The geeks get sad as news that Leonard Nimoy has passed hits mid-podcast; Net Neutrality wins until the lawsuits hit; that damn dress & those silly llamas break the internet; big storage & big data; Tesla & uBeam, House of Cards & the three little pigs.

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Show Notes


The FCC’s Vote to Protect Net Neutrality Is a Huge Win for the Internet

Comcast: We’ll Sue to Slow Down the Web

What Color Is This Goddamn Dress?

The Science of Why No One Agrees on the Color of This Dress

We are Edward Snowden, Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald from the Oscar-winning documentary CITIZENFOUR. AUAA.

This Was Neil Patrick Harris’ Least Funny Hosting Gig. What Went Wrong?

Your HR department doesn’t give a damn: How corporate overseers exploit American workers

The iPod effect: how near limitless storage made content worthless


“I want to punch everyone in the face”: Iggy Azalea opens up about toxic Internet culture and being catfished by her own mom

Kickstarter’s ‘Zach Braff’ problem gets worse with the Pebble Time

Medium gets a bit more Twitter-like, and a bit more blog-like

Apple working with record labels on something bigger than subscription streaming

Apple’s Upcoming Multiracial Emoji: Say Hello to Black Santa

Siri’s Inventors Are Building a Radical New AI That Does Anything You Ask

Why Tesla’s battery for your home should terrify utilities

Hyperloop Construction Starts Next Year With the First Full-Scale Track

Women are leaving the tech industry in droves

Revealed: Brazilian former PORN STAR ‘is owner of mystery hands behind $5million a year YouTube sensation Disney Collector’


Target Breach Costs: $162 Million

There Are Creepy Drones Tracking Cell Phones In The Valley

A Field Guide to the Internet Infrastructure That Hides in Plain Sight

Following White House crash, the Secret Service will begin flying its own drones

Gemalto Confirms It Was Hacked But Insists the NSA Didn’t Get Its Crypto Keys

Cybergeddon: Why the Internet could be the next “failed state”

Yahoo exec goes mano a mano with NSA director over crypto backdoors

FedEx And UPS Refuse to Ship a Digital Mill That Can Make Untraceable Guns

Waffle House becomes an unlikely competitor to FedEx and UPS

Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters

The big deal about “big data”—your guide to what the heck it actually means

Looking Up Symptoms Online? These Companies Are Tracking You

More than 1 million WordPress websites imperiled by critical plugin bug

Hackers Cut in Line at the Burning Man Ticket Sale—And Get Caught

imagejs – Inject Javascript into an image


Read the Synopsis to ‘Armada,’ the Second Novel By ‘Ready Player One’ Author Ernie Cline

Ready Player One

Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World


The inventor who may kill the power cord


Radiolab – The Montreal Screwjob

House of Cards

What We Do in the Shadows

The West Wing

Cable’s Latest Great Idea: Speed Up Programs So They Can Stuff More Ads Into Every Hour


Oral-B’s smart toothbrushes are app-connected and kinda pointless

Ben Franklin’s 200+ Synonyms for “Drunk”


Happy bday, George Harrison, February 25, 1943

The Church

The Blues Brothers: Original Soundtrack Recording