speaker 53:41

Dave Bittner 53:44
Yeah, right. Really? For sure. So yeah, I don't know what to make of it. It's it's sort of creepy that nobody, there's just no indication as to what it might be used for. But or when

Jason DeFillippo 53:57
it's not good. It would be just a proof of concept that got out of the lab.

Dave Bittner 54:01
Could be kind of like COVID. Yeah. But I hope we'll see is some kind of, don't start to hope we'll see is some kind of, you know, easy, easy tool. It's easier than using the command line so people can quickly check to see if they have it or not, and maybe even remove it. That's, that'd be nice. Yes, that

Brian Schulmeister 54:21
would be good.

Jason DeFillippo 54:22
I guess. Malwarebytes already has it built in to check for it. So if you're using that, that will scan for it.

Dave Bittner 54:27
Yeah, I did see that Apple has revoked the certificates to the whoever it came from. That's kind of you know, horses left the barn that stops new and new infections. Apple has an Apple has stuff running on your system that's looking for malware. Apple just tends to be really quiet about it. And they can go in and kill a file if they want to. They have they have the ability to do it. They I can only think of one time when they've actually done that that I know of where there was a bit of malware Were that Apple actually went in and remotely wipe something so to album. Yeah, that's the opposite of that. Right? They will never live that down. No, they will not. So the time will tell I guess this is one of those mysterious ones. Nothing bad has happened yet, but it is ominous that it occurred at all. Yep, I put this last one in here, which I thought was fascinating. Nvidia has released some new with their latest round of graphics cards. They come with anti crypto mining software drivers,

Brian Schulmeister 55:42
and sold my Bitcoin at the right time.

Dave Bittner 55:46
Well, it's kind of fascinating, because what at least what they're saying in their press releases is that they're doing this to try to make it so that gamers can get their hands on these graphics cards because the crypto miners buy them up so fast. And you know, game game the systems no pun intended to just buy them in bulk. And so if you're a gamer, it's been hard to get your hands on these. So they put in some software that basically looks to see if your crypto mining and if you are it slows the system down by about 50% they say and Nvidia is making a special version of the card just for crypto mining. So it makes sense Do you want to do by this version? It makes total sense. It reminded me it is a total sort of Side Story tangent here. But it reminded me of years ago, probably a decade ago or so when Adobe was you doing some acceleration in After Effects based on some of these GPUs. Nvidia I think was Nvidia GPUs. And at the time Nvidia had, they had their gaming GPUs and they had their workstation GPUs. And they would run about the same speed. I mean, they were pretty comparable technology. But the gaming CPUs cost about a third of what the workstation CPUs did. And for some reason that they had, they had throttled, they figured out a way to throttle the gaming CPUs. So that you couldn't just they wouldn't work so well to accelerate things like after effects. And I did some digging on it at the time. And it turns out that what they had done is they had throttled the ability of the machine to get the information back from the card back to the machine. So the machine the card was able to get the information from your computer, render it out and put it on the screen really, really quickly, which for gaming is what you want. For 3d rendering programs. You want to get the information to the card, have it rendered really quickly, and then send it back to the computer to be used in your rendering and your compositing and your you know, your 3d stuff. And they had purposefully on the gaming machines crippled the ability to get the data back from the card to the CPU. I know that's scintillating content and but it was, it was it was it was interesting to me at the time. And so I share for no other reason than to hear myself talk. So there you go.

Brian Schulmeister 58:23
Well, while you while you were telling that story, I actually I went up in my own head and got really sad because when you said Oh, why a long time ago, perhaps maybe even a decade ago, my mind went Oh, the 90s and then I went Oh no.

Jason DeFillippo 58:36
Nope, no. 2010s Yeah.

Brian Schulmeister 58:39
Oh, no, no, no. And then I got very sad.

Dave Bittner 58:43
Isn't that a funny thing? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So anyway, I just thought that was interesting that Nvidia has recognized that they need to get these cards in the hands of gamers and have crippled it for crypto mining to do like it's

Brian Schulmeister 58:58
also just incredibly smart to recognize that there is an entire other audience there and to build cards specifically for these these miners. I mean, they're you've known for five six years now that people are buying your cards just for this why not make one and market one directly to them? I mean that surprised it took them this long.

Dave Bittner 59:18
Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

Jason DeFillippo 59:20
So the great part about the the whole crypto mining with the card thing is that you can get really cheap cards. As soon as the next ones come out, you know, if you just want to stay one generation behind, they mean they throw these things away as soon as they they're done with them so you can get them super cheap. Yeah, yeah. So that was also what Max and can't use them.

