Corona kills trust; Uber’s back; programming errors; Tesla’s crypto stock, 5 year olds are in charge; Google’s Project Bernanke; Twitch will act on off-platform offenses; Facebook’s Hotline; Pinterest creates a Creator Fund; Thiel on Bitcoin; China hits Alibaba with antitrust fine; Coded Bias; Made for Love; Hard; judging people on music taste, with science; Jon Stewart; is back; the Serpent; the Nevers; working lightsabers; Logitech stops Harmony remote production; AR toys; Saturn’s Monsters; Chuck Palahniuk; White Claw; nuclear sabotage at Natanz; LinkedIn, Clubhouse data scrapes; the Dutch are out of cheese.

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Show Notes


“I Do Not Trust People in the Same Way and I Don’t Think I Ever Will Again”

Uber says March was its biggest month ever


A Darkly Comical Programming Error Shows the Human Assumptions Behind Code

Tesla (TSLA) now has crypto stock token by Binance to buy fractional shares

Tesla Owners, Say ‘Open Butthole’ and Get a Little Surprise

Google’s Secret ‘Project Bernanke’ Revealed in Texas Antitrust Case

Twitch Will Act on ‘Serious’ Offenses That Happen Off-Platform

Facebook tests Hotline, a Q&A product that’s a mashup of Clubhouse and Instagram Live

Pinterest announces $500K Creator Fund, ‘Creator Code’ content policy, moderation tools and more

Peter Thiel: China Using Bitcoin as a ‘Financial Weapon’

Alibaba hit with $2.8 billion fine in China antitrust case


Hotel Transylvania 3

Made for Love

Hard Season 2

Science now says you can judge people by their taste in music after all

Jon Stewart’s current affairs series coming to Apple TV+ this fall, titled ‘The Problem with Jon Stewart’

An Interview With the Guy Who Yells “Mortal Kombat” in the Theme for Mortal Kombat Reminds Me How Much Fun the Web Can Be

The Serpent

The Nevers

The next Star Trek movie is scheduled for 2023

Spotify Has Now Deleted 42 Episodes of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’


Disney Has Reportedly Revealed a Working Lightsaber

Logitech is done making Harmony remotes

Roku’s latest streaming device gives 4K, HDR, and a voice remote for $40

Google’s new AR toy fulfills the childhood dream of digging a hole to the other side of the Earth


FCC Wants You To Test Your Internet Speeds With Its New App

SkyWall Patrol Drone Gun

Google Photos just let me copy text from a photo into my web browser


Saturn’s Monsters

Consider This: Moments in My Writing Life After Which Everything Was Different by Chuck Palahniuk

Termination Shock: A Novel by Neal Stephenson


The CyberWire

Dave Bittner

Hacking Humans


Recorded Future

White Claw releases 8% seltzer, variety pack with 3 new flavors

Welcome to Black Mirror

Iran nuclear attack: Mystery surrounds nuclear sabotage at Natanz

Hackers scraped data from 500 million LinkedIn users — about two-thirds of the platform’s userbase — and have posted it for sale online

Scraped personal data of 1.3 million Clubhouse users has reportedly leaked online

What Really Caused Facebook’s 500M-User Data Leak?

Feds charge man with planning to blow up an Amazon data center

Dutch supermarkets run out of cheese after ransomware attack

Space Jam 2

Hacker Newsletter

Sticky Pickles podcast