Since we started this show we have been lucky enough to con some of our very good friends into coming on the show and drop some knowledge and laughs. We appreciate their contribution and you should check out each and every one of them! Check the show notes on each episode to find out where you can find them online.

jordan_cooperJordan Cooper
Comedian and Podcaster Jordan Cooper joined us for a great conversation about new media strategy around personal branding and the interesting market around the mechanized fellatio devices. Thanks Jordan!

Tim FerrissTim Ferriss
Tim sat with us for an hour and we talked about his show on HLN, his amazing book club, cool stuff about the quantified self, sleep hacking, and more. We even got a story that wasn’t in the books! Thanks Tim!

Mike MalininMike Malinin
Mike Malinin, drummer for the Goo Goo Dolls joined us to discuss vat grown beef, the decline of beer, and how to not use your Kindle properly when going on tour. Thanks Mike!

ep14Felicia Michaels
Renowned comedian Felicia Michaels joined us and some serious tomfoolery ensued. We talked a lot about comedy, photography, and inappropriate sexual practices. Thanks Felicia!

Scott BealeScott Beale
Scott Beale, founder of Laughing Squid joins us to talk about the Web 2.0 days in San Francisco, the scene in NYC, SXSW, Burning Man, The Cacophony Society and much much more. Thanks Scott!

Shane NickersonShane Nickerson
Shane Nickerson joined us to talk creativity after 40, how awesome podcasting for yourself is, the fundamental problem with crowd funding, the future of hacking and security, and the best camps have meat and booze. Thanks Shane!

RudyRudy Jahchan
Rudy Jahchan of Timey Wimey TV and Galacticast fame kindly joined us for an awesome conversation about coding, getting old, and how Hollywood works. Thanks Rudy!

David TeterDavid Teter
Dr. David Teter joined us to talk clean water, nuclear weapons (no shit) and the Edward Snowden debacle among other things. If we disappear it’s because of this episode. Thanks David!

Mike Vinikour and his dog SofieMike Vinikour
Mike Vinikour joined GOG for a fascinating talk about the dirty underbelly of how video games are really made and interesting career paths. Thanks Mike!

Jay GoldmanJay Goldman
Friend of the show Jay Goldman joins us from NYC to talk about Facebook shenanigans and his new book “The Decoded Company.” Jason has one of his patented epiphanies about how tech is cooler than ever but the people making it just aren’t. Thanks Jay!

Joey RabierJoey Rabier
Joey Rabier a.k.a. Joey the Intern from TechTV/G4/Revision3 joined us for some serious inappropriateness that’s guaranteed to offend the entire family. Thanks Joey!