Our frequent jingling visitor on the show.

Our frequent jingling visitor on the show.

It’s an interestingly grumpy and funny week as the guys talk about Orange is the New Black, WWDC, the state of the Internet and Google and Facebooks stranglehold on content as well as a journalist who’s gone rogue. Some interesting security news & more!

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Show Notes

Digg – What you missed this weekend.

The Internet as we know it is dying

Facebook Puts Everyone On Notice About The Death Of Organic Reach

Content Used to Be King. Now It’s the Joker.

Full Screed Ahead

I hate children

The Deep Web

Apple’s Jimmy Iovine and Eddy Cue Explain the Beats Deal and Hint at the Future

Apple Wants All of You

Why Does The World Need More Programming Languages?

Inside HealthKit: Apple’s Answer to the Quantified You

Death to the Hamburger!!!

The major Internet companies wrote a letter this week

Google announces end-to-end encryption for Gmail (a big deal!)

N.S.A. Collecting Millions of Faces From Web Images

12,000 Europeans ask Google to forget them

Disable the Public Wi-Fi Hotspot Feature on Your Comcast Router

Myspace emails cringe-worthy old photos to lure users back

Uber Anxiety: When Your Car Service Is Judging You Back

Secret Service Is Buying Sarcasm-Detecting Software to Know Whether It Thinks That Last Tweet Was Funny

Ruby – Waiting For Light – Site

Ruby – Waiting For Light – Album

Like 80’s alt rock? Then boy is there a site for you.

Rising Star


WeSpeke Lets You Practice Languages By Speaking with Another Partner

Super Bowl 50 logo released without roman numeral

Neymar, LeBron James, Lil Wayne and more appear in absolutely jaw-dropping World Cup commercial

New Facebook Feature Scans Profile To Pinpoint Exactly When Things Went Wrong

A Photo A Day