Brian has officially joined the middle-class and hates his life! Between his contractors banging around and Jason’s neighbors fleet of lawn mowers it was a miracle we got this thing done. Please enjoy episode 50 where we did nothing at all to celebrate!

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Show Notes

Gladwell debunked. Again.

Crafting link underlines on Medium

Drug Dealers Aren’t to Blame for the Heroin Boom. Doctors Are.

Wolfram Language – Knowledge Based Programming

Stephen Wolfram claims he can make the world computable. Is he on to something?

How to make money from Spotify by streaming silence

The First News Report on the L.A. Earthquake Was Written by a Robot

The Missing Middle Class: Jobs in the Second Machine Age

Raising Steam: The Discworld Series, Book 40




Go Nuzzel Jason


Impossible – Free giving network


Course Assistant Apps

Blenderhead Podcast

Blenderhead on Twitter

Thank you for calling

You Are Not So Smart podcast 020: The Future – James Burke and Matt Novak

Connections Wikipedia Entry

Connections Season 1

Connections Season 2

Connections Season 3

Jodorowsky’s Dune


Ed Snowden as R2-D2 at Ted

Reports of the Death of a National License-Plate Tracking Database Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Los Angeles Cops Argue All Cars in LA Are Under Investigation

Starting today, Gmail will always use an encrypted HTTPS connection when you check or send email

Microsoft Searched A Blogger’s Email When It Learned Of Windows 8 Leaks

A shout out to the inventor of the chocolate chip cookie. Because there actually was one, and we know who it is. All hail Ruth Wakefield!

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