Arguments about the nature of security and The Fappening. Uber needs a come to Jesus moment soon. Musicians as CEO’s. Musicians as stalker/hacker victims. Some Joan Rivers love. Home Depot customers are allegedly screwed. And don’t trust your cellphone!

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Hello from Melora.
I want to share with you some strange goings on- sometimes painful, but not all bad. For just over a year, I’ve been the “virtual hostage” of a stalker/hacker. The trouble started with a “friend” I made through Facebook. When I ended that “friendship”, my physical home and my online accounts were violated. My cars were vandalized, and original music material was stolen (hand-written music manuscripts, and hard-drives containing music and art files for past albums). The person got into my bank, credit card and online accounts.

Despite me having IP numbers, bank statements, and etc., my family didn’t believe me, and I became the classic abuse victim- keeping it to myself because I wasn’t believed. My family thinks I’m paranoid and delusional- and I admit the experience has damaged me, but this crime is not mysterious beyond who committed it. Look at the headlines today- “Celebrities Hacked!”. iPhone/iCloud/contacts/passwords- It’s all stored in one place.

I was truly in terror, and have gradually lost everything.
-Dismissed as paranoid by family and friends
– Living in a rural area, the police have no idea what I’m talking about, what cyber-crime even is, and they’ve been told that I’m crazy anyway.
– My business is ruined because I can’t trust the sites I sell from. None of these companies care. Most don’t even have a way to talk to a person. But think about it. We do give our whole lives over to giant, faceless corporations, providing them content free of charge while they profit. Who are they? Exactly like my hacker/stalker, I don’t know, but where a corporation is not human, whoever stole from me, and scared me almost to death is real, a human being.

I rarely visit the internet because I was violated there, but as I put social media out of my life, I get happier. It makes us competitive where we needn’t be, and it makes us acquisitive but never satisfied. I know that in this Social-Media age, I make no money. Most people I talk to, in all different businesses, have the same troubles.

How are you faring? Write me back and tell me. I really want to know.

Of course I am making art and music out of this experience, hard as it is. I want to share what I make with you outside of the internet, and am thinking of ways to do that. I’m sincere when I ask you to write back to me. I have no help with this stalker/hacker situation, and it helps me to hear about other people’s experiences.


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