We’re back on track this week with some mockery of ice buckets, enhanced security section with copious tinfoil hattery, and enough news to choke a horse. Basically, we’re back in the saddle!

Show Notes

Ice Bucket Challenge

‘Severe’ drought covers nearly 99.8% of California, report says

California drought: 17 communities could run out of water within 60 to 120 days, state says

Slingshot (water vapor distillation system)

Why Facebook is for ice buckets, Twitter is for Ferguson

The Ice Bucket Challenge Has Raised More Than $13 Million — Meanwhile, Medical Research Has Been Cut By Billions

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Adam Carolla’s Settlement with the Podcasting Troll

Premier League warns about posting goal videos online

NFL Asks Musicians for Money to Play Super Bowl

The NFL has a REVENUE of over 9 billion per year.

Does Facebook think users are dumb? “Satire” tag added to Onion articles

And the Onion responds.

Should Twitter, Facebook and Google Executives be the Arbiters of What We See and Read?

People Keep Getting Into Strangers’ Cars Because They Think It’s An Uber

Snapchat Is Now The #3 Social App Among Millennials

Twitter now officially says your timeline is more than just tweets from people you follow

I Visited Pirate Bay’s Peter Sunde In Prison, Here’s What He Had To Say

Motorcyclist crashes, flips and sticks a perfect landing on a car’s roof

Last Call – The end of the printed newspaper. By Clay Shirky

Meet Product Hunt

Hospital network hacked, 4.5 million records stolen

Professor hacks University Health Conway in demonstration for class

What can Brown do to you?

Lorem Ipsum: Of Good & Evil, Google & China

Dressed For Excess

Technology Can Make Lawful Surveillance Both Open and Effective

Hacking Into Traffic Lights With a Plain Old Laptop Is Scary Simple

White House cybersecurity czar brags about his lack of technical expertise

Stealing encryption keys through the power of touchResearchers pilfer decryption keys through Ethernet and human touch side channel.

Honorable spies anonymously leak NSA/GHCQ-discovered flaws in Tor

Your Anonymous Posts to Secret Aren’t Anonymous After All


Which Apps Are Eating Your Battery? Normal Will Tell You.

The Walk

Originally featured on Episode 38 on December 15th, 2013


Source Code Pro

iStat Menus 5 is out

Aphex Twin Announces New Album SYRO Via the Deep Web

Truth And Iliza

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History – #53 finally out!

Common Sense with Dan Carlin – Show 279 – If It Even Saves One

Geeks and Beats

Gluten Poorly Explained

The Secret History of the Hidden Track

You can watch an ‘unaltered’ version of Star Wars in HD today, if you bend the law

Bored Elon Musk

In order to preserve the state’s natural beauty, billboards are completely banned in the state of Vermont, and have been for over 45 years.

‘MythBusters’ drops hosts Kari Byron, Grant Imahara, Tory Belleci

Resistance Pro Wrestling