iPhone 5 recall. The NFL is what? Podcast Nazis. Google drones. WordPress GOOD news. Hacks of the week. Tony Soprano silliness. App downloads discussed. Facial recognition makes good. Don’t buy ice cream. More on the click-bait wars. Facebook explains.

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iPhone 5 battery recall

Hat-tip to @mtemal

The Real Super Bowl Question: Should The NFL Be A Nonprofit?

Who Owns Your iTunes Library After Death?

Podcasters Roundtable Episode 33 – Open Mic

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: John Oliver Literally Destroys Piñatas (Web Exclusive)

Time To Do Everything Except Think

Facebook wants you to know that Messenger is not spying on you

Get the Facts About Messenger

The Price of Admission by Dan Savage

Watch a Small Child Ruthlessly Bully Ricky Gervais in New Audi Ad

Why Mark Zuckerberg’s war on click bait proves we are all pawns of social media

Most smartphone users download zero apps per month

Your cellphone is killing you: What people don’t want you to know about electromagnetic fields

Google shows off ‘Project Wing’ delivery drones

Inside Google’s Secret Drone-Delivery Program

Is The Universe A Hologram?

Conscious Brain-to-Brain Communication in Humans Using Non-Invasive Technologies.

DQ Breach? HQ Says No, But Would it Know?

Oops! Mozilla left thousands of email addresses and passwords lying around (again)

JPMorgan, other banks hacked, and FBI looks to Russia for culprits

Automattic Acquires BruteProtect To Help Keep WordPress Users Safe

Suspected child abuse fugitive caught by facial recognition after 14 years

The Year of the Flood (MaddAddam Trilogy Book 2) by Margaret Atwood

No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State by Glen Greenwald

William Gibson talking about coining the term Cyberspace.

The Iconic Moleskine Notebook Goes Digital

Counting Crows Frontman Adam Duritz Explains Why No One Can Find Him On Tinder

Neil And Pegi Young Divorce After 36 Years Of Marriage

Mythbusters Finale – Plane Boarding Tests


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