For the Birthday of ‘Murica episode we discuss the technology of “self-love” and the rise of the F’ables. A little talk about the MKNewsfeed scandal, the future of the indie music biz, and Brian shares his best travel tip to avoid a sprain at the TSA.

Show Notes

You can now literally have sex with your iPad

AutoBlow 2

Building A Better Blowjob Machine

The AutoBlow Original for people who are looking for the original.

Oh yes! It was Crowdfunded!!!

RealTouch has been around for ages.

There’s the ever popular Fucking Machines for the ladies

Arse Elektronika

‘So Who Wants to F**k a Robot?’

Jacob Appelbaum on Wikipedia

Automatic Sperm Extractor Introduced Into A Chinese Hospital

“Feminism is a sexual strategy”: Inside the angry online men’s rights group “Red Pill”In the “manosphere,” men resent women for “withholding” sex. And the scariest part is that they’re far from alone

Can We Stop Saying Tinder Is Good for Women Now?

An Incompetent Attack on the Innovator’s Dilemma

Why we should be celebrating the rise of robot journalism instead of criticizing it


The background on Project MKUltra

Facebook Experiments Had Few Limits. Data Science Lab Conducted Tests on Users With Little Oversight

What does the Facebook experiment teach us? Growing Anxiety About Data Manipulation by Danah Boyd

Facebook Got Permission To Do ‘Research’ On Users 4 Months After Emotion Manipulation Study

News feed: ‘Emotional contagion’ sweeps Facebook

Facebook tinkered with users’ feeds for a massive psychology experiment

Facebook’s science experiment on users shows the company is even more powerful and unethical than we thought

Facebook deliberately made people sad. This ought to be the final straw

Facebook and Engineering the Public

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook’s Controversial Emotion Experiment

The Pitchforks Are Coming… For Us Plutocrats

Medium Hires Tech Writer Steven Levy as It Moves From Platform to Publisher

Blade, a Helicopter-Booking App, to Partner With Uber

This Startup Had Over 5 Million Users And A Great Product. Then It Folded

Stop predicting music’s future: The next Pixies, White Stripes or Adele will come from the indie ranks

Is This The End Of SoundCloud For DJs?

An emoji-only social network: Ridiculous … or brilliant? (Or Sharkbaiting?)

Serious Android crypto key theft vulnerability affects 86% of devices

Google Starts Removing Search Results Under Europe’s ‘Right to be Forgotten’

Data breaches in 2013 exposed 14% of all debit cards

Microsoft Darkens 4MM Sites in Malware Fight

How a password changed my life.

1Password with Touch ID integration in iOS 8 is truly amazing

The 1s and 0s behind cyber warfare

Disqus WordPress Plugin Flaw Leaves Millions of Blogs Vulnerable to Hackers

Exclusive: A review of the Blackphone, the Android for the paranoid

Robogenesis: A Novel by Daniel H. Wilson

They’re making a Robopocalypse movie. Maybe.

Fitbit Update

ReadMe! by Pierre DiAvisoo

The Internet’s Own Boy (Paid)

The Internet’s Own Boy (Free)

The Internet’s Own Boy (Kickstarter)

Starz Developing ‘American Gods’ Series

Sherlock renewed for a 4th season and a Special!

Man vs Food star has show taken off air after ‘thinspiration’ rant


Music by Amungus