Brian Schulmeister 59:41
I mean, we know that these things use up and incredible like if you build a rig, it's just using tons of energy and it's generating all these heat and I was thinking you know, in college, college kids these days when I went to college, they used to like kind of scan the area for heat signatures because you were growing weed in your closet and these college kids have these Bitcoin mining Fucking things stuck in their in their college closets. Like how times have changed.

Dave Bittner 1:00:06
Yeah, yeah, no, I remember I had I had an office space once, you know, but five years ago that when all this was first starting and with the office space came free electricity I didn't I was not paying for utilities and go, I got asked by more than one person like so not metering your electricity. Have you ever thought about installing some Bitcoin mining rigs? And I was like, you know, I think if we got to the point where just my unit was heating the entire building that would probably draw some attention and they tell me to cut it out. So never pursued that. but evidently, that's a real thing.

Jason DeFillippo 1:00:45
The irony of it all is people like in colleges are mining Bitcoin so they can use the Bitcoin to go buy weed, they could have just skipped a step.

Dave Bittner 1:00:53
cut out the middleman. Yeah, that's true.

Jason DeFillippo 1:00:55
That's true. save the planet. Right, organic. Right. All right. All right, guys.

Dave Bittner 1:01:01
Well, that's what I have this week. Good seeing you guys. All right, seeing

Jason DeFillippo 1:01:05
you as well. Yep. Until next week,

Dave Bittner 1:01:09
talk to you next time.

Jason DeFillippo 1:01:14
over at Patreon, we've got nobody again, what's going on what's going on over there. And just so you know, if you're a Patreon subscriber, you get the show a little early without ads and in high definition, just like Pono and Soto's high farnesina. Spotify, ifI. But over at PayPal, we've got john Andre, Tom Vincent, is that john Andre or john and Andre? is john Andre. It is john Andre. Well, you never use last names you have to Josh donator.

Brian Schulmeister 1:01:44
That's not it's not a last name. It's a second name. MIT. Okay.

Jason DeFillippo 1:01:47
Yes. You know, thank you for the clarification. JOHN, Andre, Tom, Vincent, Michelle, Joseph, Michael, Andrew, john, Mark, and Jeffrey, thank you all so, so much.

Brian Schulmeister 1:01:57
Thank you. And over on Twitter klepto. Shout out to Jason for recommending Kim's convenience on the last episode of The Gog podcast. Binge it all in three days, and I can't wait for the new episode that's continuing the new trend of Jason getting complimented for things I've done.

Jason DeFillippo 1:02:11
Yep. Hey, at least I pointed it out. I reverse the credit. Okay. And warrior rights and I bet one can find you both sexist for not being open about all real and made up genders though. This is in response to my my tweet about Reply All is is let's see if they even touch this only lootable topic.

Brian Schulmeister 1:02:32
Not going to touch it because you're right. It is only reusable. Yeah, there's there's no way we know. There's no winning. Anthony writes in I feel like a horrible person. I've missed like 15 episodes. I need to work outside again. Dude, I am so far behind on all of my podcasts is ridiculous. So I feel your pain. But listen to us, or at least just download us.

Jason DeFillippo 1:02:50
Yeah, don't give them an out, man. Come on. Jc writes in, it's old but interesting. Who would you kill and play this killer self driving car ethics game? This is the old MIT game from back in 2016 the trolley problem game? I'd kill them all. Kill him. Oh, yeah.

Brian Schulmeister 1:03:05
I actually did it. I did it. And I thought it was an interesting study. I do. You know, in the real world, you don't get a little button that tells you information about the people that you're choosing to kill. So, you know, yeah, I'm not gonna know if that's actually a professor that I'm about to run over or not. So it's a it's

Jason DeFillippo 1:03:23
Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Use your intuition. So yes. You got to figure out if the guy in the hoodie is actually a tech billionaire. Or if he's a homeless person. It's hard to tell nowadays.

Brian Schulmeister 1:03:34
It is homeless or tech billionaire. New game. Adam, Starbuck. I accidentally listened to the expanse on prime spoilers on on your podcast. I was still surprised when watching Episode 10. But I think it was a good warning. So thanks, guys. Yeah, yeah, we gave a lot of warnings on that one.

Jason DeFillippo 1:03:50
Yep. And Dave writes, and you've done it again, you kill Daft Punk by talking about them on the show a few a few episodes back. You'd like to an amazing live concert for them that was just released after listening to it. I've been nonstop bingeing all old def punk. Now they're broken up.

Brian Schulmeister 1:04:06
Yeah. A lot of people wrote us about this. Marc Andre did as well. So you guys talked about Daft Punk? Didn't you sad news? The best concert I've ever been to as well when they came to Montreal for the live tour. Yeah, I mean, you know, they've had a very good run. 28 years is a long time for a band and actually made me feel extremely old. Can you Daft Punk spin around for 28 years. I was like, God, I'm fucking old. But for me that 2007 was kind of the end of it. They change sound after that. So I haven't really followed them too much. But, you know, it's always sad when the band like goes away calls a day. I personally think they're just driving up their reunion price for Coachella whenever that comes back.

