In this, the inaugural episode of the Grumpy Old Geeks we meet the geeks for the first time as they walk us down a bit of memory lane. There’s a little talk of Gopher but not too much. Jason explains to Brian how people make money on the Internet and some nefarious things people should watch out for. They argue about gadgets and privacy. Brian explains how to have your own personal entrance theme for your local bars.

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Slenderfungus Multimedia

Larry Flynts’ Plane

Megadeth Arizona

Boxtop Interactive

Google Glass

5by5 Podcast Network

Back to Work

10 Year Hoodie

Amazon Affiliate Program

Eben Pagan’s Information Product Courses – BEWARE!

Work from home scams

Tom Vu and his babes

Tim Ferriss

Naked girls of Ascii – Somewhat work safe. Sorta.


Jason’s Commute

The Americans

Breaking Bad

Sons of Anarchy

The Shield

Audible Exchange Program

Touch Tunes

The Replacements – Bastards of Young

The Housemartins – Happy Hour