Lucy Lawless and Gigi Edgley

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This week Jason breaks free of the hell of MediaTemple, Brian gets furnished, Jason gets caffeinated with a dirty apparatus, Brian talks cool ways to get badass signed books, Jason discovers the app of his dreams, as well as nightmares. And belfies!

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Show Notes

Fuck Yeah Linode!!!

MetroMile – take the hassle and expense out of driving

In Many Cities, Rent Is Rising Out of Reach of Middle Class

The Bay is burning! Google Glass, techno-rage and the battle for San Francisco’s soul

Why do we sleep?

First we had Drowners for owners of drones. Now we’ve got drone selfies aka, dronies…

Aw fuck, and now the “belfie”

Are glow-in-the-dark roads coming to a freeway near you?

FCC sets up the ‘incentive auction’ that will lead to faster wireless internet for everyone

Parents Hold Star Wars Funeral for 4-Year-Old Son Who Died of Cancer

Yahoo spends $58 million to fire its chief operating officer

Can a TED talk from artificial intelligence blow your mind?

Retailer Michaels Stores confirms payment card data breach

The Heartbleed Challenge – Can you steal the keys from this server?

This reader mocked Heartbleed, posted his passwords online. Guess what happened next.

Google Weighs Boosting Encrypted Sites in Its Search Algorithm

GoDaddy gives away blogger’s personal information — and things get really creepy

Original Blog Post

Assholes: A Theory

Books a Million

Homeland by Cory Doctorow & read by Wil Wheaton
Dead Trees Version
Audiobook Version

The Philosophy Book (Big Ideas Simply Explained)

Lightroom Mobile

Sublime Text 2

Free Tuts+ Tutorial on Sublime Workflow.

10 Crucial Sublime Text 2 Plugins for the PHP Craftsman

Boost Weak Cell Service at Home: Your Options


This is possibly the worst commercial for an app I’ve ever seen…

f.lux redux

This is What Can Happen When We Let People Run Nirvana Through Microsoft Music Software

Earworms: A Suggestion for Treatment

JPD Says: Interesting thought but I just hun a few bars of the theme from The Andy Griffith Show
and it kills all earworms. Try it.

Vivaldi Cello Sonatas by Ofra Harnoy

How We Quit the Forest by Rasputina

Thanks For The Ether by Rasputina

Marketing Mavericks Podcast

Silicon Valley

Donald Rumsfeld gets cranky with the IRS

Inside Adam Savage’s Cave: The Robugtix T8 Spider!

Coloring Book Corruptions

Every two minutes, we take more pictures than all of humanity in the 19th century.

FlipBooKit Show in Los Angeles

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