Jason DeFillippo 1:04:42
Yeah, that's just priming the pump. That's all Yep. You lost it looks like I got Vincent roulette. Oh.

Brian Schulmeister 1:04:53
And actually, we just had another one come in that I didn't paste in for you. So Lucky you.

Jason DeFillippo 1:04:57
That's okay. Next okay. Brian and Jason just heard the latest episode and I'm happy it brought a chair to your day as it did to mine To be honest, I don't remember much of what I post to you. Maybe it's the whiskey No shit, Vincent, we know that. But here's a $30 American US dollar donation on PayPal, we'll take it. This is also a good chance for me to test my new revolute account with PayPal, I actually had to look it up to see if he misspelled it. But no, it's actually a thing revolute. And he talks a little bit about transaction fees and things like that, which will save you the time and care about listening to and he said he writes in the Warner Music lawyers are coming for the police tell them that we are not home Ted.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:42
scrolling and scrolling and it's still not at the end of his message. No, no, no, we've

Jason DeFillippo 1:05:47
got a lot here. Brian, I'm not sure if the wife will find this one funny a clip from Father Ted as I'm an Irish Chinese. It still got a good laugh out of me. 15 years later. Oh, Lord, did you play this for your wife? No. Okay. Oh, man. Okay, well, well done to Instagram and Snapchat for shutting down this ticketed event to a St. Patrick's Day Rave Party. And this was a basically some Irish rave party that got shut down. Well, we have happens here every day. So we have lots of these. And even the Irish Prime Minister won't be flying out to meet us president by the White House this year. It's a weird one. We're a small nation like Ireland gets guaranteed access to the US president once a year on St. Patrick's Day. And any St. Patty's Day raves out in your parts grumps? Does Brian or Jason have a public Spotify playlist for listeners to enjoy or expand their musical tastes that little themed from Ireland? Thank you.

Brian Schulmeister 1:06:43
You made it. I don't have any public playlists on Spotify. I've never really made too many playlists except for when all of this started almost a year ago, I made the all alone together COVID-19 playlist. So we have the link in the show notes for that.

Jason DeFillippo 1:06:57
Alright, well, I've got one called Patti, not Patti Irish music and Irish music for St. Patrick's Day. friend of the show, Robert Fogarty puts this one together because there's a an iris place down in Long Beach that we used to go to called Clancy's love that place miss that place so much. And he was an 11 cd compilation that he would go and DJ there or gave to the DJ and all that stuff. So it is a very long Irish music playlist. And he did tell me to warn everybody that at the very end of the playlist, like the last two, quote unquote CDs are the things that they would turn on to get people to leave the bar at closing times. That is the caveat. So it's a it's a pretty comprehensive playlist because Bob and I are both gigantic Irish music fans, so check it out.

Brian Schulmeister 1:07:46
Alright, and Barrett writes in Brian, I started watching Kim's convenience during my Christmas vacation. Love the show. And thanks to the Private Internet access VPN. I can also watch all the new season five episodes on the CBC player. Excellent. And he points out that Daft Punk will not be playing at your house anymore. True. And he says Just when I thought there weren't enough idiots in this world Tick Tock users are burning snowflakes and viral videos to prove that snow is fake. I'm trying to figure out their logic apparently it must be one great snow to I don't know three profit. Yeah, stupid train.

Jason DeFillippo 1:08:21
Yeah, these people are so stupid. Elena writes in Hi guys. Thanks for the great show. I live in Australia. A friend sent me a message saying that he has uninstalled Facebook in protest. And he sent that to me in a message via WhatsApp.

Brian Schulmeister 1:08:35
That's awesome. Oh, dear. That's good. Worked on the privacy policy. Then. Matt UK writes in Hi, Jason. Since you've previously mentioned the Chinese legend of Monkey, I sent you a link to a series that I watched as a young lad. And there's a YouTube link there. And are you aware of the Netflix series? The new legends of monkey?

Jason DeFillippo 1:08:51
Yes, on both? Yes, we've covered those both. But I will put the links in the show notes for people who have not seen them. yet. The Japanese versions odd because the original book is Chinese folktale. So what you can do? Christopher writes in Reddit is cribbing your material just thought you'd enjoy? No, I don't enjoy. I'm very pissed off about this. It's a cartoon over Reddit called Excel spreadsheet where they basically say what we said when Bitcoin first started to really trend and say Bitcoin is nothing more than an Excel spreadsheet that everybody has access to. That's all but but it's encrypted. It's encrypted. Yes. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:29
And Scott,

Jason DeFillippo 1:09:30
it's a funny Yeah,

Brian Schulmeister 1:09:31
but it's funny. It's a funny first. You know, Scott writes in I've had the same issue with I've had the issue with more than discovery plus with the app when he resumed playback after pausing to just stop playing and hang up. If you don't pay for a channel, it seems to forget your providers info every few days for many of the apps on there. Not sure what on there means Roku. Is that what you were talking about?

Jason DeFillippo 1:09:54
Yeah, I don't know. Because discover plus you just it's all discover plus, so you don't pay for extra channels inside of discover, plus Yeah, so it might you know what it might be if he's Yeah, if he's watching on the Apple TV and you can subscribe to different channels that might be it, maybe, but I gotta say discover plus I'm watching that more than any other service I've got right now. So that's that's one that one has actually turned out to be the best deal so far out of all the different services that I've got, surprisingly enough,

Brian Schulmeister 1:10:20
well, it's a lot of content. It's just out of date. Or not. And that's my problem with it.

Jason DeFillippo 1:10:26
Yeah, that's not my problem with it because I get to catch up. So by the time the new seasons are there, and I'll be I'll be I'm just gonna be a year behind for everything. That's all. There you go. Yes. And Mark from Vermont wrote us a novel about LastPass and how it is fucking over. It's free customers and so if you don't pay Are you a customer? Exactly. Exactly. Here's the trick. Pay for your software. It won't fuck you over. And he says PBS special thanks to Dave Bittner for his fuck you guys spontaneous response in Episode 490 had made my year so far ours to ours is

Brian Schulmeister 1:11:04
over at iTunes we have a five star rating from Mountain one extremely entertaining and informative podcast. These guys are like my grandpa if he was technologically literate, they are informative and give you your opinions without any sugarcoating. extremely entertaining the best podcast I've been put onto in years. Grandpa, look even if even if I even if I was like, if my family's lineage was from 16 and pregnant on MTV, I don't think I could be a grandpa at this point.

Jason DeFillippo 1:11:31
Not yet. If you live in an alternate universe you could have been you could have been that's true in raima 328 from Australia writes in with a five star please don't talk about Bitcoin. Love you guys. But please don't talk about Bitcoin. If Bitcoin doesn't crash within the next three months, like you said, I think the Bitcoin community deserves an apology. Wait, I don't think anyone's going to care. Carry on gents.

Brian Schulmeister 1:11:52
Well, on a second. Let me check. Really? Yep. Going down.

Jason DeFillippo 1:11:56
What's that now?

Brian Schulmeister 1:11:57
Not good?

Jason DeFillippo 1:11:59
What are we at?

Brian Schulmeister 1:11:59
He want the real number. Close the window already? I just checked to see if it's about Yeah, nevermind. Who cares? It'll be a day like.

Jason DeFillippo 1:12:08
Exactly. Probably be another 10 grand lower.

Brian Schulmeister 1:12:11
If you want your question or comment right on the show, head over to Gog dot show slash contact and send us your feedback or questions we can read on the air. And if you're so inclined, please head over to Gog dot show slash review and toss us a five star and snarky review and tell us how much you love Bitcoin and try to drive the whole Yes, just like a lot.

Jason DeFillippo 1:12:29
Too bad. You sold all yours. You're out. And God. Yes. Yeah, you did you get out of reading time. And if you're listening to us on the overcast player, click on some stars. If you get a chance, we could really use those to get back up in the listings because it's fun. It's fun. Why not? My closing shout out is to President Joe Biden. Since I don't really care what you do anymore. My life has become better. I don't have to watch the news because I know Papa Joe's in town. And he's just, I don't wake up to horrible tweets every day is my favorite thing ever.

Brian Schulmeister 1:13:04
I found Twitter really stepped into the gap there and found found horrible things to tweet about all the time anyways, but it is nice not having it at such a high level. Until next time, I'm

Jason DeFillippo 1:13:19
just left room for the other people to say horrible things is opened up the space. That's true.

Brian Schulmeister 1:13:24
That's true. Until next time, I'm Brian Schulmeister.

Jason DeFillippo 1:13:28
And I'm Jason DeFillippo. Thanks for listening to grumpy old geeks. The show it is a labor of love. And if you like it, please go to God show slash donate and to help us out. Or you can go to and pick up some of our swag and if you can't do that, just pass the show along to our friend. And if you just go to, we've got links to everything we've links to our discord channel, we've got links to all the old episodes and you know stuff. So just go to Gog dot show. Or if you want to specifically go to the show notes for this episode, go to Gog dot show slash 496. You can find links to old episodes, leave feedback, ask questions, donate to the show, buy our swag, get links to stuff we'd like is everything I just said. We should really rewrite this again someday. Stay grumpy

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